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  1. theamberdawns

    What do patients say that irks you?

    How about when you go to perform a sve and someone asks "do you need a light." Nope!!!!! but thanks!! or jokingly while i emptied a foley i said feel better now?? and the patient replied "i didn't feel it." ok ok, i was KIDDING!!! maybe nurse jokes should be saved for nurses!! hehe
  2. theamberdawns

    I &O

    how much of an I&O deficit warrants a call to the physician.
  3. theamberdawns

    Magnesium sulfate and procardia

    Hello everyone!!! I had a patient with preterm labor. we initially started terb subcut and and procardia po. a second dose of terb was given. still- patient contracted and contracted. so, magnesium was started. the physician also wanted to continue procardia. have any of you done this??? the am nurse freaked out on me and stated that the combo causes pulmonary edema... any thoughts?
  4. theamberdawns

    constipation and contractions

    If someone is constipated can that cause them to have contractions?
  5. theamberdawns


    I have seen ob physician prep abdomen for c-section with chloraprep WITHOUT sterile gloves or any gloves for that matter. I also witnessed a nurse prep a breast without sterile gloves on:eek: also... is this actually ok?!!??
  6. theamberdawns

    Red reflex and erythro: getting babe to open eyes

    I would try to do the assessment with the lights dimmed or off.:zzzzz
  7. theamberdawns

    I was fired.... Now I feel lost....

    We are all human, charting on the wrong chart got you fired?! I cannot believe that! I've done that, everyone probably has. if you love L&D go for it, you only live once.. and you've waiting a long time go for it!:heartbeat
  8. theamberdawns

    Nurse-family Partnership

    Colorado, denver/jefferson county!!
  9. theamberdawns

    Nurse-family Partnership

    Anyone work for the nurse-family partnership? I applied for a position and was curious about a typical work day and wanted some positive/negatives about the position!! Thanks!:typing
  10. theamberdawns

    Nurse-family Partnership

    Anyone work for Nurse-family partnership? Just applied for a position and was looking for some insight!
  11. theamberdawns

    Pushing Instructions

    Instruct patient put chin to her chest, take a deep breath and hold while pushing, to grab under thighs and pull legs toward abdomen curling around her belly, to RELAX LEGS and push. I tend to give a lot of supports/cheer patients on!!:typing
  12. theamberdawns


    nope! take it straight like a shot of whiskey!
  13. theamberdawns

    assessing effacement and station

    I am pretty new at sve and feel clueless when it comes to effacement and especially station. I cannot feel the ishial spines!! Please help!
  14. theamberdawns

    Electric fetal monitoring...and how to master the art

    RNBelle, I place a washcloth over the u/s and then the belt over the washcloth.
  15. Anyone have advice/techniques:typing to find and KEEP a HR on EFM? Sometimes I will find baby and take a step away and the HR will be lost! I have tried a washcloth to hold a HR, but that's the only trick I know!
  16. theamberdawns

    Info on cross-trained staff

    We have labor and delivery nurses that also help catch other labor and delivery nurse's babies (unless we expect complications then nursery is involved). Once the babe is assessed and stable then back to your own patients it is! Once mom is recovered they are moved to post partum/gyn. L&D nurses give report to nursery nurses once babe goes to nursery!