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  1. ICURN92

    Who is watching the monitor?

    I work in an ICU where we currently have a monitor tech watching the monitors at the desk, at all times. We only have one monitor at the desk and of course in the patient rooms. A directive has recently come down from corporate that we are no longer budgeted to have a monitor tech position. The nurses are to watch the monitors for their patients at all times. We are not set up for this. Our room monitors will allow you to see your other patients monitor but one just that one, so if you are in another nurses room, helping with a bath or admission, no one is watching your patients, as we have no CNA/techs either, not to mention a code situation. Corporate doesn’t want to provide us with extra staffing for a CNA/tech and have instructed us to have the Charge nurse watch the patients. Often times our charge nurse has patients so that’s not a help. Our management has asked for ideas to present to corporate to assist us with this transition, so my question to the group is, how do you handle this in your ICU? Thanks in advance!
  2. ICURN92

    Pay at Huntsville area hospitals

    Hi Michelle, I spoke with someone that works Mother/Baby and she said that they hire new grads if they did their precepting in that unit. Otherwise, it is extremely difficult to get on there without experiance. Good luck on getting in to Nursing School! April
  3. ICURN92

    Pay at Huntsville area hospitals

    Hi all! I am a new grad RN at Huntsville Hospital, starting base pay is $ 18.25 and there is a $ 4 shift diff for nights. That is for full benefits also. After you get a year's experiance you can go to weekends and make $ 30.00 per hour base. If you have any questions about new grad orientation at HH, let me know! :balloons: April
  4. ICURN92

    Still don't know what kind of nursing I want to do

    You sound just like me! I also graduate in May from a RN program and am completely at a loss as what to choose. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone! :icon_hug:
  5. ICURN92

    How many don't make it out?

    250 to start 83 left in 4th semester My sister is in a program in Va. that accepts 50 and usually graduates 15. It's tough out there but you need to ask yourself how bad do you want it ? If you want it bad enough, you'll usually put forth the extra effort required to get you through. JMHO! Good Luck to all of us!
  6. ICURN92

    Newborn assessment resource needed, Help!

    Thank You! Thank You! This is why I love Allnurses!
  7. ICURN92

    Newborn assessment resource needed, Help!

    Thanks! This has a lot of good information but I forgot to say that it has to have been published within the last 5 years. Thanks for your time in looking this up for me. I am going to use it as my own reference!:wink2:
  8. ICURN92

    Newborn assessment resource needed, Help!

    Thanks for your reply! I tried the MCN archives but you have to pay to see the content of the articles and I have not found a title that matched up with what I am looking for. We can only go back 5 years from publication date. I will try the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing!:wink2:
  9. ICURN92

    Newborn assessment resource needed, Help!

    Thanks! I sent you a PM
  10. Hello! Does anyone know of a link to a professional journal that I could use as a resource for a Newborn Assessment paper? I have looked all over the internet and I am at a loss to find anything that would be relevant to a newborn assessment. For the paper we need 3 resources, one of which has to a professional journal article about a newborn assessment. Thanks in advance for your help! Edited to add: The article has to have been published in the last 5 years.
  11. ICURN92

    Should I ??????

    I took Medical Terminology the summer before I started nursing school and it seemed to help me. It was hard but I feel it was worth it. Good luck with your studies! :)
  12. ICURN92

    When does everyone go back to school?

    January 6th
  13. ICURN92

    Are you ready to go back?

    My bag is also packed! Last semester was my first doing pre-req's for the RN program, it was hard to go back to school after 11 years! I did not get the A's I wanted to get, so I cannot wait to get a fresh start on the new semester! I am only going part time while working full time so this whole process will take a total of four years. I am sure the further I get , the more I will enjoy my breaks!
  14. ICURN92

    Are you ready to go back?

    Anyone ready to go back to school yet? Now that Christmas is over I am missing school! Am I crazy ? What about you ?
  15. ICURN92

    Have you ever taken care of a celebrity?

    When I was about 15 I worked as a volunteer at a hospital in Palm Springs, Ca where I brought newpapers and such to Former First Lady Betty Ford! The hospital is right next door to the Betty Ford Clinic! She was really nice but there were alot of bodyguards around at all times. :)
  16. ICURN92

    How are you paying for school?

    Well, I wasn't able to get a grant , and really did not want to get further in debt with loans...so I am paying out of pocket:o I can only afford a couple of classes at a time but working full time with 2 kids, that's probably all I could do anyway!:)