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  1. What steps does your facility use and what type of place do you work?
  2. Vtachy1

    G tube to gravity drainage

    Normally I think we say 5-7 days if they aren't able to take in liquids. So he can absorb a small amount through his stomach? So this would be a bit longer then? This sweet dearheart has not had vomiting but is obstructed with multiple tumors throughout the small intestines, ileostomy was done in March. He was pouring out around the g tube because so much pressure and obstruction, so they put in a bigger g-tube and voila, it is draining now. We did have it to wall suction. Poor fella!
  3. Vtachy1

    G tube to gravity drainage

    That is precisely what is going on with this patient. How long can one sustain life at this point?
  4. Vtachy1

    G tube to gravity drainage

    If a patient has a G-tube to gravity drainage, then nothing they drink will be absorbed correct? They will get no nutrition at all?
  5. Vtachy1


    I recently (about 3 months ago switched to a day shift job) trying to cure my insomnia and also following the advice of my family doc. We checked my thyroid, it was normal. He put me on elavil and it helps, but if I dont' take it, I am back to my 1 hour of sleep per night. I've tried everything! I saw a counselor, thinking maybe that would help, only saw him once because its $150 per visit. But he's a doctor and he did not like the idea of me taking elavil. I should go back to see him and find out why. Anyone else suffer from insomnia? What helps? One thing that I found that did help is listening to Archibald Hart's relaxation CDs. Sometimes it will put me to sleep. Nothing else helps, and believe me I've tried everything, took benedryl for 20 years and melatonin.
  6. Vtachy1

    Superficial skin tear on coccyx/buttock

    Do you avoid putting a dressing on it, if they are incontinent?
  7. Vtachy1


    Lots of politics in your Hospice? Getting the nursing homes to love us, lots of PR is a big part of my job. We are a non-profit Hospice but still I'm new but I see a lot of politics.
  8. I am no wound nurse by any stretch of the imagination, but our protocol says to use a "colloid dressing". And the nursing home that I visit(I'm a Hospice nurse), hates any dressings on these, and pretty much refused to do that, so we ended up putting a cream BID and PRN. Patient is not incontinent, but is end stage COPD, ambulatory with a walker, and has a APP bed, and an egg crate pad in her wheel chair. What do you recommend? Patient is stating that this is the number one source of pain right now.
  9. Vtachy1


    Have you ever had a Hospice patient that attempted suicide? If you find a patient that attempted suicide then their DNR status is null and void from what I learned today.
  10. Vtachy1

    In the honeymoon stage?

    Only my second week on the job, but am I morbid because I just love dying people? I love to take care of them and their families.
  11. Vtachy1

    Night shift for 20 years

    Are there sleep disorder specialists that I could consult? I have seen my doctor and he recommended getting off of nights and do day shift. And I agree but for nurses, its hard because day shift is so early and SOO stressful. I am such a nervous nellie and the sleep deprivation has caused problems with my GABA transmitters and serotonin, and I'm sure has been a huge contributor to my anxiety. Should I be seeing a psychiatrist or something? I feel like night shift has ruined my brain. Seriously, I feel like I can't concentrate, can't remember anything, I'm way too sensitive, and I feel like my brain can't function like it used to and maybe I need to be a grocery store stocker or something because I feel like I dont have a brain anymore! Can my brain return to the point that I used to be sharp and on the stick like I was when I worked ICU before having kids? or am i ruined?
  12. Vtachy1

    Night shift for 20 years

    I've had 2 doctors tell me I need to get off of night shift. But really has it helped you that much with your sleep or anxiety? I have done a day shift here and there but my main shift has always been eves or nights. The problem is with days I worry all night about having to get up early and I sleep horribly then too. I'm not so sure I'm going to like this. Today is my second day of doing day shift. I HATE not being available to my family too. I take care of my grandma and i also have 2 kids and a father in law that is dying. I just don't know if this is gonna be good or not.
  13. Vtachy1

    New Nurse Nerves

    I'm very thankful that I have had good nurses train me. I have had some bad ones but I'm thankful that Ruby isn't a coworker of mine~!!!! Yikes!!! I have been a nurse for 20 years worked ICU for 10 and met a lot of hateful nurses. It made me a nervous wreck. I know that I was excellent in ICU but I could not handle the hateful couple of nurses, one in particular. So after 10 years I left that place and have been extremely happy and content. I'm not sure why ICU attracts people like that nurse that worked with you. But I worked with her evil twin or clone! I'm still a nervous nellie but there's no excuse for someone to snap like that. To me, she sounds like a psycho -Nth degree jerk, and I totally disagree with the previous poster that thinks what she did was perfectly acceptable. I've had numerous awards from the ICU I worked at, and I have a scrapbook of all the letters to our local newspaper commending me on the excellent care I gave. But it was killing me, the way this other nurse was. I could not handle it anymore so I left and found a wonderful job with great co-workers that build each other up and are sensitive and constructively criticize each other.
  14. Have you ever experienced this? Twice I've encountered this lately, once when a friend of mine got all bent out of shape when a surgeon told her daughter that he would not recommend this career. She was ticked off!!! Then I have been gently giving bits of truth about how nursing is to a friend's high school senior daughter that is thinking of pursuing nursing. And it makes them so angry. They think that I'm a Debbie Downer, but I'm telling honest facts about how the nursing profession is. I didn't know I could make enemies like this!!
  15. Vtachy1

    2 1/2 liters ascites fluid drained

    This would not be caused from anything but ascites right? When they drain 2 1/2 liters, its always ascites related to liver cirrhosis am I not correct?