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  1. kokomoGirl

    RN refresher

    hi, anyone can recommend a good RN refresher course ? looked online, the IC4N suggested 3... Ivy Tech, Franciscan St Francis Health, and Valparaiso University...Valpo is hard to get in since it will depend on the vacant slot on their regular nursing students... any feedback will be appreciated...
  2. kokomoGirl

    Questions about H1B visa?

    I am just wondering now how come the cap H1B visas did not reach quota? What could be the possible reasons for this unusual turnout? Anyone?
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to know what courses you took to avail of the OPT? Does it have to be masteral degree courses? Inputs will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!:typing
  4. you're welcome. Good luck to you!
  5. kokomoGirl

    maiden name to married name;;confused..please help

    I agree with Rene3. Stick to your maiden name for now, i know your concern is about your passport. As I posted in your international thread, just bring with you your old passport and NSO marriage certificate (not the paper you signed during the ceremony) when you sit for the exam. It takes a month to get the NSO marriage cert. Call the testing center. Stop worrying too much, coz it takes away much of your focus if you have unresolved conflicts in your head. Good luck in your exam! God gives the desires of your heart in its own time...
  6. For TOEFL iBT, you have the chance to read the paragraphs again for the reading and writing. But the questions are not constructed in a way that you just pick out the answer. It will test your COMPREHENSION skills under limited time. Practice reading more on sciences (any of its branches). For the speaking, questions are very simple. Learn to talk to a computer to take off the awkward factor. You will be given a minute or less to construct your thoughts before the computer will ask you to speak.
  7. kokomoGirl

    Vermont License Renewal..HELP!

    Oh too bad.... Do you really want to renew your license instead of putting it on inactive status? do you have plans on practicing here in the US in the coming 2 years? or do you have ongoing application for work here? If yes, maybe you can call the post office to cancel delivery, and send the renewal instead. Or maybe you just send the renewal today, then call Vermont and request that they disregard your first letter and just explain a bit. They are professional people, and are not hard to talk to. But putting your license in an inactive status will save you 95 bucks though. Its up to you....
  8. kokomoGirl

    Vermont License Renewal..HELP!

    I believe my understanding is correct Jowannah 03. That "50 days or at least 400 hours within the last 2 years" work requirement is intended for those who graduated from nursing school more than 5 years ago. Section E: PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS 1. I graduated from my entry level RN educational program within the last five years. Yes_____ No _ If “Yes” date of graduation _____ Name of Nursing Program If “No” complete questions 2 – 5 below. 2. I have successfully completed a Board approved RN re-entry program (26 V.S.A. 1576©; Rules Ch. 4, Subch. 2, Rules (III)(A), (VI)(A) and (B)). Yes No Name of RN re-entry program: Date RN re-entry program completed: 3. I have practiced as a registered nurse as defined in (26 V.S.A. 1576©; Rules Ch. 4, Subch. 2, Rules (III)(A), (VI)(A) and (B)) , for at least 50 days (400 hours) within the last 2 years or 120 days (960 hours) within the last five years: Yes No 4. Provide the following information for all RN employment within the last 5 years (paid, volunteer, or private duty work); attach additional sheets if necessary: -this is taken from the form itself. Visit : http://vtprofessionals.org/opr1/nurses/forms/rnrenewal.pdf I hope i am of help to you in any way. I am a vermont licensee myself. Requesting for inactive status is also an option.
  9. kokomoGirl

    Vermont License Renewal..HELP!

    It is Ok to renew your VT license even if you have no work experience yet since you graduated from nursing school not more than 5 yrs. They do not require CEUs for international nurses for first time renewals. You should have received by now the renewal form.They sent it out last Feb. But if you haven't, no worries, download the form from their website. And act fast, deadline is in couple of weeks to avoid penalties. And please read previous posts regarding VT renewal. There are a lot of helpful tips already given. Best of Luck!
  10. kokomoGirl

    want to use my married name

    To nervous lady: Dont be too nervous. Yes, Passport is the only identification the Testing Center will honor when you sit for the exam. But I believe you still have your old passport with you under your maiden name. Carry that together with your new passport, then bring marriage certificate.
  11. kokomoGirl

    April VB: No more visas for 2009

    You are right about that McGyver!
  12. kokomoGirl

    Colorado employer, Legal or not?

    I am just wondering if the offer is really a scam coz I know a nurse who was granted H1B visa and is working in colorado already. Things went smooth and fast for her. And the thing is...she is not the first and the last to be granted...there are a lot of them already.
  13. Yes, redranger is correct, some hospitals accept new graduates who are ready to sit for nclex or are already an RN but with no experience. But the question now is, will the hospital sponsor the visa for a zero experience nurse?
  14. kokomoGirl

    EB3 vs. H1-B

    Hi, I wonder if the US government is really investigating the H1B visa right now. I have a friend whose H1B was approved just this December and is now bound to arrive here in the US next week. She is not a specialist on any field. And I doubt she has hospital experience. Her state of assignment is not even mentioned in the list of the H1C sponsoring hospitals. She is under this agency who can get RNs H1B visas in few months time as long as you have the capacity to pay them (at least $10,000). Any thoughts on this?
  15. Hi, anybody here who are under H4 visa and converted their status to student visa? Or is that even possible? Any input or experience will be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  16. kokomoGirl

    RN with H4 visa want to gain experience

    Im from the Philippines. My husband's company already started the petition for immigrant visa. Im not so sure of the priority date though. Somewhere in the last quarter of 2007. Is the priority date the approval of 1-140? or the Labor Certificate? Like most of the people here who have similar status as mine, I feel so frustrated and I feel like my hands are so tightly tied at the back that i cant do nothing but wait. I am at the point of thinking of pursuing my physical therapy career. I'm a graduate of BSPT before I took nursing. I figured, if I do that, I get a better chance of getting H1B as PT. Am I correct? I wish to hear your input on this. I just want to have something going with my life right now. Thanks and more power!