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  1. LDR-RN

    Any info on Integrated Care Management?

    Anyone? I also am seeking info on this company
  2. LDR-RN

    Hanging a Mag Bolus?

    when you are hanging a bag of mag sulfate, when giving the bolus, do you have pre mixed bags of 4 grams, 6 granms, etc.? or do you have a larger bag that contains 20g or 30g and then set the pump to deliver the correct bolus amount? or do you mix your own bags? i think the safest way would be to have smaller dosage bags premixed in pharmacy. how do your l&d units do this? thanks!
  3. I had a pt. not to long ago name her baby: first name: a'starry middle name: sky a'starry sky weird!
  4. LDR-RN

    Dilation Issues Pts w/ Prior Cryo

    What about pt's that have had a cone biopsy? Does this leave the same scar tissue as a cryo? I am new to L&D, and the other day at work we had a patient (antepartum) that had a previous cone biopsy. We were discussing the risks of preterm labor, carrying the baby, scar tissue, etc. What has been your experiences with this?
  5. LDR-RN

    Frontier, University of Southern Indiana- FNP

    Thanks alot for the reply. What other factors are considered on the points system for applicants?
  6. Hello to all! I am a new RN, one year now. I am considering going back to school to become a FNP. I have been looking at the online programs for Frontier and the University of Southern Indiana. Has anyone out there gone to either of these schools? If so, what has your experience been? I had a 3.3 GPA for my BSN. I know most only require a 3.0, but is a 3.3 GPA even competitive? Overall, what was your admission process like and your thoughts concerning these two online programs in general. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  7. LDR-RN

    postpartum cheat sheet

    We have preprinted forms that we use at our hospital. Some of the nurses have created their own. Try how each nurse does theirs, and this will help you pick what way is best for you.
  8. LDR-RN

    LOVE maternity nursing so far!

    I started right off in OB/GYN. It's great! No way would I have worked Med/Surge first. Number one, it's not what I enjoy. As far as experience goes, you learn what you need to in orientation and the learning continues. Now, after orientation, if I have questions everyone is quick to help. Why would you want to work a year on med-surge? chest tubes, NG tubes, central lines, etc. Yes, great to know about, but if you do have these things on the OB floor, believe me you won't be the only one that needs a refresher. Why spend a year learning about this when they are a very rare occurence on the OB floor. I say start off where you love, you are a better nurse when you are doing what you love. You will jump right in and everyone will help.
  9. LDR-RN

    What is your day like as a Postpartum nurse?

    Oh, one thing I forgot, teaching, teaching, teaching. Alot of new moms today are very young, and they don't have a clue. Sometimes it's quite sad. Oh yes, and discharges which involves more teaching.
  10. LDR-RN

    What is your day like as a Postpartum nurse?

    Let's put it like this, I am never bored. I work on the OB-Gyn unit. We have postpartum, GYN surgeries, and antepartum. My day typically starts in report we can have anywhere between 3-6 patients (6 on a busy day) I start out with assessments. Postpartum- fundal checks, breasts, bladder, lochia, hemorrhoids, incisions (c-sections), episiotomy, bowel sounds, etc. I then check orders for everybody, d/c iv's, catheters, pca's, dressings, etc. Give meds, usually not to bad, because most patients are healthy. Occassionally some of the GYN surgeries will have more meds. We give antibiotics, stool softeners, prenatal vitamins, etc. Then I usually start on charting, updating careplans, etc. During all of this we have admissions. With new admissions we are doing assessments (all of listed above) once at the thirty min mark, then a hour mark, then at the two hour mark, and then again at the four hour mark. If we have antepartum admissions from the ER or Dr.'s office, we are starting IV's, weights, calling office for orders, etc. We put in catheters alot, sometimes do bladder training on GYN surgeries. I love where I work, and I really love the people that I work with. I am never bored, and most days are not slow. VERY RARE, we will have a slow day, and it's just nice to relax, makes up for the days when you are running ALL day. I encourage you to try PP, it's great! :heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat
  11. LDR-RN

    Catheter Advice!!!

    Thanks alot for the great advice! I've heard of that winking tip, but for me, I've just never seen it.
  12. LDR-RN

    Catheter Advice!!!

    Does anyone have any catheter placement tips? I know sometimes the meatus is easy to see, and it just slips right in, and then other times it's like "are we sure there is one"? I didn't know if anyone had any tips that really seem to work for them.
  13. Vag: 30 min assessment, then a one hour assessment, then a two hour assessment, and then a four hour assessment, then just once per shift C/S and other GYN surgeries: same as above, but then instead of just once per shift they stay on the four hour assessments
  14. LDR-RN

    PASS/ Fail at 75? What kind of questions?

    I passed!!!!
  15. LDR-RN

    Just took my NCLEX today and shutoff at 75 : (

    I passed!!!:yeah: Mine shut off at 75 q too!!! My :heartbeat while I was typing in my credit card number for the quick results
  16. LDR-RN

    Calculations question

    I've heard its good if you don't get calc questions b/c there considered "easy" questions.