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  1. woah! that's fast! Are you from their school? or did you pass a referral letter?
  2. koxikosi


    argh! I already paid for my lost prc id card. I have to get it after 2 weeks.
  3. koxikosi

    national center for mental health

    hi ceftriaxone, nope. I still haven't passed my requirements. It's because I'm having second thoughts on whether writing my autobiography again. haha! lame. I already posted the requirements in this topic. Please feel free to explore.
  4. koxikosi


    thanks a lot tinky! I lost mine just this day and I still can't sleep thinking that it will took me months to get it again. Thanks a lot for your help.
  5. koxikosi


    are you planning to be an officer? I think it's different from Nurse Corps. If you want to be in Nurse Corps, I think you should apply directly at Camp Aguinaldo.
  6. koxikosi

    IVT Case Completion concern..

    how long does it took you to complete your iv requirements? i also also have the same problem and i feel the same way. i even asked the nurses to allow me to do it myself. they only allow me to assisted them with the iv insertion procedure. then this particular nurse said: can you do it? the needle is too big... over and over again. :argue: you didn't even inserted your first case... then she looked in the eye and i looked back and said that i can. she even asked for our school name and then told us to look around another unit for our case and come back if we can't find. the only thing left for her to say is, "nope, you're not allowed!" or "you can't!". when we came back, she already did the procedure herself and gave me the case details. i swear if you can only see me that day, i almost kneel in front of her to let me do it myself. it was so disappointing. i've learned from a fellow participant that she too didn't have the chance herself. so now, i have a few question: do i have to file my cases as soon as possible after my case completion? or is it ok if i hold it for a few months before my ivt training certificate expire? :stone i am planning to complete my cases in a different hospital. start all over again from scratch... is this possible? how? i need your help asap before it's too late. thank you very much, my dear colleagues.
  7. koxikosi

    national center for mental health

    i'm also planning to work there. I got that information from the personnel department. They didn't say when they'll hire. All they told me is to submit those requirements
  8. koxikosi

    pri vate duty nurse certificate of employment

    if you filed your professional taxes,. that would help a lot...
  9. i went to PRC last Friday, December 4, and only those with license number that starts with 0522 to 0524 may get their certificate of registration
  10. koxikosi

    national center for mental health

    i hope so. A relative told me that there will be "election ban" this 2010. they won't be hiring nurses for fear that politicians will take the opportunity, vote buying by giving jobs. As for me, I don't find it alarming IF their only reason is to help.... at least some politicians are doing something to for the unemployed. These are the requirements I gote from their Personnel department as of December 1, 2009: REQUIREMENTS FOR NEW EMPLOYEE (For Nurse and Nursing Attendant) 1. Application Letter (Address to: Medical Center Chief II Thru: Chief, Nursing Service 2. Resume / Curiculum Vitae 3. Transcripts of Records (photocopy) 4. Diploma (photocopy) 5. Training and EMployment CErtificate (photocopy) 6. Authenticated Birth Certificate (NSO) (Photocopy) 7. NBI Clearance (photocopy) 8. Board Rating and License (nurse applicant) 9. Autobiography
  11. koxikosi

    Life after trainings and volunteerings!

    try to look for jobs? attend trainings and seminar? read journals and books? volunteer again? :)
  12. koxikosi


    yes. number 1 to 3 needs metered stamp which costs....???
  13. koxikosi

    national center for mental health

    wow! you sure are brave bakokang! I must say that you can learn many things if you work there plus, you'll be a great help to their workforce and patients. :)
  14. koxikosi

    IVT Case Completion concern..

    I'll be having my duty for IVT completion next week! I also have the same concern. Now I know what to do when I'm in duty! :)
  15. Hi narscathy, I just passed the OJT exam and got a text message yesterday. They want me to pass my requirements as soon as possible. YAY! Wish me luck! Will I still expect an interview afterwards? I also want to know if the PAF's OJT progrom and their DOLE program are the same because I heard our exam proctor that the test they're offering is for "RN Residency". I'm kind of curious what is what. Many thanks for your enlightenment.
  16. koxikosi

    AFP medical center RN residency

    yes you can still apply for rn residency if you're wearing glasses. if you're applying as a military nurse, that's a no-no.