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I am a 32 yr old mother of 2, wife, and full time student

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  1. WanttobeRNinNC

    Something I wrote right after i finished school

    What a GREAT post! Alot of great information. Thanks so much for the insite, and I am looking forward to having a career in Nursing.:kiss
  2. WanttobeRNinNC

    somebody do me a happy dance!

    Here's to ya! Congrats! I'll be needing a happy dance if I can get through Micro this semester!!
  3. WanttobeRNinNC

    Yeah, there is HOPE yet!!

    I was number 96 on the waiting list at my local CC for their ADN program in June, then I went to number 25 back in September, and now I am number 17!!! I sure hope I get in in the fall semester of 2004! I have all my general ed courses finished and I am in Micro now! Please say a prayer for me actually getting in in 2004! I have been working on this for 2 years now!
  4. WanttobeRNinNC

    Need help with concept mapping...

    I appreciate any adive you can give! I am going to invest in that Inspiration software very soon- I have a 30 day free trial download right now and so far I like it, I just do not know how to use it. Thanks again!
  5. WanttobeRNinNC

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Hello to all! I am a 32 yr old. mother of 2 children, 10yr old Jasen and 7 yr old Hannah, wife to a wonderful husband and student. I have taken all of my General Ed courses for the ADN program that I should begin in the fall of 2004. I am currently in Microbiology (my last class ) and will be glad when it is over, that is if I make it! If anyone can help me out with this class- I am all ears! I look forward to beginning my nursing classes with no other classes to take with it so I can devote all my time and brain cells to them with no complications! Take care everyone!
  6. WanttobeRNinNC

    Bet you won't believe this one......

    OMG!!!! I cannot believe that was even said, much less by an instructor! That floors me for sure!
  7. WanttobeRNinNC

    Need help with concept mapping...

    Does anyone have ANY advice on concept mapping for Microbiology? I need help with this class and this was advised to try. If anyone does, the information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. WanttobeRNinNC

    New here and I am a guy

    Welcome to you. I am fairly new too. I find very good discussions here!
  9. WanttobeRNinNC

    Which was the hardest pre-req class?

    Microbiology for sure! I am currently in it now and it has stressed me out to the max! I would rfecommend taking it alone with no other classes. I can use as much help in it as I can get! Good luck!
  10. WanttobeRNinNC

    Need some inspiration

    I would like to say hello to everyone and get some well needed advice. First, let me tell you about myself. I am a 32 yr old mom of 2, wife, student, and homemaker. I am on a waiting list at my local community college for their ADN program. From what I understand the class has already been chosen for Fall 2004 and I am #25 on the "waiting list". I have been working on all of my general education courses for almost 2 years now and have them all complete except for my Microbiology class which I am currently in this semester. Is anyone else having a hard time getting into nursing programs at community colleges elsewhere or at private hospitals? I have applied to 2 different schools, and feel as if I just cannot get in anywhere. I am very anxious about getting into a program next fall and have a GPA of 3.85, so I know my grades are not the issue. I really have no idea as to what to expect being #25 on a waiting list but am more than ready to begin my nursing classes. I decided to take all of my general education classes so that I could do really well in the nursing classes when the time came, but I am now feeling very down and out about my chances of getting in the fall semester of 2004 and I am more than ready to begin! Any advice would be appreciated.