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  1. t-lo

    Excelsior slow updating

    Easter Break... check and if not posted by Friday then call
  2. t-lo

    CPNE this weekend!!!!!!

    Good Luck! Take it 1 lab at a time 1 PCS at a time and 1 Day at a time
  3. t-lo

    Need some help/info

    What's the machine called that cleans the mouth and suctions at the same time for trach Pt's called.
  4. t-lo

    I PASSED!!!!!!!!

    You sure did Pass! and right straight through too... you GN you!!!! :hpygrp:
  5. t-lo

    Passed A&P exam today!

    1st exam was a&p and you aced it! yahoooooooooooo! :clpty:
  6. t-lo

    I take the CPNE in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!

    I sent you a private message earlier....Did you get it? 1 lab at a time 1 pcs at a time 1 day at a time stay focued and never give up!
  7. t-lo

    Where do i start when studying for cpne?

    If you are just starting your courses...don't worry about CPNE. Get through you exams. 1 thing at a time my friend....
  8. t-lo

    passed cpne

  9. t-lo

    CPNE attire

    Most uniform store have them or you can get all white sneakers...no blue, red, black, purple ect...on them at all though. Sketchers have some nice one's
  10. t-lo

    drug calculations

    Here ya go http://home.roadrunner.com/~nurdosagecal/
  11. t-lo

    CPNE attire

    I agree with Conqueror+.... This is not the time to have EC look at you cross-eyed for not following directions. Scrubs are not business casual... They may not throw you out of the labs on Friday night but do you really want to give them a reason to look at you and possibly think... well this one doesn't know how to follow instructions.
  12. t-lo

    Which Saunders NCLEX Book is the best?

    My vote goes to Lippincott's RN NCLEX Review and the Kaplan's RN NCLEX . The Lippincott's has questions more like NCLEX and the Kaplan's teaches you how to answer the questions. Saunder's is OK... but Lippincott's is better just my 2 cents worth
  13. t-lo

    CPNE workshop Tina/PA

    Avelinne, Just for clarification there are 2 Tina's. 1 in Cal with the Tina and Sebastian where you are going for a workshop and the 2nd is.... Tina in Pa where N1colina and gjoh411 are going. And I agree Tina in Cal will be missed. She runs a fine and successful Workshop. You have made a fine choice to go to Tina and Sebastian's Workshop. Good Luck with your studies!
  14. t-lo

    Where do i start when studying for cpne?

    Print out the manual and then break it down to read. Will also need to get the lab supplies to begin practice. When doing the critial elements for the aoc's take it one at a time and learn them. Also visit the information for mneumonics for the aoc's on this site to assist you. If you feel like you are still confused or overwhelmed then yes do take a Workshop. There are several that are recommended. Tina in Cal is one of them, Excelsior also has one but it is not a teaching workshop. Lynn Fredricks also has one that Travels and Tina in Pa also has one. Please if you decided that a workshop is needed check the material/ services each of them offers to see if it is what you need.
  15. t-lo