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  1. bluemorningglory

    Starting Over in Utah - Need Help Please

    Are you LDS?
  2. bluemorningglory

    WDYT? Sticking up for myself or...

    Now wait a minute..I was happy to shadow and was very motivated to be in OB that day. Again, I was completely new to OB. I was not miffed at all that they asked me to help move the bed. In fact, I was a bit surprised as I had been asked to stand quietly in the corner and out of the way. No matter, I was happy to help as I was there observing a procedure that was completely new to me. What I am hesitant to do is to shadow on units where I have experience (granted, not at that facility, but really, med surg is med surg is med surg) and at a facility where I have already received good reviews for my work.
  3. bluemorningglory

    WDYT? Sticking up for myself or...

    Ok...but consider this scenario. I was present during a csection during my last shadow. Great, get to learn something new. After the patient was on the table, I was asked to help push the bed out of the room. My preceptor knew I was a CNA and nodded to me, giving me indication that I should take the bed out. Now, I don't mind helping there. I am blessed to be witnessing a csection and moving the bed is a small price to pay. Let's take this situation to me shadowing on a med-surg floor. Let's say that they are shortstaffed and someone needs help repositioning a patient. I am shadowing..supposedly. I am pretty confident helping is going to be the rule and not the exception. I am trying to understand why experienced staff are expected to shadow at all.
  4. bluemorningglory

    Nurses forced to work as aides

    Sigh. First of all, it is RNs, not "RN's". Leave it to the uneducated aide to correct the college grad on her grammar. That said, when this happens, you get to to more hands on patient care aka the dirty work..it's not glamorous but someone has to do it, right? And a humble and experienced nurse knows that this can go a long way in learning about the patient's needs. As an RN, you can do the job of an aide. And at a nurse's pay and without the same level of responsibility, why not????
  5. bluemorningglory

    WDYT? Sticking up for myself or...

    I am a CNA with over five years of hospital experience as a float. I have been on all floors except OB/PEDS. I currently work in an OR but am looking to change my hours and get back into a more clinical setting. I applied for a position on OB (same facility) and was asked to shadow. I accepted and understood the reasoning. After all, I had never worked in labor and delivery. So I went over there. Unpaid. For two and a half hours. While I spent most of the time truly shadowing, I did help out here and there as requested. It took several calls and emails (within professional limits, mind you) to find out I did not get the job. I was a little frustrated but, hey, that's life. So then the HR rep and I start talking about alternate ideas. She mentions more interviews and shadowing. That is when I spoke up. In a nice way, I explained that as OB was a new area to me, I was happy to shadow unpaid. However, as an experienced hospital aide, I did not see the benefit of shadowing in areas with which I was already aware. After all, I am a current employee of the hospital with a history of excellent reviews and plenty of experience. I am not some brand new CNA who has never held a position. I mean, let's say I spend 6 hours shadowing. You can't tell me that I will stand there, arms folded, and never help out. Of course I will. For free. And that doesn't sit right with me What is the consensus?
  6. bluemorningglory

    Bullying at work, far commute... what to do??

    I only read the OP quickly but as someone who has btdt, lose the boyfriend. "Supportive" does not equal you as a breadwinner:/
  7. bluemorningglory

    Call Lights

    How can people let these go? Really? I have noticed certain staff members (not going to specify aide or nurse as I do not want to start that fight)who will sit and gab and not answer a incessantly ringing light? Why??
  8. bluemorningglory

    What would you do?

    Lets say you are an aide. A new nurse comes to work at your hospital. She sits talking about others behind their backs(Yeah, yeah, I know its done across the board but her vitrol is particularly condescending and rude) and lets call lights go on endlessly and ignores her patients for hours. Would you go to a supervisor for this? Background: The aide has been there for five years and has never complained about anyone at any point.
  9. bluemorningglory

    Northern Essex Community College Fall 2012 ADN Program???

    I am applying for next year. Congrats to you!! I did want to ask....with reference to the TEAS, how old can your scores be to qualify you for a lpn or rn program?
  10. bluemorningglory

    Lawrence Memorial Hospital/Regis College FALL 2012

    Congrats..how difficult was it to get into the program?
  11. I am entering an LPN program with a grad date of 4/4/2014. I am thinking I would like to work for the VA or in a MTF. How can I best prepare to apply for this kind of job? FWIW, I will have experience as an aide on a critical care/icu/tele unit...
  12. bluemorningglory

    why not go for RN?

    Hmm....well..let's see...there are not all that many open RN programs around here..BSN or ADN..in my area. I personally know of people who have an awesome GPA, references, work experience, etc. and even they cannot get into these programs. It is not a lack of ambition; it is a lack of space. I am going for my LPN this fall because there is an open space in a local program. I don't have to jump through a million hoops to start it. I know friends who have taken all the prereqs and cannot get into an RN program.I'll get my LPN and then can bridge to RN. OP...you come across like a martyr but somehow I think there is more to ypur story..I am sure you had some breaks and help along the way;)
  13. bluemorningglory

    Please help me figure out next steps...

    I mentioned earlier that I was considering a for profit LPN school. I am in my late thirties and want very much to ultimately be an RN. Here is what I have figured out: LPN program pros: will be an lpn by 4/14 for sure unless *I* screw up price($18000 is not as horrible as some I have seen) can get financial aid cons: 45 minutes away(although clinicals might be closer), have read some really ugly reviews about this place to be continued...
  14. bluemorningglory

    What advice would you give me?

    I could do gen eds for a year but, again, acceptance into a cheaper RN program is not guaranteed. What if I do gen eds and can't do anything with those?
  15. bluemorningglory

    Intercoast Career Institute

    I am looking at this program now. Have you been over there? What are your thoughts?
  16. bluemorningglory

    What advice would you give me?

    I am a 38 year old CNA. I became one in 2009 and got a hospital job right away. I like my work and have done well here. I want to take the next step. There is a for profit school called Intercoast that offers a 15 month LPN program. I have a goal of being a nurse by the age of 40. With this program, I would be a nurse at 40 years 1 month. Community colleges and universities in this area offer cheaper programs but the waitlists are crazy.I have no prereqs and all of my other college credits are too old to transfer anywhere. I personally know candidates who have everything going for them and then some and they are denied. If I were younger, I would wait. But time has become my enemy. The drawbacks with the for profit program? The cost. $31K. But guaranteed admission. And eligible for Pell Grants and other aid. My state's BON recognizes the program and I would be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN. All of this said, what should I do? Any ideas or thoughts?