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  1. ubski

    Indiana State University LPN-BSN 2012

    I am in the program for ISU for Fall 2012 and Sonoma State University is still responsible for our clinical. Sonoma State is in charge of all California nursing students. I have copied and pasted part of the letter they sent. In collaboration with Sonoma State University, J*** ****, RN, PhD, California Preceptorship Faculty Coordinator and M**** *****, California Program Development Specialist, will be responsible for facilitating the arrangement of all California clinical placements in this program to ensure that all California Board of Registered Nursing guidelines are met and to ensure your success in the program. They will also be available to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the program and/or clinical. So I am sure they are not backing out of the partnership.
  2. Awesome! Congrats! How did you prepare for it? Did you also use NCLEX RN Prep books, or did you just use the manual?
  3. I believe you would need to, not unless you have taken it before? It's an entrance exam for the nursing program. I know all nursing programs are all doing the same. June 2012 deadline is for Fall semester and Novemeber 2012 deadline is for Spring semester. No worries!
  4. I am aiming for the November 1st deadline, while waiting I can knock out some of the other needed classes: Pathophysiology and Gerentology. How about you?
  5. You'll get an acceptance letter in the mail. It's a folder of all the things you should do. I forgot how long it took, I would say a few days to a week. Ill pm you her info and be sure to ask for your Nursing Challenge Packet. For any help with Pediatrics, its yes & no. That's the downside, it's hard to find help. Good luck! Let me know if you need anything else.
  6. Yes, you have to get accepted first before you can take any of the exams. Complete their prerequisites, pay the $25, get an acceptance letter from ISU, and contact ***** ****** once you've finished. She conducts the payments and exams. You can ask her for all testing matters regarding the 4 modules that need to be completed before the deadlines. (June 1st or November 1st). Hope this helps!
  7. ubski

    So relieved - TEAS passed!

    Congrats!! Hopefully I'll be in the same boat when I take my exam in a few weeks. Hopefully in the middle of May! Once again, congrats!
  8. ubski

    TEAS Tips - Must Read (2nd Ed.)

    wow! thanks for all those tips! I will be starting to study in a few weeks, and ill be keeping your tips in mind. thanks for relieving a lot stress off my shoulders!
  9. ubski

    Indiana State University LPN-BSN 2012

    Hello LadyinScrubs. Do you have any advice for Nursing 328? I find it really tough! I am currently working on both Peds and Maternity and trying to make it to the June 1st deadline. Maternity is easier to memorize and understand, but PEDS is difficult.
  10. ubski

    Got accepted into LVN-RN program

  11. I am seeking some advice on this module. This will be my 3rd exam, and I heard from most students that this exam is the toughest one. I am constantly reviewing the quizzes and going back to the chapters. Does anyone have any tips on what to focus on? Any responses will be appreciated.
  12. ubski

    Who has completed "College Network" LPN to RN?

    Do you have any advice for Nurs 328 Pediatrics? @annieranks
  13. ubski

    ISU's nursing in mental health

    It's not that bad. It's the easiest out of the 4 CSM's. Study the quizzes and exams and you'll do just fine! Good luck!
  14. ubski

    Anybody fail PN at 85 questions??

    I took the nclex-pn on the 26th. I had tons of meds 15-17, only had 3 SATA, the rest were priority and delegations. I stopped at 85. I found out today that I passed. I live in California and they sent me the results in the mail in 4 days. Usually it takes about 3-4 weeks but I was surprissssed! You'll do fine.... Have faith... and pray! Leave all your worries to god...=]
  15. ubski

    stopped at 85 getting mostly medications...

    I was soooo worried! But I found out today that i passsed! NCLEX-PN found out in 4 days in CALIFORNIA!
  16. ubski

    stopped at 85 getting mostly medications...

    Yes this is my 1st time...I wish my school cared about us maybe then I'd probably have a little more confidence. 48 hours sounds soo much better than 4 weeks... Thank you everyone for their positivity and advice... This website is helping me soo much. Especially since most of my friends can't relate...