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    Accolay got a reaction from fltopp1 in Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed   
    What a horrible way to die.
    I don't want to fully blame the nurse, since there were many things that should have been in place to stop this accident from happening... but man... if you don't know the difference between versed and vec you might want to go ahead and look something up. It's like they took a brand new nurse and let them run with it or something. Makes me wonder how orientation is with other nurses there?
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    Accolay got a reaction from BarrelOfMonkeys, BSN, RN in Nurse Imposters   
    If someone states they are a nurse on the phone, having a conversation as a nurse, leading the licenced nurse on the other end of the phone to believe that they are talking to another licenced nurse speaking about patients as professional licensed nurses would, does this not constitute "practicing nursing without a license?"
    As I said before the internet is a wonderful tool Here's the first stuff that popped up, from the Texas BON:
    Texas Board of Nursing - Discipline & Complaints - 2
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    Accolay got a reaction from RNOTODAY in Would you call in sick?   
    Yes. Call in. Not safe. Especially with that commute.
    Can I get an honest answer why a one way 2+ hour commute seemed like a good idea? I am trying to understand why this is acceptable to some and how they rationalize that type of commute.