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  1. NeekNurse

    Typical day at a wound care center

    I am hired at a wound care clinic that is hospital based, there are 2 hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and 4 other RN's. I haven't started yet, and while I asked a lot of questions about the work environment during the interview, I still am not sure what a typical day for a RN would be like in one of these clinics. They described the daily routine as "structured" but hectic. A RN is assigned as either an intake or an outtake nurse for that day. If anyone has worked at a wound care center, did you like it, and if so, what about it did you like? Alternatively, if you didn't enjoy the work environment, why not? What is a typical day like? Any insight is greatly appreciated!
  2. NeekNurse

    Wound care work opportunities

    Marcos9999, I am on a similar career path, also in the Bay Area. Ive checked around for volunteer work at 2 wound clinics in the area, one didn't respond and one said they don't take volunteers due to hipaa violations. Would you mind private messaging me the clinic you volunteered in, or state the city? Thanks!
  3. NeekNurse

    Skilled Nursing Facility to Hospital

    Hi, I am sorry I don't have an answer for you but I was hoping someone answered your question, because I am curious about the exact same thing. I am a new grad looking to work in a skilled nursing facility, but don't know if that would hurt my rsume/ work history. Did you ever find an answer?
  4. NeekNurse

    Huge Nursing School Debt!

    Hi, I think you should wait a year and move to the state to which you are applying. Seriously, that's a lot of debt and you will be thankful once you graduate that you won't owe a fraction of that. I owe a little less than that and just graduated and now have a job with income standard to the profession, however with the monthly student loan debt I am square one financially for the next 10+ years. You will be swimming in debt. So please wait the year! Meanwhile, you can research hardcore what area you'd like to go into, learn a foreign language that will help you in the area, or do something else constructive, but please don't let your motivation wane, but have patience.
  5. NeekNurse

    Skilled Nursing job question

    I am a New Grad and I am exploring other avenues of employment besides the hospitals. I was thinking of applying to Skilled Nursing or Adult Day Care facilities, I guess because they seem calmer in nature and more of a home environment, but I don't know much else about them. Does anyone know what these facilities are like? I don't really care about the hourly pay, I just want a relatively enjoyable place to work. Thanks!