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  1. TransplantRN3

    Certified Medical Examiner

    I found the exam pretty straight forward and did well on it. I took the online course and then studied the review materials for about 4-6 hours before taking the test. I did make a "cheat sheet" with some of the memorization things like BP parameters, audiology results, etc. I think the practice questions that were included in my review course were most helpful. Best of luck.
  2. TransplantRN3

    CVS Minute Clinic

    I agree with a previous poster that you should wait until you are comfortable with your new job before looking for supplemental income. I started at CVS Minute Clinic as a new grad and have found it to be a great starting place. Yes, there are clinical guidelines that we have in place to guide our care, but these guidelines that "guide" us are just that. We are expected to treat within them as they are made from evidence based practice, but we still have autonomy and can treat outside the guideline too as long as we are appropriately documenting and including rationale. I have seen a lot of providers comes and go (experienced and new grads). Just like any job, not everyone is cut out for this type of job. People sink or swim. I know some providers who have left MC only to try out a different job, and then return. I have also had many coworkers who start here as a new grad and then after getting experience, have found other great jobs (hospital, private practice, etc) and have been very successful. While we do not treat everything an urgent care setting can, we do see more critical conditions. The provider works alone so must know when a more appropriate referral is needed. Sometimes patients come here because they simply don't know where to go. Good luck with your new job! If you have any questions about MC feel free to message me. There is also a 'Nurse Practitioners in retail health" that you can join to connect with your peers. I have coworkers that get supplemental income by picking up extra shifts with different MC locations. I also have some that work PT for other companies/practices. If you are worried about losing skills, then I think picking up extra hours somewhere once comfortable with your FT work as a new grad would be a good idea.
  3. TransplantRN3

    Direct Entry MSN Program Opinion

    Hi there! Good luck in your change of career! It seems to me that you have a BS in psych already... right? I understand you want to save as much time and money as possible on schooling, but to get your MSN, you will need your BS in nursing first (unless you're talking about a combined BSN/MSN program). For this reason, an accelerated BSN is a good option because it allows people with BS/BA degrees in other fields to save time in obtaining the BSN. Or were you talking about a combined BSN/MSN program? As for the other questions that you have, the topic of working as RN before becoming NP has been discussed many times on this site, so I'm sure if you search the topic you can pull up the threads. Good luck!
  4. TransplantRN3

    online NP schools..

    My program was entirely online. I graduated from Indiana State University in Dec 2013, and felt very well prepared for my work as NP after graduation. They do have optional sessions that you can attend for skills, but they are not mandatory. All of the hands-on and skills checks were done through clinical time (they do require more hours than other schools) and are very strict on what type of hours you can use. They require a set number for adult, geri, gyn, ob, peds, etc. If you do find a school that is completely online, you can always look in your home state for opportunities to improve your skills (suturing classes, volunteer to help with prostate exams, fairs/community outreach that offer free health care etc)... Good luck!
  5. TransplantRN3

    Indiana State University FNP

    I completed the FNP program at Indiana State U in Dec of 2013. I worked as a RN FT while doing the program, so i did the PT option and took 3 full years to finish (I opted to start clnicals a semester early, and took summer semesters for 2 of the years). I felt very well prepared for my practice as a NP after. Biggest con is finding your own preceptors, but I feel like that is not only an issue with every other online school, but brick and mortars as well. All I can say is start the process of findings preceptors early. The program is very affordable, and professors were great.
  6. TransplantRN3

    Feb - Mar 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "I think night shift is getting to me...." or "I figured if I could manage this, a bed bath would be a piece of cake."
  7. TransplantRN3

    Looking for preceptor

    I live in the same area as you and was responsible for finding all of my preceptors. If you join NPAM (as a student), you have access to their preceptor lists, which has tons of contact info for NPs in MD that are willing to be preceptors. Worth a try! Good luck! Also, be sure to line up preceptorships in advance. Sometimes I would hear from the preceptor that they were already booked out several semester, so the further ahead you can make an agreement, the better.
  8. TransplantRN3

    DOT focused clinic

    There would be lots of competition. Retail clinics do DOT physical, school and sport physicals, vaccines and TB testing... along with sick visits.
  9. TransplantRN3

    online F.N.P. programs??

    I completed the FNP program through Indiana State University, and found the staff/faculty to be very supportive. I live in Maryland and had no troubles with licensing here. Be sure to check your state BON... Maryland's BON lists every accredited program they accept (online or not). From what I have learned from talking with friends at several different programs, even when schools "say" they will help find clinical sites, it is often left up to the students. Areas are saturated and there just aren't enough preceptors to fill all needs. Be sure to start the process of locating preceptors early on. Good luck!
  10. TransplantRN3

    Collaborative MD agreement and fees

    Wow, that's suprising. Is this someone that you would be working with in the same practice? Or are you planning to work independently and need to find a collaborating MD? At my current job, we are not charged to have a collaborating MD sign an agreement (this is retail health though so I know the MD is compensated by the company). The few other interviews I went to I was told that a MD from the practice would sign the agreement at no cost...
  11. TransplantRN3

    ANCC vs AANP?

    Both exams lead to NP certification, and most employers do not have a preference which exam you take. Margaret Fitzgerald has a powerpoint presentation that helps clear up the difference/similarities between the two exams: http://fhea.com/main/content/restricted/npcer/2013npcer_resources/ce20120001-ho.pdf Also... http://fhea.com/main/?p=certificationcols/common_questions.htm Hope that helps some!
  12. TransplantRN3

    Did your school's reputation affect getting hired?

    I completed my master's through an out-of-state distance learning program. I did not find any difficulty getting hired because my degree was from an online school. As other posters have said, employers were much more interested in my previous nursing experience + my clinical experience. Do be sure to check with your state BON to see if they will consider your program to be accredited. My BON has an updated list online with all the approved MSN programs. Many traditional schools in my area (Washington DC) are actually moving to online-only options and not offering their FNP programs on campus anymore (unfortunately this is probably due to becoming more for-profit). Good luck with your decision!
  13. TransplantRN3

    new grad needs help

    My employer reimbursed for both of these. If you want your DEA license, you will most likely need your CDS (controlled dangerous substanes) license first. This was also something I was reimbursed for.
  14. TransplantRN3

    certification exam

    I graduated in December and didn't start studying until after graduation. I did order any study materials/books before then so I had them ready to go. I took my exam on Feb 10. Good luck with the remainder of your program and studying! 😃
  15. TransplantRN3

    How Soon after Graduation did you take NCLEX?

    Hi there! I was a December grad, studied during January, then took the NCLEX the first week in February. It worked well for me-- I think only you can answer if your plan is realistic or not. How good are you at organizing your time? I spent a good month doing tons of practice questions and brushing up system by system before my exam. If you feel ready, you feel ready :) Good luck!
  16. On our unit, we have two holiday groups. If you work one set of holidays one year, you are off of that set the next. If someone is "on" for a holiday, they are scheduled for the day before, day of, and day after...same for night shift. That way, whoever is "off"can have the holiday & surrounding days off for travel. It works really well on our unit.