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  1. mgturtle

    Which Milk Warmer Do You Use?

    I am aware of 2 hospital grade milk warmers used in different NICU's: Medela Waterless Milk Warmer Creche Innovations Penquin Warmer Does anyone use anything different? Anything better?
  2. mgturtle

    Tracing Lines Each Time

    Thanks for the replies. I should clarify that I am over Quality and it is very possible for a very good nurse to truly believe they know into what line they are administering a medication and make a mistake. So, I am not asking if it is a good idea or a basic expectation of a nurse. I know those things. I am asking does your hospital educate to this principal and hold nurses accountable to this practice meaning it is an expectation that every nurse does it every time? Thanks again for your help
  3. mgturtle

    Tracing Lines Each Time

    I am wondering how many hospitals out there train their nurses to the expectation that you trace your IV lines every time you administer something through that line? The purpose would be to trace the line from patient to the pump or syringe to verify that you are administering the medication exactly where you intended to. Thanks
  4. mgturtle

    Mandatory "on-call" scheduling

    We do mandatory on-call in our unit between October-April. This is mainly to cover the RSV surge that hits the rest of the hospital. Every nurse no matter how much they work is required to sign up for 1/month during this period. Honestly, most of the time we don't have to work. But it is still a pain like you mentioned to know that you might possibly have to work that night. Yes, you get all the on-call pay and call-in pay. I think it is a pretty common practice and something nurses just have to expect. Just a side note - I laughed when I read your comment about the 3 patient assignment since in our unit we never have more than 2 patients.
  5. mgturtle

    Cuddle Therapy

    Our "Cuddlers" come through our volunteer department. Any large hospital should have a volunteer program. Not every volunteer can come into the NICU. Our "Cuddlers" go through special training done by the hospital before they are allowed to hold a NICU baby. They don't need the training to hold babies in the rest of the hospital.
  6. mgturtle

    Changing out isolettes

    We change them out every 2 weeks. We just use a piece of tape with the date it needs to be changed. They make nice little signs that you can buy, but I don't think it is worth the money. There are many more important things to spend your budget on.
  7. mgturtle

    How to Hang a Tube Feeding in a Crib?

    Many of our patients in cribs require bolus tube feedings. I have not found any good way to hang and secure a syringe attached to a feeding tube in a crib. We have devices that attach to our open warmers and isolettes that we can secure the syringe to, but we do not have anything for a crib. Is anyone aware of a device or does anyone use something that attaches to a crib that you can secure and hang a syringe to for a tube feeding?