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drug seekers and the incurably insane.
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JacknSweetpea has 3 years experience and specializes in drug seekers and the incurably insane..

I like books, donuts, cats, movies, and my husband.

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  1. JacknSweetpea

    How do you deal with explosive customers?

    I'm with all the posts that illustrate the difference between patient care and customer service. However the "powers that be" do not see it that way. I work in a geri-psych facility with 88 residents and 85 of them are on Medicaid....I see it as that us who are working are paying for them to be there. I realize it sounds elitist and I treat all of them with respect, but it is how I feel. I have no problem with dispelling the myths that the marketing and admissions people tell residents and their families to get them to choose the facility I work at. More often than not, they appreciate the straight-forwardness and honesty. As for defusing hostile customers....depends.....are they visitors or the patient? If they're the patient.....then "calmer-downers" might be in order!
  2. JacknSweetpea

    Healthcare professionals using insulting language

    That's about how I feel myself, but I do try to be careful at work.....'cause you never know who's best-buddies with the bosses:cheers:.
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  4. JacknSweetpea

    for those in LTC..what songs do your residents like?

    Uh, let's see...working in a geri-psych LTC, it ranges from the music they make themselves to "Ain't Nothin' But a G Thang".....
  5. JacknSweetpea

    "You'll be hearing from my lawyer."

    I've had it said to me before. I even had a lady tell me her attorney's name was J. Edgar Hoover! Then again, I work in a gero-psych facility. I'm more worried about what our management might do to us if we don't keep the patients happy no matter what!
  6. JacknSweetpea

    what do you think?fired for a comment

    Hmm...this is a strange story, but with some of the terminations I've witnessed personally, I can believe it. At my place of employment.....a gero-psych facility, I have seen a lot of people come and go for getting on management's bad side. The members of the management team are all related or have known each other their entire lives. However, it might get better since we got a new Executive Director a few mos. ago..
  7. JacknSweetpea

    What are your credentials and what's your IQ?

    I'm an LPN finishing RN....uh, hmm...when I took an IQ test at 15 it was 96. Below average!!
  8. JacknSweetpea

    gyn prob. in the ER??? GUESS THE DIAGNOSIS

    It is the flying gout. Has to be. No other diagnosis makes sense.
  9. JacknSweetpea

    what percentage of your job involves poop?

    Plenty of it at my job. Management is good at throwing ****at the staff!!
  10. JacknSweetpea

    WHAT were they thinking at that Nursing Home???

    It's shoddy, not "shotty". I have to disagree with the posts stating one has to be on their "A-Game" to be working in the hospital. There are shoddy nurses everywhere because nurses are people and there are shoddy people everywhere. I work in a gero-psych LTC, and shoddy nursing is prohibited. One has to do their job correctly, on time, and with a smile on the face. We are also JCAHO-accredited....not that it means much...
  11. JacknSweetpea

    Lifecare (LTC) anyone have experience with?

    We have a LifeCare in my community and I work with a few people who have worked for them. It seems to be like any other LTC; high patient load, a lot of staff turnover, and a skeleton crew for staffing. My best friend worked for them for 8 years and absolutely loved it. Just have to try it out and see.
  12. JacknSweetpea

    Press Ganey Parody

    That was hilarious, but have a care....the powers that be who watch this might be taking notes!!
  13. JacknSweetpea

    Opinions ? RN who reads at grade 5 level ?

    It's interesting that someone made a thread about this because we had a nurse at our facility before she moved, whom I believed was a "functioning illiterate". Or she had bad eyesight...I'm not sure. She would ask the rest of us to read MD orders for her as well as others' charting, she didn't look at the MAR while passing pills....AM pills had a yellow sticker, Noon: a pale blue sticker, Evening: Brown sticker, and HS meds had a navy blue sticker. I think she just pulled whatever color for whatever time of day it was. Her charting was atrocious; she misspelled easy, common words such as patient, during, and hour. Maybe she was dyslexic, I don't know. It was very strange...
  14. JacknSweetpea

    Mother Hen

    I don't know about ya'll but if you were to work in the facility I work for....all you get is what you're entitled to by law...your paycheck! Okay, they do offer health & dental, 401K, and flex spending account but that's it. They don't do staff Xmas parties or gifts, no "nurse's week celebrations", no celebrations, or fringe benefits of any kind!
  15. JacknSweetpea

    What money can get you.

    Money buys way too much in this country, even things that shouldn't be for sale. This is likely a small example of similar things that go on in our government, justice system, etc.. This country is of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich. The rest of us do not count, except as "humanitarian" stories to tell at a $5,000 a plate charity dinner!
  16. JacknSweetpea

    How do nurses really feel about CNA/PCTs?

    Behind every good nurse is an even better CNA !!