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mudd68 specializes in LTC, Wounds, Med/Surg, Tele, Triage.

LPN from 2003 - 2008. RN, BSN since 2008 with experience in med/surg, telemetry, hospice and wound care. I love to share my knowledge as well as learn new things. I would love to go back to school one day for an advanced degree. Often contemplate starting over for a pharmacy degree.

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  1. mudd68

    Staff Hysteria

    THIS! I work teletriage in an office setting with a large group of non clinical staff that take non symptom based calls, schedule appointments, print reminder letters and so forth. Now and then - a staff member becomes "too ill to work" and they always want to run to one of us nurses to "triage" them. Administration has said our staff nurses cannot be held responsible for ill staff. We don't have the resources of a clinic/ED/urgent care! We work in an office setting! It's a huge liability issue. We are now told that if a staff member is too ill to work and or drive home - they need to arrange to be picked up or we call 911. A couple have been caught off guard with complaints of "chest pain" "asthma attack" "feeling dizzy" thinking they would be given the pass to just go home for the day. NOPE - 911 IS called - we can't let someone report those type of symptoms and just look at them (no assessment tools in the office) as an RN and determine if it's something serious or not. Maybe check with someone in your "legal" department regarding this issue?
  2. mudd68

    Loan repayment/forgiveness

    I am currently in this program and working toward "possible" forgiveness (there's question if the federal program will remain in place). From what I understand your loans have to be serviced federally and your HR person is the one to complete your verification form yearly that you are employed by an appropriate organization. It is based on income so for me personally, most of my loan will be paid before I qualify for forgiveness and each year my loan payment goes UP! So not sure if there will actually be a loan to forgive when it's all said and done - but I figured it's worth a shot. Keep in mind, any payments made to a loan service company that isn't federal - won't count - so if you're within 10 years of payoff, may not be worth the hassle of switching. Federal servicing also requires consolidation. Anyhow, I applied through FedLoan Servicing and they have a pretty good outline of the program here... Special Programs - MyFedLoan
  3. mudd68

    Nursing Student and Working Fulltime

    I attended an LPN to BSN bridge program FT and worked FT. Work schedule Fri, Sat, Sun either 3pm - 3 am or 7pm - 7am (which meant sometimes leaving work and going straight to class/lab or vica versa if I had to work Friday at 3pm). This meant that I sometimes did not get home until afternoon after working all night and then having class in the morning. Was single at the time with no children. During my LPN program I did not work full time. I worked part time every Sat & Sun for 1/2 the year. Last 1/2 the year I worked only every other weekend. When I completed my capstone project/final clinical experience on a med/surg floor with a preceptor - I was not able to work and had to switch from full time to PRN because the hours required to finish the clinical were FULL TIME hours. I basically worked the schedule my preceptor worked which included night/day shifts and weekends. I could not have possibly been at my job and the clinical both full time.
  4. mudd68

    Never wear black scrubs.

    Our trauma facility recently went to black scrubs for all nurses and PT. This was voted upon by staff. Navy Blue lost by about 4 votes and a bunch of nursing running around complaining about the black and they didn't vote! Go figure. I am currently working in the office environment so I wear business attire!
  5. We are now utilizing our MTAs for this. After nursing goes over d/c instructions with the pt. the MTA then schedules any of the appts/tests/procedures that the d/c forms state need scheduled.
  6. mudd68

    Really disappointed in myself

    Rehab experience will look great on a resume in the future! Use this as a learning oppurtnity. I know that sounds so cliche...but that's the best you can do. Try to find some healthy meditation techniques in your spare time...lol... JUST KIDDING!!! Hopefully the compensation is worth it. Hang in there...you're a baby nurse...you're supposed to feel overwhelmed. Watch out for the new grad who is over confident and not stressed about anything
  7. mudd68

    Verbal er orders...help me understand this

    Agree with alot of the suggestions here. I have another idea! No more verbal orders, or let's record them somehow, lol! (I know not practical so don't slam me). But really, if the doctor can only give a verbal he can just give the med his or herself and document! Please let us know what happens. Good luck.
  8. mudd68

    Aneurysm Clipping Pro or Con

    I am not a neuro nurse so cannot specifically answer your question. However, my mom had an cerebral aneurysm clipped (clamped) in 2009, behind her right eye. She came through ok. It was very scary...not knowing if she would come out of surgery the same way she went it. Some pain on that side but the neurologist said that's normal. We decided not to take our chances with it because it was pretty big, and I wouldn't want it to just break, say if she was driving or something like that.
  9. mudd68

    Discrimination Against Ethnic/Minority Names

    This happens outside of Nursing as well. My friend's madien name was Sanchez. She got married. When she had children she was applying for food assistence and the case worker asked about her "papers/greencard". Ummmm, she was born here! It's happening.
  10. mudd68

    Has anyone obtained their RN while working full-time?

    I worked 3 twelves 3p-330a or 7p - 0730a, Fri, Sat & Sunday night and went to school & clinical through the week. Didn't get enough :zzzzz but I made it.
  11. mudd68

    Is this common on night shift?

    I'm just very pleased to see new grads posting that they are getting jobs again!!! Congrats to you and may you be successful in your new position as an RN!!!
  12. mudd68

    what to take nursing or pharmacy??

  13. mudd68

    Cried at Work...& Investigations

    Just relax, you did not steal the meds, so you have no reason to worry. You do not have to recall, from memory, which meds you gave. If you need to refresh your memory about meds, ask to have the medical record available to refer to. That way you can see which meds you signed off for what time. As far as your prescription goes, do not feel guilty about that. Your prescribed meds are between you and your MD. In this interview, you should not even be asked to discuss your own personal medical history. Besides, what does that have to do with the price of rice? You said you have been questioned before, so you probably know what kind of questions will be asked. Just answer honestly and you will be fine. You said this has happened multiple times. My question is, why haven't they been able to pinpoint when (as in which shift/nurse) are the descrepincies occuring after. I was taught never to accept a med cart if the count is wrong/has not been reconciled. At what point are they relizing meds are missing. The facility should be doing a better job of narrowing this down.
  14. mudd68

    Anyone ever heard of a policy like this??

    Yes, there is a policy like this @ my facility. But it is enforced loosely. Or should I say enforced more for some than others. It's used pretty much for habitual offeneders, people who get sick EVERY saturday. Basically it is up to the unit managers discretion. And the makeup day has to be within the same 1 month schedule. They can't decide 3 months from now to throw you on an extra weekend day b/c of "that one time" you called off.
  15. mudd68

    PRN nurses are making my job a living HELL !!

    I would definitely document these situations for your personal record. As well as your attempts to inform administration, including who you talk to each time. Obtain a binder or notebook if you have to. Keep the names of the individual nurses and specific events, i.e. dressing wasn't changed, charting not complete, etc. I know... that is the last thing you want to hear, more documentation. But when this many nurses are practicing unsafely, it really puts everyone at risk. Secondly, the fact that you are keeping a record with names will probably spread fast and other nurses may not be so quick to leave you a mess to walk into just b/c they are "prn" :)
  16. mudd68

    Why is nursing such a horrible job?

    It is b/c of administration and managers who develop quality improvement projects like 'improving teamwork on the unit'. When asked recently what my thoughts were on how to "improve teamwork on the unit", my response was to 'ensure the unit has enough team members to complete the work!' They can continue to develop a million ideas but without the manpower to implement them, they are just that, bright ideas!