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ER , Med Surg, peads, Cardiac
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kale39 specializes in ER , Med Surg, peads, Cardiac.

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  1. kale39

    answering SATA

    There are a few good books out there to help you with exactly that ... Deciding which of there 3 answers you have left is actually the correct 1. It shows you KEY WORDS to watch out for when reading the responses etc, it was packed full if helpful tips etc and well worth the $$ 'NCLEX-RN' by Kaplan nursing strategies for passing the registered national exams, comes with a CD as well
  2. kale39

    Short Questionaire

    locolorenzo22 .... where abouts in IL are you, that is where I am hoping to get to when our governments get there paperwork done so I can write the NCLEX
  3. kale39

    Short Questionaire

    I have been a Reg N for 26 years in Northern Ontario, currently awaiting permission to write my NCLEX, and I would be more than happy to help you out by filling in your survey/questionaire.
  4. kale39

    BP on dialysis pt

    taking the SBP is not an option if you can not palpate a radial pulse, I would also ask the other nurses, maybe they also are having the same problem, and like you are too afraid to ask, so is this pt even really having a proper BP measurement? No question is a stupid one, the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked.
  5. kale39

    Canadian RN wanting to relocate in the States

    wow ..ty canoehead...thank you for taking the time to be so explicit, btw, may i ask why you decided to move back to ns ?
  6. kale39

    Quick! What's the number to 9-1-1?

    too funny ...great story ..
  7. does anyone know which states recognize my ontario license and would not require me to rewrite the exams to be hired as a registered nurse. i have been nursing for 25 years with lots of experience in many areas. at my age i just really dread the thought of having to write the nclex exams at this time, so i just wanted to know if any of you know of any of the states that will accept me with my ontario license and years of experience.:heartbeat