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  1. KaringOne

    Nurse charged with murder over care home fire

    Here's more: http://www.news.com.au/national/hero-or-villian-alleged-nursing-home-firestarter-stays-to-help/story-e6frfkvr-1226200193379 Tragic story....
  2. KaringOne

    Are you doing fecal transplants very often?

    I found this interesting. A modified form of fecal bacteriotherapy (Autologous Restoration of Gastrointestinal Flora - ARGF) that is safer, more effective, and easier to administer is being developed.[3] An autologous faecal sample, provided by the patient before medical treatment, is stored in a refrigerator. Should the patient subsequently develop C. difficile, the sample is extracted with saline and filtered. The filtrate is freeze-dried and the resulting solid enclosed in enteric-coated capsules. Administration of the capsules will restore the patient's own colonic flora and combat C. difficile. This procedure will avoid the hazards of standard FB, where infection from the donor could be transmitted to the patient and the requirement to deliver faecal samples into the duodenum via a nasal probe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fecal_bacteriotherapy This would be way better than having to use a donor sample.
  3. KaringOne

    If I see one more post titled....

    These replies are too funny! Thank you for giving me the 1st good laughs I've had all week! My family members are looking @ me like I'm crazy, I'm laughing so hard! (Ooh my side hurts, my side-in my Donkey voice)
  4. KaringOne

    Question about strep throat

    Thanks for your reply, but really, I was just curious. If u look @ my personal info you will see that I am not new to allnurses & that I have been a nurse for awhile...it was just something I had never heard of, something new, so I put the question out there to see what my friends here @ allnurses think. Nothing more, nothing less. I thought that was allowed? But again, thank you for your reply.
  5. KaringOne

    Question about strep throat

    No one in my family has it. Like I said, I was just curious. Since I've been in nursing, I've encountered the fruity smell of ketoacidosis, the smell that you get when someone has c-diff, the smell of death or near death etc. I overheard someone talking about this so I just put this question out there.
  6. KaringOne

    Question about strep throat

    When a person gets strep throat does it have a smell? If so, what kind of smell is it? Is it different from a "bad-breath" smell? Just curious....
  7. KaringOne

    has anyone recently taken the A/P test through excelsior?

    I took it in August. I kept having to reschedule the date through Pearsonview (about 2 or 3 times). I used Studygroup101 & did the pretests through Excelsior & studied them, they were very helpful. I basically went over the tests & study guides in my Studygroup101 A&P CD. I passed with a C! And that is fine with me because I have a strong dislike towards A&P.
  8. KaringOne

    Do you think they/employers are watching what we post?

    I doubt it. I don't think my supervisor cares that much. She's too busy dodging the phone, hoping that no one calls out (so that she doesn't have to go in to work).
  9. KaringOne

    LPN... what are my chances?

    It will be very challenging, but you can do it. You need to brush up on your math skills. Are there any tutors/math refresher course you can take?
  10. KaringOne

    My CNAs dont seem to respect me...

    I was charge nurse @ a LTC facility where I was a CNA for 5 years. I remember having a talk with the CNAs when I got my nursing license. I told them what my expectations were, I encouraged them to come to me with any issues that they may have, & I also stressed the importance of all of us working together as a team to take care of our residents. I didn't talk down to them or treat them as if they were not as good as I was since I was a nurse. I knew how important their job was since I had once been there too. Yes, my job responsibilities had changed when I became a nurse but I was still that same person who would get down in the trenches with them when they needed me. Of course, there were some whom might had not taken me seriously @ first...especially after those first few warnings..but a write up or two later, & they knew that I meant business & that I was not having any of the nonsense. Some people will try you just to see where your head is at. But just like parenting, if you say what you mean & mean what you say...stay consistent...& show no favoritism whatsoever, then slowly things will start to come together. Now there could be some CNAs that may have to be gotten rid of altogether, but those are usually the ones who don't want to be there or need to be there anyway. Whatever the case may be, you have to get a handle on this situation sooner than later. You are the nurse in charge, not them! Good luck with your role transition.
  11. KaringOne

    Passing narcs with the med tech?

