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  1. FLg8r

    pTEC October 2009 LPN applicants/students

    it is the company that owns the morton plant/mease hospitals, to include st. anthony's in st. pete www.baycare.org
  2. FLg8r

    Quit after first day of orientation!

    i am so sorry i even started this post. i did so, because this site was one of the reasons i decided to try nursing as my 2nd career! i had so much help and support from fellow nurses, but this post is now out of control! yes, i tried and decided it was not for me. did i fail? no, i did not. i proved to myself and my son - who by the way is only 8 - oh, but i'm old -- i proved to both of us that no matter what, it is never too late to pursue your dreams! i thought i wanted to be a nurse since i was 16 years old. my sister, six years my senior, became an rn by starting as a unit secretary at our local hospital and working her way up. 30 years later, she has retired from the hospital, but enjoyed nursing so much, she is now an elementary school nurse, as well as spends her entire summer as a camp nurse. so, as you can see, she was always my inspiration. my junior year in high school, my paper was written on "what i want to be when i grow up" as that of a nurse. i did not come from a wealthy family, but my family made too much money for me to qualify for school loans/grants. i was an illinois state scholar and had a full 4-year scholarship to the university of illinois, with hopes of obtaining my bsn. but the scholarship did not cover the expense of books, fees, costs, and dorms. my parents struggled to help me afford to go there, but being that i'd have to move over 500 miles from home - sadly, i could not afford to take the scholarship. so, at the age of 21, i moved to florida with my parents when they retired here. i've lived on my own ever since. i've only had me to take care of me and had to work to survive. i was unable to attend nursing school at that time for several reasons, but mainly because i had to work and could not afford to go to school full-time -- which was all that was offered to us "old folks." so, say what you will .... there were some on this post who were very supportive and to you, i thank you. i know not all nurses are as cold as some of those posting on this, but i still believe and have more respect than ever for nurses. it's like the saying, "walk a mile in my shoes ..... " anyway, thanks for the kind words and to those who only have mean, hateful things to say, "god has a way of dealing with you!" the nurses i have met on here are some of the nicest, kindest, people on the earth -- and yes, some are actually real friends who i speak with on the phone, via email, etc. and to those who think i burned bridges: my nursing manager called me today and wants me to come back to work at the hospital! so, again, i must re-evaluate my life, but as you can see - i did not burn any bridges. my personality, work ethics and the caring/compassion i have shown to not only my patients, but my co-workers, speaks volumes! so put that in your pipe and smoke it! and may god bless you!
  3. FLg8r

    Quit after first day of orientation!

    and i hate to tell you, but just as all the other overweight people on here are thinking ... YOU ARE WRONG! i am physically fit, work out 5 times a week - to be a cop you have to be fit! and i am 5'5" and a slim 118lbs .... but hey, thanks for thinking i was "fat" just shows how much you really care about your overweight coworkers ...... unreal!
  4. FLg8r

    Quit after first day of orientation!

    i am responding to the only kind person on here .... thank you. but while i am not a "spring chicken" as some of you like to call it, i was a paralegal for my first half of my career, police officer for the 2nd half of it ..... i figured it i can hop over a 6 foot fence chasing crackheads down, then i should be able to stand the physical demands of nursing! and i am not old by anyone's standards ... i am only 46!!! but sitting behind a desk and sitting in a patrol car are way different than standing on your feet for 8 hrs/ day. and i did speak with my nursing manager -- who told me to reflect on the day i had and get back to her ..... she understands .....oh, and by the way .... i also had zero sleep the last two weeks wondering if my own mother would live or die! so, hey ,,,, thanks to all of you who i thought were professional for your lack of compassion! my mother spent 5 days in the icu the week prior to me starting, and i still went to work as scheduled! 5pints of blood later, she is finally on the long road to recovery! so, again ... thanks ... it's nice to know all of the fellow nurses on here have so much compassion for someone just looking for others to help them out in their time of need! i have no family here in florida -- i'm all she has, so i had to do it all ---- by myself! i am just so irritated that i came to this board for help and support, and yet i got none! oh, and to the "hater" who said, "good luck finding a job"..... i had one starting today! the judge i worked for hired me back -- on the spot -- no questions asked. so, as you can see, i do have high morals and standards - and excellent work ethics as well. but when you can clearly see that your body cannot handle something, the key is to get out before you sink .... not stay and let your fellow co-workers suffer ...... thanks again!
  5. has anyone quit after their first day on the job? i just did! i thought i wanted to be a nurse - my whole life really - but never could afford to not work and just go to school. then, as luck would have it, i was offered a position at a local hospital, who also paid your way thru school and a stipend to live off of while attending school. perfect! (or so i thought) so, as luck would have it, i had to drop out of lpn school the very first week, due to my mother being hospitalized. the stress of taking care of her and trying to study was too much/stressful, so i dropped out of the program. to my surprise, the hospital wanted to keep me on as a cna - which i have never worked as before but had recently obtained my license when i decided to pursue nursing. so, i had my first day of orientation and quit that night! i feel like a loser, but i didn't quit because of the job really, but more on the physical demand it took on my body! i could barely get myself out of my car after an 8 hr shift! now, i've always had issues with my back because of numerous car accidents, but it has never bothered me like this until now. i really think it bothers me more because for the past 25+ years of my working career, i sat behind a desk -- and not on my feet for 8+ hours. has anyone else dropped out of nursing all together for these reasons? does it get better? should i have stuck it out and tried to make it work? it just kills me that i've given up on something just like that ..... when it i was something i thought i've wanted to do my entire life. thanks for listening and thanks for any advice or for anybody else sharing their experiences to commiserate with me!
  6. FLg8r

