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  1. Orange Tree

    Balancing on the Borderline

    I haven't been diagnosed with anything, but I can relate to a lot of what you're describing. Sometimes I'm on top of the world- I start crying at the grocery store because the fruits and vegetables look so beautiful. I also feel elated sometimes when I see the sun shining or a breeze hits me just the right way. I get things done that I've been putting off for months or even years! On the other hand, sometimes I struggle with meeting minimum expectations and don't leave my house for a week. I sleep for 16 hours (or more) a day and avoid interacting with anyone. I've screamed and cried so loud before that my neighbors thought I was being attacked and called the police. The police wanted to come inside and look around when I explained that I was alone and that nothing was wrong. It's hard for me to maintain close friendships, even relationships with family, because I can only stand so much socializing- even with the people I like the most. I always manage to do what I need to do to, though. The pets get fed, etc. And although the negative thoughts can be overwhelming, I've lived like this long enough to know that they're temporary. My mind knows that I have every reason to be happy, even when my emotions tell me that I'm suffering. As for nursing, I do fine at work and can put on a good show- even when I feel terrible. I've learned to moderate expression of my moods, although the feelings inside have not changed. I'm also good at not reacting to other peoples' bad moods. I understand and accept them, at least for the most part. Keeping stimulation to a bare minimum when I'm not working helps me a lot. I'm also married to someone who appreciates alone time and is not emotionally needy. The relationship provides a lot of support for me without being too demanding.
  2. Orange Tree

    Your Start in Life Doesn't Matter as Much as Where You End Up

    No one "deserves" to have a horrible life. I'm not against helping people, either. I just think we should understand that people have different levels of insight and capability. There may be people who tried just as hard as you did, but got only half as far...or maybe they got as far as you did, but then knocked back down to where they started through no fault of their own. It's not always a person's mentality that keeps them down, in other words.
  3. Orange Tree

    Your Start in Life Doesn't Matter as Much as Where You End Up

    I also think it's important to realize that not everybody has the intelligence and/or emotional stability to rise above their circumstances. There's a difference between a being poor with an alcoholic mother and being severely abused, even tortured, for many years. Some people are "excuse makers" and "non-responsibility takers", but some people truly are victims and realistically have very little hope of becoming productive members of society.
  4. Orange Tree

    Can a crappy waitress still be a good nurse?

    Green light!
  5. Orange Tree

    experienced nurse with anxiety on the job

    Attack it, headfirst. Spread the word that you are horrible at foleys/IVs, and ask everyone to let you start theirs. I also like to bring along a resource person to critique my failures (and to take over and get the job done when it's not working out for me!) I just make sure to let them know how appreciated they are and to help them out in any way I can when they need it.
  6. Orange Tree

    Staffing Sucks

    We used to have 12 patients for each RN/LVN/CNA team...the catch being that each CNA belonged to at least a few teams. Now, they're pushing us to 14-16 patients for each team. I mean, they will actually send a nurse home when we each (nurses) have 6-7 patients and give us her patients knowing that we will each have 7-8. The "team" thing is a joke because we never have time to communicate with each other. Sooo, it might not be like that everywhere, but I don't think it's uncommon either. I would love to have six patients!
  7. Orange Tree

    Mean Doctors....

    If they're upset and being "mean" for a reason, I listen and try to improve where I'm falling short. If they're just a jerk, I tend to hear, "blah blah lalalalala blah blah" when they speak. I can only think of one MD that I'd consider a jerk, well... maybe two! Most of them are not difficult to get along with, at all.
  8. Orange Tree

    Bad experience - is this typical?

    Goodness, woman! ...just don't pick up a knife by the blade again! Problem solved.
  9. Orange Tree

    Bad experience - is this typical?

    You certainly needed attention, but your finger was cut as opposed to your throat being cut from ear to ear. And your perception may have been a little off regarding the other patients' needs. How could you know for certain that your own needs were greater?
  10. Orange Tree

    Just had to share this video...College Conspiracy

    Wow....I watched a few minutes of the video here, and a few minutes there, and I'm amazed that anyone takes it seriously. The first things I wondered were, "WHO are they?" and "What are they SELLING?" Looks like they're selling stocks, but I'm still not sure WHO they are. With all the questions and "answers" they provide, you'd think that would have been addressed.
  11. Orange Tree

    Reality vs Nonsense.....specific to nursing and nursing aides!

    Every business is like that because it's "wrong" to care about and focus on money. If the leaders said, "We really aren't too concerned with patient outcomes, we just want to maximize profit." people would be outraged. And if the same leaders said, "Hey, our patients got the best of everything this month, but there's no money left to pay our staff." people would also be outraged. Also, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polite_fiction
  12. Those are the only scrubs I will wear! They look great, and hold up well, along with being comfy. I've never even seen the show.
  13. Orange Tree

    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    It's not going to get done. No one is going to have the time. I think I'd stay for the write-up so I could frame it and laugh really hard every day.
  14. Orange Tree

    Anyone cutting sugar while working nights??

    I could deal with hunger, but when I try to cut back on sugar I feel nauseous. I might try fruit instead of soda, though....hopefully that will work. I've gained a few pounds that I'd like to get rid of.
  15. Orange Tree

    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    The market in South Texas is still good, although I do notice it's not quite as good as it was a few years ago. LVNs are slowly being squeezed out of acute care hospital jobs and RNs may have to apply at a couple places instead of just their first choice (of hospital and of specialty). The pay is lower here, but after the cost of living is factored in, it's actually very good.