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  1. katlady123@webtv.net

    Nursing is pathetic...

    It's to bad you feel this way I work in the E.R.and am constantly exposed to hiv, hepatitis,and a host of other diseases you can protect yourself. Why did you really go into nursing ws it for the money? If it was for that then you missed the whole point of what a nurse is. It was never meant to be anything more than the giving care to those in needof your services if you allow yourself to feel all these negative feeling it's time for a vacation from nursing and try something else for a while or have you considered trying a new area that may have sparked some interest. It might be something to think about? ------------------
  2. katlady123@webtv.net

    Thinking about going into Nursing

    If you truely want to know what nursing is all about go work at an area nursing home or hospital to get a feel for the position. work as a cna for a while because this is the same things you will be doing as a nurse. It's not all clean and easy work and at time it is very trying especially working with dying patients or a family who's not ready to cope with the death of a loved one. I hope this helps alittle and if you are going into it for themoney which so many are now a days don't waste your time because you definitely don't get paid what you are worth ------------------
  3. I am looking for any help in finding nursing scholarships so i can return back to school to complete my R.N. I would appreciate any help that any of you could give me thank you ------------------

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