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  1. tricksey7777

    Nighshift blues

    I completely understand. I have been working nights now for 4 months and it is a hard adjustment. Just remember it will get easier and you will find a scheduel that suits you best. I think it is draining to go back and forth between days and nights, so I try to adjust on my days off, by getting up around 1130am, instead of sleeping in longer. Your friends and family will adjust too. It is irratating to not have a set scheduel or even one where you work 4 in a row and have 5 days off. Your employer should have something like that set for everyone on nights! To give them some sort of life outside of work. Just keep trying to see if they will give you a set scheduel.
  2. tricksey7777

    new grad - worth taking ACLS class before being hired?

    I was hired on as a new grad into a CCU/ICU unit. I did get my ALCS before I applied. During the interview process, I was asked if I had it or not. They were impressed with the fact that I had it already and it showed how serious I was about the position. It does cost a lot and all places will pay for it if you wait. Just depends on you and if the money matters or not. I say it did help me get the position in this particular unit. Hope it helps, thanks!