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  1. read on Kjtin, there are A LOT of posts here regarding that. and you'll need PATIENCE..lots of it. welcome to nursing! :)
  2. twisted189

    new hospital in olongapo

    hahaha i say the first advice is true. Reference is a must, thats what they told me.
  3. twisted189

    review centers in baguio

    hey i suggest you review at Labagnoy, the lecturers are great! Especially in MS and Psych.but, may i add, enroll in another review center for the FINAL COACHING ( when it was L himself who was teaching). during that time I opted to stay home and self-review.. I learned much much much more that way. haha. Just my opinion... based on experience.
  4. twisted189

    new hospital in olongapo

    I went there last January 16 and they already stopped accepting applicants last January 6. .
  5. twisted189

    Pleae help, need an international nurse thanks

    what country are you from smagal2?
  6. twisted189

    IVT Case Completion concern..

    well said, king ramon.
  7. twisted189

    IVT Case Completion concern..

    wow.. Its sad to know that such things happen. I just have to agree on what you said, maybe you should have been more ASSERTIVE and told them that they should have let you do it on your own, respectfully of course. Thats what I did when I completed my cases, they would not let me handle the patients for insertion unless I ask them if i could do it ( under their supervision of course ). Luckily I learned the techniques from these people. :) Im much more confident regarding my IVT skills because of this. Goodluck to you.
  8. aww, so sorry to hear that...its been 6 months? wow, just like my situation here in the Philippines.. have faith ma'am, Im sure you'll be hired real soon. :up: I DO have a question though...:D I AM planning to become a USRN.. will probably apply for the state of new york/Texas. I have read repeatedly in this site that it will take about 5 years to have a CHANCE at a visa, and that's okay with me. I plan on working in other countries ( Australia/ New Zealand) first to gain experience during that 5 year wait... after all, I really plan to migrate in the US in the distant future because almost my whole clan is already there... LOL. Question is, if I sit and hopefully pass the NCLEX by 2010... any issues I should know regarding renewal of license in the said states? (during the said 5 year wait) I dont know if its a good plan. An uncle of mine who is an RN at Texas told me to take the NCLEX already "just to get it out of the way". Furthermore, I've read somewhere that the longer the time from graduation from nursing school that you take the NCLEX, the greater the failure rate. This scares me, thank you so much for answering this,,, this site has been very much helpful! :up:
  9. twisted189

    Hiring nurses in Philippines

    You only have to bring your resume. :) ANd im not sure whether its a tertiary or secondary hospital..sorry, :)
  10. twisted189

    Hiring nurses in Philippines

    You only have to bring your resume. :) ANd im sure whether its a tertiary or secondary hospital..sorry, :)
  11. thank you so much penicillin, for the elaborate warning! this is one valuable info for those who are looking for sponsors for the cap (like me.but still unsure about it since my experience is still lacking.. ) thank you! :)
  12. twisted189

    Nurses & Nursing Students Working In Hospitals In The Philippines

    Charting is done in English... (except for the subjective data when the patient speaks in his dialect) Ahm in the hospital we converse in Tagalog, with the fellow nurses and doctors ( well except for the Indian intern,, there's no difficulty speaking to him in English though.). And of course when conversing with the patient it depends on what language he (and you) can communicate better ( i had to learn Ilocano for my patients who cant express themselves in Tagalog.. ) why do you ask?
  13. hey guys! im just wondering if you know any hospitals in Olongapo who are currently taking in nurses for Volunteer experience? without needing to pay of course..ehe. :) thank you so much! :)
  14. twisted189

    Hiring nurses in Philippines

    SAcred Heart Medical Hospital @ McArthur Highway Sto. Domingo Angeles City Pampanga. :) if you ride a jeep from sn fernando going to Angeles you'll pass by it for sure, its just meters away from the terminal. :)
  15. twisted189

    Hiring nurses in Philippines

    hi guys! maybe this is the wrong thread.. but I passed my resume and got interviewed at SAcred HEart Hospital at Angeles. They said they will be having a Volunteer/Training program for free, 3 months in duration. The people there are VERY VERY accommodating... :) there;s no date yet as to when they would start this, since the hospital just opened last month and they only have 16 applicants for the volunteer program during that time. So I told the HRD that I'll share the good news.
  16. twisted189

    IELTS Review Center in Pampanga?

    hi fellow nurses! Especially to my fellow Kapampangans... Im planning to take the IELTS this coming november, and im currently looking for a review center here in Pampanga ( san fernando? or Guagua? ) thats cheaper than most ( the average cost is 4thousand, wooohow!). . even if i just have to take a "crash course" or something like that. i mean, i just want to be prepared thats all. :) any ideas? Much thanks for the help.