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  1. Student2Registered

    USF RN-MSN (CNL) San Ramon campus Fall 2011

    I applied to the SF program. They told me that I should hear something in the next 4-6 weeks but that would be when the semester starts. I am so frustrated. Like you, I feel like I need to plan my life for this. I hope this is a little more "catered to the working adult" once the program starts...
  2. Student2Registered

    Do hospital patients get better care if they're nice

    One thing that may be compromised with rude/nasty/troublemaking patients and even family members is continuity of care. Our hospital spreads these assigments out so if I cared for this rude/nasty/troublemaking patient yesterday, I will not be assigned to this patient today. So although I give my best care to everyone I am caring for, I will not be this person's nurse tomorrow so continuity of care is lacking in this case. It is sad because if only these people knew that we are all on the same team, trying to get this person well. We actually give excellent care but we do have 5 patients to care for and cannot be in 5 places at once. I have literally had a patient complain that I didn't bring her ice water although I was running a code on the other side of the curtain. Ugh, what can I say?
  3. Student2Registered

    Filipino employees sue due to English-only targeting

    I actually really enjoy my Filipino colleagues and don't normally mind them speaking Tagalog. However on more than one occassion Ive been at the nursing station or the breakroom where an English conversation among them suddenly becomes a Tagalog conversation...wonder why? Could be about me, could not be but its obviously something they don't want me to understand. I was taught that whispering is rude to those around you so...I can't help but think that is rude as well. Or how about the time that I had a confrontation with a Tagalog speaking nurse. Just minutes after, I walked by the nursing desk and heard her talking about me to another nurse. As soon as she noticed me, she immediately began speaking Tagalog. I think there is a fine line between speaking your native language and being completely rude. I do not think Filipinos should be singled out at all but the truth is they are the majority of nurses in the hospital that share a language other than English, at least in my area. And, I do think situations like I've described are far more common than just those that I've experienced. And as I've told my colleagues on many occassions, "I don't mind you speaking Tagalog unless its obvious you are talking about me or hiding information from me." If you want to talk about something in private then find a private place.
  4. Student2Registered

    Can't believe how quickly the time has passed...

    Congrats on such a HUGE accomplishment.
  5. Student2Registered

    1st Day Off exhaustion

    I'm wondering how other 12 hour nurses manage the exhaustion on your first day off after two or three 12 hour shifts? I can't seem to function much for most of the day. Is it just me?
  6. Student2Registered

    Interpretations please

    Geee I always wondered why the second P
  7. Student2Registered

    Interpretations please

    which is exactly why I ask...a patient's family member actually posted this on their blog and it spread through our unit like wildfire! We cannot figure out what it means. Kinda makes me feel like we should have some kind of protection maybe NIPPA insteady of HIPPA...LOL
  8. Student2Registered

    Interpretations please

    Interested in hearing what your interpretations of this are... "His current nurse has the gentle nurturing instincts of a Clydesdale. "
  9. Student2Registered

    What do you carry...

    My ID is clipped to my scrub top. In my right scrub top pocket I carry: 1 sharpie 1 black ball point pen 1 pair of scissors 1 pair of foreceps In my left scrub top pocket I carry: 1 pager 1 worksheet In my left pants pocket I carry alcohol wipes and red caps In my right pants pocket I carry flushes hahahaha I've actually got a system now that I take time to write it out :)
  10. Student2Registered

    2010 - UCSF / Stanford RN Residency Interview?

    Sent my application to Stanford in mid May, heard back a couple days later, interviewed a few days after that. Good luck.
  11. Student2Registered

    RN to BSN doesn't feel right.

    So, tonight I started my RN to BSN classess and left feeling even more confused and lost than before. I have a husband and two young children who dealt with my going to nursing school. My kids and husband missed me while I went to class/studied/clinicals, etc. I promised them it would only be so long before "mommy could focus on them." Then I started my job at a top university hospital as a new grad. The first 6 months of that transition was probably 10 times worse than nursing school in so many ways. I didn't have to study but on my days off I was tired, depressed, unable to be "present" with my family. And then things seemed to get better... Tonight sitting in the class that felt so much like a "formality" all I could think about is the confused look on my daughters face as I left for school. And how my husband had the dish towel on his shoulder and was picking up my slack once again. I feel like I do a damn good job as a nurse considering the amount of experience I have. And I feel so pressured into the BSN thing. I can't shake the feeling that I am sacrificing my childrens' childhood for a formality! Any insight? I'm looking for guidance from my fellow nurses. Thanks!
  12. Student2Registered

    Vent - Business sense and the nurse.

    I agree with you but haven't seen most of what you're saying. I mean bring kids to an interview??? To work??? That's a little outlandish. Most of the people I know knew what to expect in terms of salary. One of my classmates had a DUI from 10 years prior and was sick about how it would follow her but wasn't in denial about that fact that it would. We had a job search class that went over resume/cover letter writing, professionalism, and the interview process. That being said, I do feel nurses have been sheltered from many aspects of the economy changes. New grads, however, are not. I'm just confused as to who really brings their kids to an interview? Did he/she at least bring a sandwich and juice to keep the kids quiet?
  13. Student2Registered

    Making mistakes lowers my confidence at job-New Grad RN

    The first thing I want to tell you is what you are going through is so normal. While I was on my orientation I gave lasix without knowing the K level. No sooner did I give the lasix, I was paged that the lab needed to report a critical lab value to me - it was a low K! I started sweating immediately I thought I was the worst new grad to ever hit the floor. I ran to the doctor in a complete panic and he smiled at me and said "oh ok I'll order her some PO K" There just like that ~ no one was hurt, no one was even mad at me. Things like this will happen, but as time goes on they happen less and less and all of the sudden you've been doing this about a year and things feel so much better. And then you do a tubing a change and forget to clamp the tubing and get a shower and realize that you are a nurse, but you are still human. If I can offer any advice to any new grad who's listening I'll say "BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF!"
  14. Student2Registered

    When 2 New Grads are hired on the same unit

    For those of you who were hired as a new grad on a unit at the same time as one or more other new grads, how was the relationship between the new grads? Was it supportive or competitive?
  15. Student2Registered

    Why is everything the day shifts responsibility?

    Totally true! I'm glad I alternate shifts for that exact reason, I don't ever want to be a night shift nurse that doesn't appreciate the workload of the day shift nurses.
  16. Student2Registered

    Associates degree

    I am a proud ADN nurse, graduated last year and was hired right away at a well known teaching hospital. Its been great and I do not feel "behind" at all. That being said I am starting my BSN next month because I do think it will help in advancing my career down the line.