    SPC Nursing students??All B student

    morgan .... i am so happy for you i knew you would get in! congrats again and see you in the hall of baycare soon! (i'll be at mease countryside starting this week -- can't wait!) :anpom::anpom::anpom::rckn::dncgbby::hpygrp::dancgrp:
  7. FLg8r

    SPC Nursing students??All B student

    the lpns just started this week - so i know it's been hectic there for d..... she is out of the office until friday, so you may hear something then.
  8. FLg8r

    SPC Nursing students??All B student

    i just wanted to say "thank you" to you. after your advice from here and much hard work and determination, i was finally accepted to the baycare eayl - lpn program i completely forgot about what you said in this post about bringing in letter of recommendations to the interview. i did not do so for my first interview, but did tell them that my family doc - who has known me for the past 25+ years now - said they could call him as a reference, as his office staff/nurses actually were the ones who helped me along the way to pursue this new journey in my life. at the second interview, my old boss, who happens to be a former mayor, told me that he wanted to send me in a letter of recommendation - i didn't even ask. i brought it along with me to my second interview and they called him the minute i left the interview! i would have to agree that any letter of recommendation would make you stand out. i was told at the second interview i would hear back from them in a few weeks. ...... i left the interview at 2pm and was offered the job at 4pm that same day! thanks again :icon_hug:
  9. try renting your books .... that is what i do now -- unless you want to keep the book for some reason, there is no real need to purchase them http://www.chegg.com/rent/
  10. FLg8r

    Earn As You Learn Information

    i don't know anyone at baycare and was selected as 1 of the 6 chosen for their lpn program ... nothing can happen in life if you don't try
  11. FLg8r

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    i passed mine wednesday ... :w00t: wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be ..... skills tested on were pulse/respirations; ambulate patient using gait belt; partial bed bath.
  12. FLg8r

    Do LVN's really make nothing (minimum wage)?

    i think the bottom line here is ...... if you got into nursing to get rich, you won't. you should be getting into nursing to be doing something you love and enjoy doing .... sure, some places may pay more, but just like any job .... if you are taking it soley for the money, you will only be miserable -- and in nursing .... well, i'd hate to think you'd be taking out your unhappiness of the job on your residents.
  13. FLg8r

    LPN Duties

    well, i'm 46 .... when did that come to mean you are old? lol really, age is just a number .... i just became a cna yesterday! start lpn school this october ....plan on bridging to rn after that and then complete my bsn .... it's my dream, my goal and no matter how old i am when all is said and done -- i will have shown my son that you should always follow your dreams ....and follow your heart. if you think you are old, you will act like you are old .... be more optimistic and keep following your dreams ..... they told me i couldn't be a cop too back in the 80's because "women weren't supposed to be cops" or the old, "you can't be a cop ... you'll be taking away a job for a man trying to support his family." i could go on with more, but you get my drift ... point is, i let those words in my head throughout the 80's and in the mid 90's i went for it .... excelled at the police academy -- and i was the oldest (woman0 in the class .... i was in a class with about 25 young men in their early to mid 20's and 2 other women in their mid 20's. so i am living proof, where there is a will, there is a way :wink2:
  14. FLg8r

    Lpn to rn transition programs cocoa area

    there are several over in the tampa bay area. one i could suggest would be st. petersburg college www.myspcollege.edu may i ask where you rec'd your lpn? i have a friend over in melbourne, who has been trying to find a lpn program and has no luck doing so, other than going to private school - keiser. any suggestions?
  15. thanks .... you're the best :heartbeat not i need to get back to studying .... this exam tomorrow is stressing me out! and my scrubs look horrible, so i guess i'll be ironing them as well tonight .... ugh! serenity now :wink2:
  16. kaydubb .... i feel the same way you do! i'm 46 and quitting to devote all my time to school ... but i'm going thru the program via a hospital program (earn-as-ou-learn), so i'll be earning a part-time salary from the hospital while in school. my stomach is a nervous wreck as well .... need to quit my job, and start a new career .... all with taking a cut in pay while doing so .... in this economy, i'm hoping it will prove to be a good choice .... either way, nursing is what i've always wanted to do ..... and now i finally get to do so ..... congrats on being accepted as well