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  1. mulan027

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    Hey NICUrn28! I heard you pass the NCLEX at 85. Congratulations on your future endeavors. Pnemann- Well said. I concur with everything. The policy kept changing as we went along, so much so that the nursing boards were doing an investation. It went on for months and I even recall another one of my classmates sueing the school. dkeophil- do you work for gurnick? If so, I feel sorry for you as many administrators/teachers left. (7 to be exact during my 14 months) If not, Im assuming when you say that you "graduated" on christmas eve, that means that you have passed your classes and prepping for the hesi. If so, maybe you should spend your time wisely and go visit the other forums in regards to hesi study tips instead of going to all the other threads lying about gurnick. There's no need to go back and forth about whether the school is good or not. All this information can be easily assess through the LVN boards. Study tip #1. Use you own advice: Learn not to go with the word "ONLY". This is an absolute word and it is highly unlikely to be the answer. Study tip #2. Read the question carefully. Its pretty evident that your grammer is the same as Larissa's. Good luck on HESI. Like everyone else, I graduated and its a closed chapter in my life that I will never open!
  2. mulan027

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    That sounds like Gurnick SM.
  3. mulan027

    Hesi Exit Test

    We take our HESI through EVOLVE and I was wondering if our test can be re-scored if you find a mistake?
  4. Can you challenge phase 1 test without taking the TCN review? Just the test itself?
  5. I have met a TCN advisor today. I'm very thankful for this thread. Is it true that excelsior is not recognized in California? If not, how do i go about this?
  6. mulan027


    Is there any iphone applications that would help with NCLEX?
  7. mulan027

    IV certification in the bay area

    Is Eillen the instructor? How was it?
  8. mulan027

    Check my math in dosage calculations..Please

    All correct
  9. mulan027

    California and licensure for both PN and RN

    Heehee! Snail mail! I was wondering if you pass, can you drive to sacramento and request for the license?
  10. I will be taking my nclex soon! What items are we allowed to bring with us during the boards? What items are not allowed? (id, pens, paper, calculator etc)
  11. It is very possible! I work 40 hours graveyard (10 hour shifts). 5 days school. (Lecture 3 days a week and 2 days at clinicals.) I'm 3 weeks away from graduating and it's well worth it. About 70% of my classmates work graveyards so we have a little support group. I do most of my studying and homework at work during downtime. Good luck
  12. Im 3 weeks away from finishing my LVN program. However, the teacher had announce that she will extend the class 1 extra week because she was not able to "cover all the topics" by the end of the program. The reason this was the case was because she was absent. This would normally be a great opportunity but I can HONESTLY say that the only thing I learned in her class was to block her voice out and self study on my own. So what's the problem: It takes away 1 week of valuable study time towards HESI and NCLEX. Im ready to take her final and had explained to her that the syllabus states that the program is to be done on 3/20, not 3/27. She stated that "If I didn't want to come on the 27th, then I don't have to.":uhoh21: Please advise????
  13. mulan027

    How far do you drive to your clinical site?

    60 Miles one way, 2 bridges, $4 toll each way. I don't know what I was thinking!
  14. mulan027

    LPN to RN bridge programs in the Bay Area

    Thanks for the info. I know there's been a hiring freeze, but I assume by now...it all worked out and your employed??? What are the pre-req's?
  15. mulan027

    LPN to RN bridge programs in the Bay Area

    How much is the WCC program?
  16. mulan027

    PIXIS and Narcotics

    As a pharmacy tech, I completely concur. At our hospital, you waste the medication with a witness. If it's sealed, you can put the medication back. NEVER is the drug returned to the medication bin as anyone can walk in. If it's absolutely necessary, go to the pharmacy and manually check it back in. Save your license because if anything happens, we can easily pull it up a full detailed report of who, what, when etc