    I've worked in longterm care facilities that employ med techs. They pass oral meds, narcs, give suppositories, patches, etc. They don't give any injections or do any IVs. If I understand correctly, the med techs I worked with (& this was in Missouri) went to school for 3-6months to be certified to pass meds. They are a great asset to have. With the med techs passing meds, this helped free up time for the nurse to have more interaction with the patient, to do assessments & whatnot. How disappointed I was when I moved to Tennessee & worked in a LTC facility that did not employ med techs. The nurses spent the majority of their time passing meds. I now work in a home healthcare setting where they spend 8-16 hours training individuals to pass meds in the homes that don't require a nurse to be in attendance. I really think that this should not be allowed because that is not enough time to accurately train anyone-meds are so important & in most cases critical to the patients well-being...but those med techs that I worked with in MO really knew their stuff. I miss having them around.
  12. KaringOne

    Teenage Pregnancy/Nursing

    I was 16 yrs when I became pregnant with my first child, 17 yrs & a senior in high school when I had my daughter (who is now almost 17 yrs old). I was an honors student, taking some college classes in high school. I'm from a small town of about 4000-5000 people. If you were a female & didn't have a baby by the time you were out of high school, then you were not part of the norm. It was mostly the girls from the African American community who had the babies. I would occassionally hear about some of the Caucasian girls getting pregnant but they would abort them or they would be away for awhile & when you'd see them the next time it would be as if nothing had happened (I assumed they had probably given the babies up for adoption or something). Our school system acted as if there wasn't a problem & looked the other way; they often looked down on us girls when it became apparent that we were pregnant. They took me out of all my college classes that I was taking when they found out I was pregnant. Also, any girl who became pregnant couldn't be a homecoming attendant or anything like that (it wasn't that way for the boys). Now my mother didn't speak much on sex, only saying that I'd "better not bring no babies home". (Even though she had me when she was 17yrs old too) Nothing was said about STDs etc. I did take full responsibility for becoming pregnant, didn't blame anyone but myself. I knew that having a baby would make life more difficult for me (to say the least), as I had helped take care of my younger brothers, sisters, & cousins since I was eleven while my mother worked 2 jobs. We had our local health dept. that attempted to keep us up on information on how to best take care of ourselves while we were pregnant & after we had our babies. There was the WIC (Woman, Infants, & Children) program that helped provide food & nutritional information for low income families (that is a great program). I remember a program where a local lady would come around to your homes with free books for your babies to encourage them to read @ an early age. We had a local family learning center who would provide daycare for us young mothers during the day while we were @ school. They also provided job skills training & GED training for mothers & fathers who needed it. When I went to LPN school they helped me with nursing supplies/clothing so I didn't have to pay out-of-pocket. There were other state programs (that they don't tell you about) that paid for me to go to LPN school since I was a young single mother. I didn't pay for anything. One program even bought me a car to get back & forth to school. Now that I have young teenage girls that I am responsible for, their father & I talk to them about sex,STDs, peer pressure,drugs, etc. I am not stupid enough to think that my children won't have sex because of all the good values that we have instilled in them. I am not naive enough to believe that when I am not around that they are going to behave the same way as when I am around. I also don't look the other way & pretend not to notice that I see how beautiful my daughters are, & that my 12 yr old has a body that is more matured & filled out than her 16yr old sister & even mine @ 16yrs. I know that if I notice these things then other people have too. I keep my daughters educated on sex & everything, encourage them to ask questions & let them know I wouldn't get upset when they do (they didn't believe that one till they tried it a couple times). I want them to know they can come to me about anything & everything cause I got their backs. I don't try to hide my past from them because I want them to see that I've been there & speak from experience. I just feel that in many ways, the solution to teen pregnancy can be started & found with the parents. We can't stop everyone from becoming pregnant @ a young age, because they are gonna do what they want to in the end. But we can keep them well educated & informed of all the pros & cons so that when the time comes for them to make a decision, they can make a well-informed one. Sorry my reply was so long. This is a personal issue with me. :)
  13. "...does the very tip make that big a difference?" Uhh, let me see here...Well yeah I would think it does, but then again, it is someone else's penis, so... "...he's just that kind of guy." So now you know him personally?
  14. It wasn't a "if-I-don't-do-this-right-now-he's-going-to-die-on-the-table" situations. I have witnessed similar situations of surgeries performed by doctors who may go in & see something else wrong & will close people back up if they are not going to die right then & there. I feel that instead of going into that "I am God, I will save you" complex (when the guy obviously was not going to die right then & there) then the doctor should have given that man a chance to choose. Who knows, the guy may have chosen not to get his penis cut off & would've rather died-I know some guys who would rather die than lose their penis. And I really don't find that too hard to believe (Do you remember the case of Lorenna Bobbitt & she cut off her husband's penis? You couldn't even mention her name around a guy without them shuddering.) Who knows, the man may have even decided to get the procedure done in the long run, but he/his wife would have had time to get acclimated to the idea. Remember it's not about the quantity of life but the Quality of Life that is important to some people.