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  1. nur18

    Cali travel pay

    I am considering travel nursing to Cali. I was told I can make upward to $3000/week in med/surg. Can anyone share their experiences traveling to California.
  2. nur18

    A typical day as telecommuting CM

    On average how many call do you make a day and the length. I know each day and call would be different.
  3. Can anyone share what telecommuting CM day is like?
  4. nur18


    Richard Thank you for the advices. I saw the courses on ed2go and realize that I had to take both, which be be about 4k. What I didn't realized that it was self paced. I will give it a second look. How it the program, do you just have to read passages and answer questions after. I did a sample for a other course and that how it was.
  5. nur18


    After doing some research on becoming certified as a coding, I realize to be taken seriously I much be CCS certified. This is where I become confused. I am looking into self paced courses since I work full time, now these course are for basic coding and would qualify for CCA test not CCS. My question is what is need to become CCS or what type of course should I take? I ready don't want to go through the two years college course. Is there another way?
  6. The MS online program. I don't believe they offer a msn program.
  7. Thanks everyone for clearing that up for me. I have looked into different school and is thinking about the University of South Florida program.
  8. After looking into nursing informatics I realize that some programs have nurse informatics and others health informatics. Is there a difference in the program or just different title for the same education.
  9. nur18

    RN auditor/coder

    Can you explain what is abstract Core Measures
  10. nur18


    I recently lost 20lbs in one month. I did a 1200 calories diet, no flour, rice, bread. I also use artificial sugar and drank only water. No soda, juice, milk, only green juice that I made. So basically I ate greens, grilled meat, chicken, and fish. So far I have been able to maintain that weight lost. I continue to use artificial sugar and limited things with added sugar. I have three beachbody programs and while there are good, I have never lost so much as I did with this diet. I believe that you have to control your diet before added exercise.
  11. nur18

    Medical coding

    After searching far and wide for a bedside nursing job, I now realize that it is not for me. I am currently entertaining the thought of becoming a coder or RN coder. I'm very hesitant due to alway believing that coding jobs are nonexistent. Since I'm working I am looking for a self paced online medical coding course that is AHIMA approved. The only one I can find is from careerstep.com. If you know of any others or have information on career step please rely. Thank you.
  12. nur18

    Sexual Comment from Boss???

    When I read the statement it sound sexual to me. Add a little sugar-male boss +To the mix-female staff =sweeter. That definitely sound sexual. But how I take it would depend on if it was said in a group, probably not or one on one alone in a office.
  13. nur18

    RN auditor/coder

    Rg Thank for a the response. I looked at the AHIMA website that direct me to the cancer registry website for the training. Under basic coding there are over 12 different course. Did you take all there courses or only a few.
  14. nur18

    Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    I'm sure this place burn out more nurses than light bulbs.
  15. nur18

    RN auditor/coder

    Hi everyone I want to start a training program for coder/auditor. After reading the few post on this site I am still confused as to how to start. I have find different organizations that have different programs. So I'm not sure what course I would need to take. Can anyone recommend a specific program? I also read that to become a auditor you need experience in coding first how true is this? Are these company out there that would hire without experience? It seem like the people that are in this field fell into it and didn't necessary choose it.
  16. nur18

    I need help finding a job in NYC.

    I'm moving to Nashville, I applied and to my surprise I received a callback. From application to offer it took 6 weeks. Just keep applying, as I said before I didn't received any call back until after the BSN. Since you are working now you will have a advantage once you are done.