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NICUQueen specializes in neonatal intensive care.

I am recently retired and currently, but temporarily, living in the state of New York where my husband is working on the pipeline.

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  1. NICUQueen

    attending vs resident PhD

    In the teaching hopital where I worked, the on-call resident was called first. If s/he did not respond or responded inappropriately, then the 2nd yr. resident was called. If all else failed, then the staff MD was called. It is a hierarchy that will be confusing at first, but your preceptor will help you throught it all. Even more confusing is that we had residents that were assigned to my unit during the day for the month, then different ones for the night shift, then even other different ones for the weekend. Very confusing to the patient as well.
  2. NICUQueen

    Be honest - Do you get excited about birth anymore?

    I worked in an NICU for 20 years. I do know how you feel. While family & friends would tell me how lucky I was to be able to "hold & rock babies all day long", we all know that there is much, much more to it all than that. An RN from NICU had to attend every delivery, which relieved the L&D nurses from having to care for the baby & could devote all their attention to the mother. While I watched every delivery, I also was anticipating there being an unforeseen problem. Of course, when there was a problem, that also meant way more work! I don't necessarily think that means that you are burned out, I think you are realizing that your job entails very hard work. If you do feel unsecure in your knowledge of how to handle a problem, take a NRP course or ask questions of co-workers. You may just need more time to feel more secure in your job. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  3. NICUQueen

    Nurses in their 60's or 70's

    I worked til the day I turned 60, then retired!
  4. NICUQueen

    Your dumbest financial mistakes

    I, too, am one who bought a timeshare, straight out of nursing school. Used it one time, tried to sell it a couple times, finally ended up giving it back to the company, along with some money. I am so glad to be rid of it, but a major lesson learned...do not buy a timeshare!
  5. NICUQueen

    Nursing school sucks!

    I graduated from nursing school back in the dark ages and it was the same way. I wanted to drop out during my last year (those darn care plans just about did me in) but decided that if I did drop out, all my friends would finish, then where would I be? Last year I retired from a teaching hospital where the resident docs became family practice docs. They would fuss all the time about the program and how frustrating it was. I always told them to just "play the game." Go along with what was required and soon their 3 yr residency would be finished. Nursing school weeds out those who cannot, or chose not, stick it out, play the game or keep on chugging. Where will you be if you quit now?
  6. NICUQueen


    I am always amused when people ask about an "average" salary. Each facility is so different. Salary is figured on base, plus differential (if any), any certifications, length of time worked at facility, raises that have been given, etc. So many things are figured into what any individual makes, including overtime & all the other things that I mentioned. I think it is very difficult to say what an average salary is for any RN, imho.
  7. NICUQueen

    How many years have you been a nurse?

    I have been a nurse for almost 27 years and I retired a little over a year ago.
  8. NICUQueen

    nurses and spelling

    I think incorrect spelling and grammar reflect an inattention to detail. Nurses are supposed to be highly educated and should know how to spell correctly and use proper grammar. When I see common words spelled incorrectly by a nurse, I do think that they are not paying attention to detail. It does make me wonder what other details they are not picking up. I was taught in nursing school (almost in the last century!), that spelling does reflect education. I continue to believe that. I also realize that sometimes we nurses are in a hurry and do make mistakes, but not continually. Please, nurses, try to use proper spelling and grammar!
  9. NICUQueen

    Job you would NEVER do in nursing....

    I retired after working for 20 years in an NICU, but could never do Peds. Also never wanted to work in the ER. Actually, after working in the NI, I did not want to work with adults anymore and did not have to!
  10. NICUQueen

    Quit after first day of orientation!

    I agree. If you really want to be a nurse, you are going to have to face much more difficult situations and if you cannot do this, you have no future in nursing. Did you not think you would have to be on your feet for 8 or 12 hour shifts, knowing that your back was bad? What did you imagine nursing to be? I hope that you are able to sort all this out and find somewhere that will employ you. Good luck.
  11. NICUQueen

    Nursing Agency driving me over the edge

    How are you on unemployment if you are employed by this agency???
  12. NICUQueen

    Qustion about travel nursing

    You say you will graduate soon. Most travel nursing companies require at least one year's experience before placing you. Med/surg is a good experience builder!
  13. NICUQueen

    What was your route to get where you are today?

    Graduated from high school. Married and had children. Went to college and obtained a BSN. Worked for 25 years, 20 in an NICU. Retired and am enjoying stess-free living!
  14. NICUQueen

    what nursing school do/did you attend?

    University of Louisiana-Monroe BSN 1983
  15. NICUQueen

    how many would not continue on to nursing school if..

    I worked as an NA during my last 2 years of nursing school. I knew exactly what I was getting in to and still went on to graduate and worked for well over 25 years in the field.
  16. NICUQueen

    "floating" safety

    I worked NICU for almost 20 years. Being floated to med/surg was very much a stress for me. I did not know where anything was, even the sink to wash my hands was in an inconvenient place. It was one of my main reasons for retiring when I did, I hated it that much!