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  1. amyslater

    But I have little kids!

    Do I smell hormones?
  2. amyslater

    ?depression and reregistration

    NO DONT LOOK FOR MY POLL! I GOOFED AGAIN. I can't seem to get the hang of things around here. I can't type very well, just look at the last post---what is a broher? I guess you folks will look over me this once. I am really interested in why we don't take better care of ourselves though. I know a lot of nurses who smoke or are overweight or both(myself included). I know some who are on medications for various forms of mental illness and some who are chemically dependent. I will appreciate any and all responses.
  3. amyslater

    ?depression and reregistration

    I would be very interested in knowing how many nurses there are with a mental illness or drug addiction of some sort. I know lots of nurses who are on medications for depression, anxiety, bi-polar ect. I also know that there are many of our brohers and sisters who are chemically dependant. Okay, I am starting a poll. Maybe iour law makers here would be interested to know just what kind of toll the stress from our jobs create. look for my poll.
  4. amyslater

    12 hour shifts

    AH, to twelve or not to twelve. If this schedule is going to suit you , go for it. I did not see you age in your post but all of teh nurses I know can,do, and will work twelves. I enjoy them if there are no more than three in a row. anymore than that and I am a danger to everyone, especially those I share the road with on my way home. I feel that we will all be working nothing but twelves or sixteens before it is all over with because we are no longer viewed as worthwhile. We are an expense to our employers and will continue to be written off as just that until somthing drastic happens.
  5. amyslater


    Barefoot lady, I see we have the same views on HCA. I was afraid I would get into trouble for mentioning their little hospital in Charleston. I wish you luck on your baylor job in NC. I lived there for ten years and worked baylor in a LTC facility in Kennansville, NC. What part are you hoping to move to? Just nosy I guess.
  6. amyslater


    Layla, I think there will be plenty of room for you as a nurse in 5 years. Remember the baby boomers? I think barefoot lady has a good idea about exposing yourself to the field. There is a shortage in WV and I think the reason is terrible pay and vanishing benefits. I have worked with a LOT of very unhappy ladies and gents who say that they hate nursing. I have become discontent myself but I can't imagine doing anything else. It can be very rewarding. Good Luck
  7. amyslater


    Congrats to you both. Any ideas on where you want to work? So far I have found one LTC center and one agency that pays really well, well it is good pay for our state. I will give names if you want to e-mail me. I think I may have gotten into trouble for posting a business name before. Good Luck amyslater1@hotmail
  8. amyslater


    Barefoot lady, I am in Fayette County too. Maybe you can e-mail me with some advice on nursing sometime. Feel free to e-mail. amyslater1@hotmail
  9. amyslater


    I feel like a real dope. I posted a thread thinking that nobody from the mountain state had used the board before. I am glad to see that there are some folks out there for me to communicate with. My original thread talked about low pay and the crappy hospital system here in the valley. Anybody have any job leads for a semi-burnt LPN?
  10. amyslater

    Any WV nurses here?

    Are there any West Virginia nurses out there? I can't believe that with the way things are going for us that there are no rants or raves here. I know my pay is crap. Have you read any of the threads where someone is making just under $48 per hour. Is our hospital system the worst in the worl to work for or what? Do you realize that some of the dudes in patient transport (St. Francis) are making more than some nurses?
  11. amyslater

    Another newbie looking for advice....

    Go for it. Go for it all. Nursing school is very demanding as far as time is concerned. I hope you will be able to go straight for the RN license and work enough to keep your head above water. I was going through some very simialar circumstances and now it is four years after getting my PLN license and I am finally going back to school. Being an LPN is great but in this area we are VERY limited as to what we can and can not do. I have been basically limited to long-term care and although the money is'nt too bad there is absolutely NO room for advancement. I can't imagine working at the same job for 20 years but thats just me. I am gearing up for an eventual travel-nurse career. GOOD LUCK.
  12. amyslater

    Nursing Shortage

    Bravo ainz
  13. amyslater

    "Regular" psych vs. geriatric psych?

    Whomever said "diaper patrol", shame on you. If you are comfortable working with psych patients of any age, you will do fine working with geriatric psych. Maybe you can float or shadow someone a few times before making a choice. Please make sure you try out a morning and a night shift because Larry has a point about sundowning. Working with the elderly is VERY draining. It is pretty tough to work with so many folks who are nearing the end of their lives. Most have multiple chronic conditions and very limited mobility, which means more for you to do. Add psych conditions to all of this and there you go. I wish you much luck. If you decide to go for it, please know that you will be doing somthing so very worthwhile, so very far away from "diaper patrol".
  14. amyslater

    Things You Can't Live Without

    Besides the very basics that are essential for all life, the only things that I could not live without are my child, my toothbrush, and the freedom that we are blessed with that allows me to go out and strive for all of the other stuff that I don't want to live without.
  15. amyslater

    5 year Accountant wants to become a nurse?

    I have been a "helper" and a "care taker" all of my life. I have been getting paid for it for four years. If you have the heart for it, nursing can be very rewarding but you will not be getting rich. If you can pass the CPA exam, you will blast through the NCLEX. I would say go for the LPN license and see how you like it. I am single parent and an LPN and I love the job. However, the shifts that the majority of nurses work means sacrificing a LOT, and I mean a LOT of family time. This is the one thing that I did not consider when I was thinking about nursing school and it is the one thing that has caused me the most grief. Good luck and ALOHA.
  16. amyslater

    Comfort Measures in Geriatrics

    Everyone here has offered good advice. Just being there and talking goes a long way. Listening is also very important, even if it is the same story over and over. After four years in long-term care and many deaths, I have found that the greatest comfort to the geriatric population is just knowing that someone is there for them,