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My goal is DnP!

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  1. Goingthere

    Bsn degree vs. Physician assistant certification/licensure??

    In HHC hospitals NP's make more-start at 82K, PA 79K, if your trying to pick a route choose it by what you would like to do, and how you want to grow as a professional, let the money be second. I chose to go the BSN->MSN route because there plenty of options. Besides, I hate being called an assistant, makes me feel like I need a wand!
  2. Goingthere

    need help: what to do while waiting for my nclex results

    GO SHOPPING! that always helps me.
  3. Goingthere

    Is 6 Month Of Med-Surg Enough?

    Never complain about where you are, complain about where your going. You may find the next floor unbearable. Stay for a year-transfer within the hospital as the economy is still tough.
  4. Goingthere

    25K sign on bonus

    Only for BSN superhero's! But the work load is tough, and then there are those villans to contend with...Military.
  5. Goingthere

    BSN-MSN - Savings?

    I live at home too... I went private because thats where I was accepted. Since I have a BA already I know my learning need-and the program fit me will. Plus the possibility of marticulating into their MSN immediately was inticing. The cost was a factor, but at 2100 a month fot 1.5 years to pay off my loan, while living at home, saving for my own home, and having a newer car did not deter me.
  6. Goingthere

    Paying for Nursing School

    Work as much as possible now, and save. Throw that money monthly into ING and wait. Loans/grants/scholoarships are a great way, but start saving TODAY-thats what helped me. In 9 months I saved ALOT of money-so i had some security while waiting for outside funds.
  7. Goingthere

    Relationship between SN and client

    I just had a similar experience. Where do I stop caring? When I realize that being emotionally involved will allow me to make mistakes. My pt turned out to have a psych diagnosis, and so her actions were guided by this. Theres nothing wrong with being caring, and it feels great to be so trusted, but be careful this is work.
  8. Goingthere

    BSN-MSN - Savings?

    73K is steep! Are you sure you have to live on campus? When the BSN works for a year at the affiliated hospital are they gaurnteed a spot in the MSN program. Is their a pay cut during that year of working? Off hand this sounds like a okay deal, but you should find out the above questions before making that decision. I attend an expensive Accelerated BSN program (51K-really 46K) and could not fathom paying 73K.
  9. Goingthere

    Is taking a drug test embarrassing?

    Only if you fail! Or had too much vitamin and your urine is flourecent!
  10. Goingthere

    Considering nursing school, but I have a slight problem

    We all have some Achillies heel (sp?) in nursing, there's something that gets all of us going eww-but you get used to it, or find a way to deal. For me it's people spitting-everyday life is gross! May I suggest immerson therapy? Get some reproductive models or ::ahem:::any thing else that shows genitalia::: and watch! Good luck, it's something you can work through, now if you were scared of people-that would be a problem!
  11. Goingthere

    Schizophrenic Sleep

    Is anything going on outside/inside of work that is on your mind. If this is your usual shift, then you may need to examine other influencing factors. I hope you get some sleep!
  12. Goingthere


    Yes! Pre-reading is the way I made A's. Even when its not required, I feel more at ease when I know what to expect. Plus, life has this funny way of throwing curve balls when you really need to study.
  13. Goingthere

    A & P 1

    You can retake it, Nursing schools take your highest grade, but it may kill your GPA in the process. Its a good idea to check with the Nursing schools you want to attend, in order to figure out if they will accept it too. Good luck!
  14. I would get a cert in EKG, and especially phlebotomy. Your involved but not directly. Atleast you will be paid, and get experience.
  15. Goingthere


    I think you can only do LPN-ADN bridge. ADN-BSN bridge, or work as an LPN while getting your BSN. Pick your degree based on what you want to do long term. Since your in NY like me, the BSN is preferred unless your heading out to Long Island.
  16. Goingthere

    almost off orientation and crazy nasty day!

    This was a great experience to have, no matter how poopie. Take it in stride, beciase atleast you know what to look for when your out in the job market.