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Vtachy1 has 25 years experience and specializes in BNAT instructor, ICU, Hospice,triage.

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  1. Vtachy1

    Being used

    I am a program coordinator and the IDPH guildelines specifically say you must be an RN. So one of our sister schools is using my name (license) but they do everything. At first I went along with it because I can delegate, right. But I cannot drive to their campus and check everything and I pass along as much info from meetings and all that I can with them on updates. But Its just not ethical, and its not right, what they are doing to me! I have told the dean that I am not doing it and she keeps "sitting on it" states that it is "political". It will take time. I am thinking of telling her to fix it or I am giving my 2 weeks notice. what should I tell her?
  2. Vtachy1

    Words of Encouragement

    I was wondering what is the best words of encouragement or acts of encouragement you received when graduating high school. Pre nursing advise or great words you received.
  3. What steps does your facility use and what type of place do you work?
  4. I have a friend that has worked in a factory for 10 years after quitting as an RN.
  5. Vtachy1

    service dogs

    At your workplace, have you had healthcare workers that use service dogs?
  6. Vtachy1

    Any Mormon/LDS nurses here? I need help?

    Well, that was a disgusting read!!! I am appalled at all of the horrifying evil responses on this thread. I have been a nurse for 31 years, worked every single scheduled weekend. never once called in or tried to get out of it! So quit attacking us! And the disgusting people on here that attack us for the one and only reason---- We attend religious services. It is really eye opening to see nurses act like this to people of faith. I am truly absolutely 100% disgusted by these responses attacking people because we are not as miserable and hateful as you. No reason to attack us. No reason at all. You do realize that holistic nursing care is the most effective? That means that people that have a spiritual need for healing as well as physical, mental, social etc. Wow!!!! Please do, Grow up, these people that call yourselves nurses. Just because we are sad to miss our fellowship and love and support we receive at religious services does not give you the right to attack us. *fact* There is actually another life outside of nursing, we all don't worship the career of nursing 24/7 like you do.
  7. The focus should be on palliative, palliative, palliative. There are too many invasive, expensive, medical treatments. Living longer is not always the best. Also, I have a friend, whose husband is on medicaid for healthcare. He visits the ER every other night. It is abuse. I believe that if people want healthcare, then they should pay for it out of their own pocket and not use other people's money.
  8. Vtachy1

    Sleep-night shift

    See that is what I also did. Until it completely caught up with me and Got myself in a horrible place. I would LOVE to get 3-4hours of sleep. I would give my right arm for that! I usually only get 1 hour at most. Maybe been there, done that is right I should not even entertain the idea of this night job.
  9. Vtachy1

    Sleep-night shift

    I worked 18 years on the night shift. For the last 8 years, I have worked day shift. So at noon today I have an interview for a night shift position. My question is this: Is there a sleeping pill strong enough to help me sleep, if I do take this position? I struggle very badly with sleep. When I was younger I could do it on no sleep. But the older I get the harder it was to work night shift, I am a terrible sleeper. Any success with a sleeping pill strong enough for night shift workers? I tried everything in the book, when I worked nights, so try not to give me all the advice "make your room dark, cool, sleep hygiene." because I feel like I have tried every single thing on the planet. I tried melatonin for years, may as well take a sugar pill, it does nothing.
  10. Vtachy1

    New instructor need help!

    A lot depends on where you teach. Do you have a statewide CNA educators conference? I learned a lot from that and from my Train the Trainer class. Are there other instructors or is there a CNA coordinator that can help you along? I have been teaching high school health Occ CNA classes for 4 years. Our class is from 7:30 AM until 9:15 AM. We usually go to the lab to get them moving and waking up, practicing skills first, and then go back to the classroom. Get the book called "what the best college teachers do" and another book called " "Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators." DeYoung, S. (2015). Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators (3rd). Pearson Education, Inc.: Upper Saddle River, N.J. I use a variety of activities in the classroom to keep them moving and participating. We also have workbooks that they get extra points for completing. On your very first day of class, lay down the law. What is expected of them. The door is locked at 5 minutes after class begins and you are absent for the day for example. Attitudes, figure out what is non-negotiable. Cell phones are non negotiable for me, they are rude, and the faculty complain about rudeness of the nursing faculty on their phones, so I do not allow cell phones in class. Anything you can think of that you can hit head on before the problem occurs.
  11. Vtachy1

    Long Term Care Nursing is Lame

    I was an ICU nurse for 12 years, med-surg nurse for 7 years, hospice nurse for 5 years. I believe that the ideology and concepts of ICU are futile and unnecessary treatments that hurt people. There are worse things than death. I do not believe in these expensive treatments to torture people. I am glad that it opened my eyes, but I think LTC nurses are the bomb. ICU, cardiac crapola crap, not so much.... I have never worked LTC because I do not have enough courage. You gals are amazing and awesome to the core.
  12. Vtachy1

    Favorite Alzheimer's video you have seen

    We do the Teepa Snow DVDs and then practice the techniques with each other. She has a lot of great ideas. Are there any more up to date ones? Her DVD is 2011.
  13. Vtachy1

    Favorite Alzheimer's video you have seen

    I have also been watching Molly and Joey on Youtube. Real life story of AD.
  14. I love Teepa Snow and Alive Again DVD. I tried the Cares online curriculum and it was not all that amazing, it was okay, not the greatest. Please help me what have you seen in the past that you loved? Thank you!! Oh yeah, and Bathing Without a Battle is another that I love
  15. Vtachy1

    CNA students and graduates

    For patient rights, I had posters all over the room and then gave good and bad examples of when rights were honored or not honored. And then they stuck them to the posters. That seemed to go over well... And did you role play a lot in class? I thought about doing a skit and have them act it out.
  16. Vtachy1

    Why are nurses so mean to each other?!

    Its been that way EVERYWHERE I have worked. Even at the schools when I was a school nurse, the teachers all hate each other too. I have learned that all women hate each other. Hopefully we will get more men in nursing. Because everywhere I have ever worked, its been awful!