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also a single mother of 3 daughters

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  1. I was just interviewed for a job that offered 20-23 an hour, should I worry?
  2. ecb

    What can you do with your pay?

    1. Own and maintain a home in a mid to upper class neighborhood? Only because my husband died and we had Mortgage Insurance (otherwise I would have had to sell it) 2. Own and maintain a car driven by those who live in a mid to upper class neighborhoo...
  3. ecb

    Please help my unit succeed!!

    I work in a NH/rehab setting we have about 10-15 patients for Rehab in a 180 bed facility we have 1 pt, 1 ot, and 1 st. we have 2 CNAs who work Restorative for each of 3 floors(step down from Rehab) and all of our CNAs are given additional training t...
  4. ecb


    there is a deal in Philadelphia, if you go to the Nursing Union and apply to have your classes paid for, they will match any monies supplied by your work for your continuing education classes, CNA to LPN, LPN to RN, RN to BSN, BSN to MSN, whatever. ...
  5. ecb

    honoring patient decisions

    ok, I will do you one. I am an executor of my Fathers Living will. This document clearly states he never wishes to have a tube placed in his body for the purpose of feeding or hydration. He never wants CPR or Ventilation done on him. This documnet ...
  6. ecb

    Has a patient ever affected your health?

    One trick I learned, a couple years ago. Is she yelling rhythmically? AAhh AAhh AAhh AAhh, or AAAh ah AAAh ah, whatever, does it sound like a pattern? if it does sometimes tapping out a different, slightly more complex rhythm, can help. I had one w...
  7. ecb

    I have a question for all nursing home nurses.

    In our facility, and organisation, we have and create CNA Specialists, who have more education in Geriatrics and dignity, and residents rights and the stuff that is not touched on when they are in their 78 hour classes. Another thing we/they do is h...
  8. ecb

    New Nurse Manager - need advice!!

    I need advice, on a personalities issue. I am new Unit Manager on a Skilled Floor (medicare, very high paced) and I freely admit I am in over my head, and my DON has offered (and I have accepted) for me to move to another floor. That siad, I had a ...
  9. ecb


    WOW for you, having 2 MDS Nurses and 2 for care plans for 120, We have 180 residents At my facility and we have 2 RNACs who initiate and review MDS, and the Unit Manangers are responsible for care plans AND MDS (except for a couple sections for oth...
  10. ecb

    New Job- no knowledge base

    I am a BRAND NEW Unit Manager, I interviewed for a supervisors position, and got hired as a Unit Manager (big raise, and better hours, very supportive DON and ADONs) but very little in the way of orientation (more like try this, if you get it right I...
  11. ecb

    Unit Manager

    I am a brand new Unit Manager, and I feel SO overwheled right now. I have to do rounds, and find the same things the Administrator does (not just compliance, but maintenance, and housekeeping, and things that are not yet listed as issues, or in poli...
  12. ecb

    Kaiser Hospitals

    I believe a hospital has a MINIMUM of documentation they should require in order to hire someone. A criminal background check, proff of legal right to work in the area, proof of imunisation (to a degree, or justifiable reson why it is not up to date...
  13. ecb

    Kaiser Hospitals

    I do not know without some more information would you please elaborate? ------------------ *** May we all have the serenity to accept what we cannot change, and the determination to change what we cannot accept. ***
  14. My facility has SELECTIVE mandatory over time. Night shoift is required to stay late into day shift if days is short, no day off, just time and a half, but Days is only ASKED to stay if they are NOT working the next day. Evening shift gets asked to...
  15. ecb

    Has anyone ever refused an assignment?

    this is nice, but where I work the DON is willing to have 1 RN and 1 LPN cover the entire house of 119 residents on night shift, they "compensate" by allowing us to sometimes have 6 CNAs (noramly 3-4, SOMETIMES 5) other times we have had 2 CNAs and 2...