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CathyLew has 17 years experience and specializes in MSP, Informatics.

Currently working as an Informatics nurse in Northern NY

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  1. the pressure and bs was just too much. i know bedside nsg has its own set of pressure, but it can't be compared with trying to placate upper mgmt and staff employees. I agree 100%
  2. CathyLew

    Fired within 90 days... advice?

    leaving the job off your resume is one thing. You can do that. But the direct question, have you ever been let go or fired from a facility and why... you can't lie on that. and if you have a gap in your resume, be prepared for them to ask you why.
  3. CathyLew

    Bookish, low common sense... will I fit in?

    hmmmm... maybe you should just go on to be a Doctor. :rotfl: Kidding!
  4. CathyLew

    Concerned...allnurses store product

    Those kind of things are gag gifts--for adults. And like any gag gift would not be left where a child could find it. One of my dog sites sells something called ***** pills and Stud Drops... in the same packaging as the actual breeding aids they are named for, but the dosing and instructions are all adult humor, and they have candy in them. I never once thought that maybe my dog would confuse them for the real thing.
  5. CathyLew

    Interview outfit--is this ok?

    It depends if you are a guy or a girl. If you are a girl, the outfit sounds ok. If you are a guy.... I wouldn't do a pencil skirt.
  6. CathyLew

    Just quit my job

    yep, you are right. it is good to vent, but not too much!
  7. CathyLew

    Just quit my job

    I was abused...and did not know how to let HR know that. It was not physical abuse, with bruises ....it was not sexual abuse. But ---- at ------ Hospital was abusing me mentally. I was psycologically abused by ---- of ------ Hospital in New York. I stat that for a fact. ---- of ------ hospital was abusive to me. And that is the reason I quit my job. wwwwhhhhheeeehhhhhh.. that is nice to say. maybe my first step to recovery.
  8. CathyLew

    Just quit my job

    Thanks to both of you.. Man.... this was just awful. I have never quit a job. Especially one that I love. In the meeting it turned into a he-said-she said. I felt like I was back on the playground! And the more lies he told, the more I just wanted to get out of the position and stop fighting for my job. That is a loose loose situation. And is it worth fighting for?
  9. CathyLew

    Just quit my job

    or I should say resigned in my current position as Director of Nursing Informatics, and put in a bid on a Med Surg floor job.... been at this hospital 20 years. Just went through a conversion from one computer system to another computer system in the quest for Meaningful use....and got saddled with a boss no one would be able to live with. Went from absolutely loving my job, to dreading it. I work 110 hrs a pay period, am paid for 80 of those hrs. Am on call 24/7 Do way more than I should be expected to do....and have a boss who is a power hungry control freak. Today I made one last ditch effort to appeal to HR that I would do the exact same job I am doing now, same pay, same horrendouse hours, just move me under the administration umbrella of Nursing, and away from this guy whom I have sent letters to HR in the past saying I was afraid of and did not trust. Well control freak said he refused to give up control of this department (department of one..... ME) and that if I wanted to go under nursing, I could take a staff job, and he would fill my job. wow. Thanks for nothing!
  10. CathyLew

    I'm not understanding how this can be?

    Almost sounds as if the directive is from the top, and even the management knows it isn't possible. they expanded many nursing hours from 8 to 10 or even 12 hr shifts because it usually takes that long to finish up the paperwork! Management probably has to show they are trying to cut the hours, but know that many will still be working the 10 hrs. like someone else said, don't make plans for those extra 2 hrs, since you will probably still be working them. If your management tracks productivity and time use, they may be able to show upper management that the 10 hr shifts are needed.
  11. CathyLew

    Happier With Your Second Career?

    1. what was career #1? vet tech 2. are you happier with nursing as a career than you were with career #1? yep! the vet tech thing was fun.... just because of the animals. 3. did you get into nursing because you had a dead end job? because you were unhappy with career #1 (although you had a good job)? because i found out what my supervisor made..... and i could not live on what i made, or what she made! i needed to find a job that paid better. (shallow me!) 4. was/is nursing as good as, better than, or worse than you thought it would be? nothing like they show on tv! and real nursing is nothing like nursing school 5. have you ever thought that you should have stayed with your original career? was the change in career worth it? it was worth it. the question...do you live to work, or work to live? i now have a job i look forward to going to. and make the money i need to live. (not get by, but live) 6. are you higher up the career ladder in nursing or were you higher with career #1? by far 7. i don't want to start a discussion on nursing pay again, but are you happier with your nursing paycheck or was it better before? abso-frigging-lootly! 8. how has your benefits been affected by your change in career, better or worse? or not much change? from none to some 9. what did your family think about your career change? my father was a pharmacist ..and all the time growing up he told me never to become a nurse. over worked, under paid...etc.... when i told him that is what i was going for, he said- go for it! its a great job, you will love it!
  12. CathyLew

    Eating and bathing

    how on earth do the fish get away with it?
  13. CathyLew

    don't burn bridges!

    Just be the professional. Chances are this other nurse will look at you the first day, and think....OMG, she is going to know what a horrible place I ran before! Or she won't remember you at all. Don't sweat it. You are the one that is solid there. Maybe this DNS knew how bad the other place was, but could not make a difference, so just went with the flow. She may be a lot different at a different place. Don't jump ship just yet.
  14. CathyLew

    Need help! Best way to quit?

    yep. we see this time and time again. You have to do what you have to do. Does not matter how you bow out, the void has to be filled by all that remain. Glad you brought this up.
  15. CathyLew

    What's your favorite computer charting program?

    One think I was told to beware of (as the nursing informatics person, who will be looking at all sorts of devices for our hospital) is the age of our nursing staff. I talked to hospitals that had older nurse populations... those that can't use a blackberry, iphone, etc.... they hate the small PDA's and hand held devices. Ideally, having a variety of sizes and devices would be my choice. But $$$$ is an issue
  16. CathyLew

    "practice what you preach"..am I only one who gets this?

    and......what is unhealthy about cerieal?