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    Which nursing school?

    The OSU-Okmulgee program IS awesome! I am about to graduate from there. I could not have dreamed of better instructors!!! Honestly! I was scared to death of nursing school, you know, you hear about them picking on people and weeding them out....This school has redefined "nursing school" for me. If other schools actually are that way, then OSU-Okmulgee is taking a totally different approach. They do their VERY BEST for EACH AND EVERY student to pass. If you hear anyone that went there (at least from the past two graduating classes, since it's been revamped) that says the instructors are not helpful, that is just coming from a typical lazy student. Of course you have to do some work! It's Nursing School! I just cannot brag on our director and instructors enough!!!!! And yes the building will be awesome as well. I think the application deadline is in April....??? You will not regret choosing this school.
  2. 1savednurse

    OSU Okmulgee

    I know this is an old post, but I want to reply because I found it on a semi-related google search, and I don't want people to have a bad idea of the OSU-Okmulgee Nursing Program. I have heard terrible things about the way the program was in the first few years, but it is not the same program...AT ALL. I am in 4th semester at OSU-Okmulgee, and I couldn't disagree more about "the instructors not being helpful". As a matter of fact, they go out of their way every day for us. There have been countless instances when each of the instructors has taken EXTRA time to hold extra study sessions, practice question sessions, make study guides for the test, or come up with their own creative way to help us grasp and retain the information. There are people in this world who are never satisfied, and every class has students who want to get by with the very least (these people had better not attend nursing school ANYWHERE), and then there are others who EARN more respect from the instructors (understandably). I can honestly say that the four instructors and director are the best and most caring instructors I have ever had. The program was just revamped last year--You have to give it time, but even so I think it's awesome already:yeah:. It's small and personable, and very convenient if you live near Okmulgee and don't want to drive a distance. I am especially appreciative when I talk to friends who attend nursing school elsewhere, and have various complaints (I cannot come up with very many at all). Our clinicals are at Okmulgee, Henryetta, Muskogee Regional, and Muskogee VA. There are also various places in Tulsa that we do community clinicals--Margaret Hudson, Little Lighthouse, Shadow Mountain, and pediatrics at St. Johns. Now there are schools with better pass rates, but also consider their graduation rates. When it comes to education, you get out what you put in:idea:. If you expect the instructors to do all the work for you, you will be one that does not pass. If you believe in yourself and you are willing to work hard, you will be one that passes. If you want instructors who are caring and understanding about your personal life and will work with you, or at least know your name, go to OSU-Okmulgee. As far as the LPN question, I don't believe it will give you an edge in RN school, and the reason I say that is because the LPNs in our class do not make better grades or have an easier time. The highest grades actually go to the traditional RN students. I would not advise anyone to attend Green Country for LPN, because I have family members who have attended it, and I have been told it was "awful".