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  1. Yikes. Is this why there are so many high-paying travel nursing jobs here?
  2. Laur318

    Quinnipiac University, RN to BSN - Online

    Anyone?? Touring the school next week.
  3. Laur318

    NCC schedule

    1st semmester is monday tuesday 11:30 -1ish and 2nd semester is the same plus pharmacology is added on tuesdays 1:10ish-2ish Clinicals are Wed, Thur or Friday and chosen for you
  4. Laur318

    Nursing Spirituality

    Great discussion. To be able to support people in their time of need is an absolute blessing- especially if you can support them emotionally/spiritually. I think that caring for patients is a calling, a duty, and a privilege. In this field we are in a special position to witness God's work all the time.
  5. It looked to me like 1 year RN experience was a requirement not a preference, unfortunately. I would hope a combined short-term experience as an RN + DONA certification should help!
  6. Laur318

    Experience recommendations?

    Interested in Frontier myself... sorry for hijacking the thread, but how long are you on-campus stays?
  7. SMH why did I even read this?? Glad he will NEVER be my nurse :)
  8. Laur318

    Second semester tips/preparation

    These are great questions... will be starting my second semester too! We had assignments for next semester posted days after the final. haha It's hard not to get started early, BUT I am telling myself this is the only "me" time I'll get for a while so I am going to hold off a bit. I am beyond excited that in my first weeks back, the material includes maternity/newborn nursing. Congrats and good luck!
  9. Laur318

    Advice / Input / Comments are welcome !

    Retake the TEAS. Get the mometrix book called "ATI Secrets" and the ATI TEAS app on your phone. See where you are falling short and re-read that section of the mometrix book. The book also has practice exams. You don't have to re-submit your nursing application either, just send the new score over to the school. You can always call to confirm that they have updated your application. I didn't have THE BEST grades but I did very well on the TEAS and I got in to Norwalk. It helped me out a lot.
  10. Laur318

    CT-CCNP 2018

    No, definitely not. I took most of my classes at gateway (60%) and housatonic (30%) - I got in to Norwalk where I took 2 classes. good luck!
  11. Laur318

    CT-CCNP 2018

    Buy the mometrix book "ATI TEAS secrets" and get 2 apps for TEAS test prep on your phone. One is from ATI and was free to download but with all the test questions it was $9.99 - well worth it. There is another app like it from a different developer- I'm sorry that I dont recall the name - but it was free. they analyze your weak areas so you know where you should focus your studies.
  12. Laur318

    CT-CCNP 2017

    hi, I could be wrong but I think Gateway receives more applications than Capital, so you have a better shot of getting in to Capital. Best of luck!!!
  13. Laur318

    CT-CCNP 2017

    Not sure why this didn't post, I already replied! (Fellow Norwalk Student here) I use Prime, so I had everything in my cart on Amazon. I didn't want to purchase online though, due to conflicting reviews, I was unsure of the fit/cut/styles. I was expecially curious about the various pant styles, I went in to the bookstore to try them on over my clothes. I ended up actually buying mine at the bookstore because I was able to use financial aid funds, and each piece was only $2-4 more than amazon.
  14. Laur318

    CT-CCNP 2017

    @ Thatchickomi I am also very anxious about starting NCC. I called two professors (C.Y. and K.H.) and while I know the first one went away on vacation, neither have returned my calls. I am wondering if we need 12 or 24 months of PrepU software for Brunner & Suddarth's Med/Surg and Taylor Fundamentals. Its a significant price difference. Makes me wonder if we have to keep buying different books and access codes throughout the program!
  15. Laur318

    CT-CCNP 2017

    @ Fauzia At NCC, we were only given one assignment from Taylor Fundamentals. Thank you for your insight regarding dosage calculations. I will get started! Does anyone know if we have to keep buying books throughout school?
  16. Laur318

    CT-CCNP 2017

    Hi everybody! Just got a WHOLE bunch of books. Oh my... Curious if all the CCC program uses Brunner & Suddarth's Med / Surg as well as Taylor Fundamentals of Nursing? At Norwalk we received our clinical assignments about a month ago. Only two weekends left before it all begins! Everybody ready? Excited??

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