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Calinurse4 has 3 years experience and specializes in Perinatal.

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  1. Anyone else using this? We are implementing it for c/s patients in October and I just completed a learning module on it at work last night. Just wondering how successful other facilities have been that use it.
  2. Calinurse4

    Can We Talk Pay?

    Northern California Union PerDiem LDRP ADN Just under $87 an hour with my PM shift differential. I think about $80 an hour when I work day shift. 2.5 years experience
  3. Calinurse4

    What was your first Nursing job?

    Started in L&D on night shift as a new grad. My whole reason for becoming a nurse was to work in L&D. After 19 months I switched to MBU at a hospital where I have no commute, I work days and PMs, and I make twice as much. I love my job and I'm so much happier. I was really anxious working L&D, although I can't be sure if it was due to the job itself or the shift. Either way, I feel like where I am is a great fit for me. I may venture back to L&D eventually but I'm good for now.
  4. Calinurse4

    Delaying the newborn bath

    We just began delaying the bath at our facility this month. Under normal circumstances, we wait at least 8 hours but prefer longer. Since we have implemented it, half my patients have discharged without a bath. Most parents are really on board with waiting as long as possible. If and when the baby gets a bath, they get a yellow ducky hat and sticker on their crib card.
  5. Calinurse4

    2016 Salary thread

    1] California (Bay Area) 2] RN (ADN) L&D/MBU, union. Base pay $78/hour, PM differential $6.50/hour 3] $2400 for a 4 bedroom/4 bath, 3400 sq ft. home.
  6. Calinurse4

    Anyone switch from L&D to MB?

    I started in MBU this past March and I LOVE it. Much more my personality. They keep asking me to float to L&D but I have no interest. I'm very happy where I'm at. I did, and still do at times, have a sense of "failure" but it passes quickly. I no longer have the overwhelming anxiety and fear when I'm at work or preparing to go to work. I love having more one on one time with my patients and love the teaching aspect. Helping daddies change their first diaper or reassuring moms they are doing a great job...I really enjoy it :)
  7. Calinurse4

    Mother-Baby to L&D

    Congrats!! I was the opposite; started in L&D as a new grad and worked there for 19 months before now working Mother/Baby.
  8. Calinurse4

    Is nursing school really "that" bad?

    It was difficult and stressful and overwhelming at times. BUT, I am married and had 4 young children at the time and managed just fine. I also made time for fun stuff because I needed distractions from school! Not having time to shower is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. Being single without kids or a job sounds to be the "easiest" situation you could be in. You'll be fine.
  9. Calinurse4

    So I thought I would ask if you guys can share...

    Graduated in May of 2012, started an internship in MBU that fall but they weren't hiring after. It took me until September of 2013 to land a job in L&D as a new grad. I was there about a year and a half but it just wasn't a good fit for me. I've now been in MBU at a different hospital for 6 months and I'm much happier.
  10. Calinurse4

    Starting in MB Monday!

    I just use one from work. I feel like maybe there are better options but now I'm used to it and most nurses there use the same, so it's easy to just read off. Next time I work I will grab a blank and upload it to see if you like it!
  11. Calinurse4

    Starting in MB Monday!

    After 19 months in L&D, I started in MB 5 months ago. I am really happy here! I always thought I wanted L&D but quickly realized the stress level was not for me. MB is a much better fit for me. There are days that I am SUPER busy, like over the top. But it's still better than the high stress anxiety of L&D any day. I really enjoy the new parents and teaching dad how to change the first diaper, or explaining to mom what's expected with a newborn and postpartum recovery. I also love having an L&D background and feel like higher risk patients are no big deal. I'm also often asked to start IVs since I have more experience with them Good luck to you, I hope you enjoy the change as much as I did! Definitely use a brain sheet to keep track of all patient info, what has been done, and what you need to do. It's much more routine in the MBU world :)
  12. Calinurse4

    Not wanting to cross train

    Earlier this year I posted about working l&d and finding it to not be as good of a fit as I hoped. Although it was my dream job and many aspects I enjoyed, I found myself to be really stressed out and anxious due to the position. I made the switch to MB in March at a different hospital and it's been so nice. Although I definitely have my moments that I miss L&D, I am loving the fact that I'm not constantly scared and on high alert. The issue is that management knows I have L&D experience and they keep pushing for me to cross train. I really, really don't think I want to. I initially said I wanted to become more comfortable with the facility but I've been there almost 4 months and that excuse isn't working anymore~lol. I am a little nervous to close that door completely but I just don't feel like I want to do L&D here! I'm happy with what I'm doing. Anyone else ever put in this position when they were being pressured to cross train and not wanting to?
  13. Calinurse4

    Need to pick up your brains LD nurses!

    I volunteered as a doula at the hospital where I did my OB rotation, then was hired as a new grad into L&D.
  14. We have a hearing screener and I'm so grateful :)
  15. Calinurse4

    I hate night shift

    I can relate to what you're saying. I also have had many nights I cried having to go to work. People can think it's crazy and I need professional help (?) but after spending 18 years of my life sleeping next to my husband every night, that's a tough connection to lose. We have been together over 20 years and this has been the most difficult, trying time for our relationship. I hated leaving my husband and children while they were all getting ready for bed. They were gone at work/school all day, then I was trying to nap before work, so I wasn't seeing them much and it was difficult. I have been on night shift for a year and a half and I have reached my limit. I have just started a new job on day shift. I hope you get to "pay your dues" quickly and move to a different shift. Everyone and every relationship is different; I'm glad NOC works for some but it didn't work well for my family and me.
  16. Calinurse4

    Changes in language

    The other day we were watching a trailer for the new Will Smith movie coming out and my daughter said, "Mom, did you hear that Will Smith was going to be getting into the music business?". I have failed as a parent...lol