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  1. msteeleart

    Raises in Home Health nursing

    Good for you for finding a decent place for home care. I am planning to leave home health and never looking back. Over the 2 years I worked there every RN meeting we had we had more work loaded on us and less pay so I am kind of jaded at this point. The one RN at the company has worked there for 12 years and makes the same that she makes now. When I voice my opinion during a meeting all I get is a blank stare and wipe of the eyes like they are saying "poor baby". I didn't work my butt to get a masters degree to be treated this way. I do my work and have only called in sick twice in 2 years and don't even get a "good job" or a pat on the back. The last few weeks I am feeling burnt out and really sad that it has come to this.
  2. msteeleart

    Raises in Home Health nursing

    I am currently an RN case manager for a home health agency. Does anyone in home health ever get a raise? I have worked here for over 2 years and instead of a raise, we got a pay cut and the amount of paperwork we are required to do is like twice as much. I love the flexibility but I just can't do this anymore. The RN case managers at my company don't get paid travel time or overtime. The LPNs do get travel time and overtime. I feel it would probably be better to work as an LPN at this agency. Is it like this for everyone?
  3. msteeleart

    charting!!!! I am about to leave home health...

    I feel the same way you do. We even had a pay cut and our documentation requirements have increased. I will be working in home health for 2 years in March and it just gets worse and worse. No raises ever. I try to do my charting in the car after the visit but I just don't have the time to do it all. I am thinking of going to the hospital and working in the ER, I hate working holidays and weekends but at least when I work in the hospital I have 4 days off and when I am off I am off and don't have a work phone that I have to answer. I have had enough. When I first started doing home health the paychecks were great but now they are basically the same as a hospital.
  4. msteeleart

    Home health nursing now

    I am an RN case manager and I have already had a pay cut. If I have over 25 visits a week, I only get paid LPN rate for those visits but we are required to do more work. The LPNs are allowed more visits than the RNs where I work so they make more money. The LPNs also get paid for travel time and the RNs do not. The RNs have to go out and do resumptions on their day off, LPNs don't even have to answer the phone. If I do a blood draw and have to take it to the lab, I only get paid for 1 visit and no travel time. I do not get mileage at all. Sometimes I sit there doing computer work for hours at night and it just keeps increasing. I really like the autonomy but I am ready for a job where I can be off and if I have to work I get holiday pay. I do not get tuition reimbursement and have to pay for my own training when I need it. I just finished my MSN in September and I feel I deserve better for all the hard work I did for the degree. When I started back in 2015, the job was great and the money was awesome but it just gets worse as time goes on.
  5. msteeleart

    Home Health Psych Nurse

    I am a home health psych RN case manager but I also do medical stuff like wound care, picc lines, etc. I like the psych cases the best. You usually lock their meds in a lockbox and do daily or BID visits to make sure they are compliant with their meds. I like the job and most of the patients but the borderline personality patients are the most challenging. They are usually in and out of the hospital every other week due to self harm behaviors and trying to get attention. Doing holds, transfers and resumptions all the time on the same patient gets oldI never feel unsafe but I used to work as a community outreach nurse at a mental health center so I am used to it. Home health is so much more flexible than working in a hospital, I am with my family more than I ever have been. Sometimes I am charting but it is better than sitting in a nursing station in a hospital on 3rd shift trying to stay awake after not being able to sleep during the day. Sometimes I question if I want to continue doing this but then I think about the 12 hour shifts in a hospital and realize this job is so much better. I make more now than I ever made in a hospital. The benefits aren't as good as a big hospital but I guess you can't have everything.
  6. msteeleart

    Do you need all those degrees?

    In the city I live in, getting a job with just an ADN is almost impossible if you don't know someone. We have 12 nursing schools in this city pumping out ADN and BSN nurses all competing for nursing jobs. I had to take a community health nursing job because I had no luck getting into the hospitals and was not willing to wait like some people do. I am currently working on my RN to MSN from a regionally accredited online university. Most of the RN to BSN degrees or MSN degrees are online today anyway. Just because a school is online doesn't mean it is a diploma mill. The program I am in is a lot of work and takes a lot of self motivation which not everyone can do. After I am done with my MSN, I plan to get my post grad certificate to be a family and psych nurse practitioner. Not everyone wants to be a bedside nurse the rest of their life. Some of us just enjoy lifelong learning and a competitive advantage when it comes to nursing jobs. Poo is not for everyone.
  7. msteeleart

    RN->BSN: Is it worth the investment at 57?

    I say go for it. Find an employer that has tuition reimbursement so you won't take on any debt. I work as an RN at a community mental health agency and I work with a case manager that is 70 years old and I don't think she is quitting any time soon. There is also a clinic nurse that is 70. You have plenty of working years ahead of you as an RN. Figure it this way, you will be 59 eventually anyway, would you rather be 59 with or without a BSN?
  8. msteeleart

    WGU won't accept per diem nurses

    That is weird because they never asked me if I worked full or part-time, they just asked me for a current résumé which only lists my job duties.
  9. msteeleart

    Post for 9/1 starters....

    I am starting the RN-MSN Education program on Sept 1st. :)
  10. msteeleart

    Work from home, flex hours?

    Sounds like the perfect job. I would be interested too.
  11. msteeleart

    Invega sustenna question

    I am a community health psych nurse and there are a couple of our patients in our group on the sustenna and they have made complete recoveries. They have been on it for over a year and they are having no problems. I am on the fence with the Risperdal even though we have a patient on that who is also doing great. These medications don't work for everyone but for a few, they are a miracle.
  12. msteeleart


    I am taking the OU music 1200 but it is the online class out of the Zanesville branch. I think the books are the same. The book I am required is the Music: An Appreciation by Kamian, it is the brief version, 7th edition. I rented it from Amazon. I am also required to have the 5 cds of music, I bought them used on Amazon. I think that is all that is needed.
  13. msteeleart


    The music 1200 syllabus is already up on blackboard. I wish all the classes posted early like this.
  14. msteeleart


    You could always take it online through the OU Zanesville branch. No papers unless you want extra credit, just 3 proctored exams which you might be able to do at your public library. I already have the book and found some of the music online. It will be a nice change from all the paper writing.
  15. msteeleart


    If I would have known this was going to happen, I would have done the same. It is really a shame. Oh well.
  16. msteeleart


    Did anyone see this article? It was from January 31st but it spells out exactly what happened. They are still describing these 10 day classes as easy, yeah right, not from what I heard. Western Oklahoma State College Discontinues Quick-Credit Courses - The Ticker - The Chronicle of Higher Education