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  1. I posted this back in January, but the interest may be greater now that we are getting closer to the renewal deadline. :)
  2. Renewal for Florida registered nurse licenses expiring April 30, 2016 is approaching. I'm in that group. First, here's a link to the Continuing Education (CE/CEU) requirements for renewal: Florida Board of Nursing » Page not found - Licensing, Renewals & Information If you need CEUs, and are looking for FREE online/self-study/home-study courses, this may help you. It is very important to use CE Broker because there are a lot of free courses available on the internet, but many of them are not board-approved. So you must find your free courses through CE Broker in order to eliminate that problem. A list of board-approved, free courses can be searched through CE Broker but it can be tricky to navigate. I put together a little set of Help Instructions for my future self as to how to search the thing and find free courses. Here it is - thought it might help someone else. How to search CE Broker for Free Courses ==================================== 1. Start by going to the CE Broker website ( https://www.cebroker.com/ ) and log in. 2. On top banner menu, click on "Course Search" and select "Search for Courses". 3. The first screen is a search criteria for "Course Type". To find online and home study courses*, select "Self Study Continuing Education Courses" and click on "Begin Search". 4. The second screen is "Search Options" where you can further filter your search: If you need a specific subject area, select that from the drop-down menu in the left box. If you are looking for general courses, select "general" or leave the radio button on "All". Leave "Delivery Method" radio button on "All" so that the results will include both Computer-Based Training (ie: online courses) and Home Study courses*. Leave "Search by Course Name" and "Provider" blank. Click on "Begin Search". 5. The third screen is "Review Results". Here is where you can sort the results by price. Under "Sort By" (on left-hand side), where it says "Random", change to "US $ Price" and wait for list to resort. If you would like to see more than 20 results at a time, under "Display" (on right-hand side), where it says "20", change to "100" (or desired amount). Now you can easily browse board-approved, FREE courses! ============================================= * FYI, best as I can tell, here is the difference between "Computer-Based Training (ie: online courses)" and "Home Study" courses: For Computer-Based Training (ie: online courses), the reading material and any videos are online on the provider's website. You must read and/or watch on their website. The material is not available for download (unless you do your own copy/paste). For Home Study, the reading material is available for download in either (and sometimes both) a PDF file and a Word document. You download it, read and study it, and then go back to the provider's website to take the exam.
  3. MangoGirl

    Frugality thead:work less, spend less

    Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without.
  4. MangoGirl

    Are colors consistant across all brands of scrubs?

    Emmy, thanks for the reply. It's been a few weeks and I've seen exactly what you're talking about with the gap between the top and the bottom when you bend over or squat (bare skin). Some of the girls where I work do the same as you and it looks great! They even wear neon green or hot pink and it looks pretty cool. So I've come around on the long-sleeve t shirt and am not tucking mine in, either. So far, I've only worn my collection of white long-sleeve tees but I have a black one for winter and will get a few other colors.
  5. MangoGirl

    Are colors consistant across all brands of scrubs?

    I know this is an old thread, but I've got a new position and a specific color I must wear (caribbean blue). I am having the same problem with matching that specific color between different brands. I've got tops that lean towards tealish-blue and pants that are so dark they are dark teal or almost forest green. But I wondered about the suggestion above. Do people wear a layered top that hangs out of (below) their scrub top? I wouldn't have even considered that; it seems like a sloppy look. Whenever I wear a long-sleeved t-shirt, I tuck it into my scrub pants. Do people wear an undershirt or camisole hanging out?
  6. MangoGirl

    How does administering PRN medications work?

    The duration between 1:35 and 3:45 is 2 hours and 10 minutes. What are the extra 10 minutes for? Do you have to wait an extra 10 minutes? (I guess with PRN meds, the 30 min before to 30 min after don't apply either, right, since it is not a scheduled med. ??)
  7. MangoGirl

    Fish Scales

    Template usage is inconsistent. Below are links to variations I have found. Also attached below is a PDF file that includes fishbone templates/grids for labs. You should pick one you like and use it consistently for your own use. If there is a standard at your place of employment, you should (obviously) conform. Complete blood count http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_metabolic_panel (Grid is half-way down the page under "Reporting") Lab grids templates.pdf
  8. MangoGirl

    Fish Scales

    Actually, the grid or template is called a fish bone (not a fish scale). That is because the BMP (basic metabolic panel) grid looks like a fish bone: Na+|Cl-|BUN ---|---|---- K+ |CO2|Creat Notice how the template looks like a fish bone skeleton: --|--|--
  9. MangoGirl

    Accepted FSCJ Summer 2010 Students

    Hello Term 3 Students, I am currently in Term 2 going into Term 3 in the Summer. Would anyone please email me the syllabus for OB and Peds? Registration is tomorrow at 2:00 and we think it would be helpful in making our decision. My email address is mango252000-an at yahoo dot com. I would be most grateful. Thank you very much!
  10. MangoGirl

    Accepted FSCJ Summer 2010 Students

    Thanks - was there an exam in Term 2?
  11. MangoGirl

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    If you haven't purchased a stethoscope yet, here is a link to the stethoscope forum.
  12. MangoGirl

    Accepted FSCJ Summer 2010 Students

    Hello Term 3 Nursing Students, Are there any Medical Terminology exams after Term 1? I am headed into Term 2. Is there a Medical Terminology test in Term 2?
  13. MangoGirl

    FCCJ SPRING 2010

    Hello Term 4 Nursing Students, Are there any Medical Terminology exams after Term 1? I am headed into Term 2. Are there any Medical Terminology tests in Terms 2, 3 or 4?
  14. MangoGirl

    FCCJ/FSCJ Fall 2010 Hopefuls

    If you haven't purchased a stethoscope yet, thought I would post that there is a stethoscope forum.
  15. MangoGirl

    Best place to buy stethoscopes from....

    I checked out the Littmann sellers mentioned both on this website and on 3M's site (http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/Littmann/stethoscope/purchase/where-to-buy/ ). If engraving is not important to you, the very cheapest bottom line, to-the-door price for a new Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope is $151.75 on eBay from a seller named "sv-products". They have sold close to 6,000 items and have a 99.9% feedback rating. They offer them in most colors and shipping is free. And they sell it in the Buy-It-Now format so you don't have to play bidding and/or waiting games. That price beats all others when shipping is included. I received mine within five days and it arrived in a new, sealed box - absolutely perfect. If cost is the bottom line for you as it was for me, this was the cheapest I could find for a new model after a lot of research.
  16. MangoGirl

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    Link to Meridy's info and sizing chart: https://allnurses.com/fl-nursing-programs/fscj-fccj-spring-487431-page26.html#post4635510

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