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  1. brella

    New Nursing Student- Anxiety?

    I feel the same way! I found out 2 weeks ago that I got accepted for an RN program that starts in August. At first, I was ecstatic but now I'm excited and super anxious. I feel like there is so much preparation of things to get in order before I actually start, and I have a lot longer than you do! Just get everything ready as soon as possible and then do lots of fun things until you start. Congrats!!
  2. brella

    California State CNA Exam

    Hi, Where do I go to sign up to sit for the California State CNA exam? How do I find out information about the test such? I've googled and I can't seem to find anything...
  3. Hi there, I am currently enrolled in a CNA class in New Mexico. We are in clinicals and will be done with the class in 3 weeks. I am planning on moving back to California (where I'm from) after the class is over. What I am wondering is can I take the Cali state test with my New Mexico certification class? Where do I find info. about this? Thank you!
  4. brella

    CNA's graduating in March-April!

    I started my CNA class January 22 and it goes until April 22nd! Its a long course but its a really good one. We have already learned so much. I love this class a lot!! The skills take a lot of practice and I hope I can perfect them!
  5. brella

    challenge cna exam.?

    What does it mean to "challenge" an exam?
  6. I am currently taking an NA class. For clinicals we need "white leather or vinyl shoes; they cannot be tennis shoes, clogs or open toed sandals". I asked my instructor if I could wear Dansko "clogs" even though they have a closed back but she said no. She mentioned that we should have shoes that are secured by lacing/velcro. Does anyone have any ideas for shoes fitting into the criteria? Thanks for your ideas!
  7. brella

    CNA as a career?

    Hi! I just started my NA class a week ago and I love it so far! I am interested in probably going on and becoming an RN. However, until then I do want to work as an NA because I am interested in being one and because I want some health care experience. My question is, is anyone on here working as an NA for a career? Not just a temporary job or as a nursing prereq but actually did the NA class to be a CNA? I know NA's don't get paid a whole lot but I just want to see if anyone has been able to "making it" financially as a CNA. Thanks!
  8. brella

    Tattoos and Appearance

    That is crazy! I would be furious. I do think that he might be able to get away with working in the medical field of some sort. Maybe EMT??
  9. brella

    Pharmacology in Western Medicine

    Oh hahaha. I didn't see the little ":smokin:" in the previous entry. Awesome
  10. brella

    Doctor leaves his 8month old in a hot CAR!!!

    I guess no matter how much education and knowledge people have they can still be really stupid and make stupid mistakes! Wow...
  11. brella

    Doc finds foot in infant's brain

    Wow! How crazy...
  12. brella

    Pharmacology in Western Medicine

    What is MJ??
  13. brella

    Tattoos and Appearance

    I forgot to mention my nostril stud. Would this be an issue? I totally forgot I even have one because its so not a big deal to me. I've had this for 8 years and it would be horrible to take it out.
  14. brella

    Tattoos and Appearance

    I will be taking the CNA course starting in January and I just realized that having tattoos/more than one ear piercing might be a problem. My mom is a nurse and when she worked at a hospital they only allowed her to have single-hole ear piercings. I have 5 in each ear. I also have a large tattoo on my upper arm and 3 small ones on my forearm. I figured I could just wear a long sleeve shirt under my scrub shirt. Would this work or would it be hard to perform tasks with a long sleeve shirt? I thought that nurses/aides today were not as traditional looking but I want to make sure. But I figure it also could depend on the area and the hospital. Any experience with this?
  15. brella

    Pharmacology in Western Medicine

    I am very interested in becoming a nurse. I am going to start by becoming a CNA first to get my feet wet in the medical field before I take the few pre-requisites I have. But the issue I'm having in my mind is the use of pharmaceuticals in western medicine. I know that drugs are important in order to treat many illnesses and without them the advances in medicine that have been made wouldn't be possible. However, I do believe that we are a society of over-medication. Almost every experience I've had as a patient has resulted in a prescription. I just think that a lot of people don't know that there might be other solutions to explore besides taking a pill. (Such as seeing if a nutrient deficiency is causing the problem) So I'm wondering...as a nurse, would I be able to make a "difference" in this problem? Or would I just kind of have to "deal" with this? I still very much want to be a nurse but I'm interested in preventative medicine and reducing the independence on drugs for everything too. Can anyone shine some light on this subject for me?