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    Need desperate help with test questions.

    Experiencing same problem. Struggling to meet the minimum.
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    Nclex review

    Anyone have a preferred reference for an nclex study guide? I am looking to purchase one for practice questions.
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    will i be smart enough for nursing school????

    If you want it bad enough you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. I have sacrificed a lot of my time to get through this first semester, and it is paying off already. I am not the greatest at science, and I am not the best test taker, but I make sure to write everything down in lecture, and occassionally study with a group for a more difficult test. Not to mention this website has been a great help as well. I've found out that your confidence level can change everything. Just remain confident and believe in yourself. It will be hell getting to the end, but you'll get there!!!! Buddy up with someone in the group, someone to help you along the way. It can be emotional at times. JUST DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!!!! I am still training myself. I'm sure you'll be great. I never thought I could do any of those science or math classes, but I did and it felt good!!!!!:wink2:
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    Nursing Students Treated Like 3rd Graders

    Don't feel bad, all of our personal belongings are placed in the back of the room. Even drinks!! In fact, I went to pick up my stuff after the test was over and I realized someone had snatched up my Diet Coke!!!!!!! I was mad!!! Hope they enjoyed my germs.
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    Help: My Nursing Instructor is a Bully!

    I think I know where you are coming from. My instructor might not be to that extreme, but she has almost made me cry in front of my peer when I made an error during my head to toe physical assessment for our skills test. I am afraid to ask her questions because she always seems to make an ass of you in front of your peers. I don't like to be used as an example, and I don't feel comfortable under instruction. She is much diiferent than our other instructor, and I fear that we will have the same lady next semester. All I can do is try my best and never give up. I have put too much time and money into this career choice. I will succeed with or without her help!!! You'll get through it and you will live to tell!!!!
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    Overwhelmed in the first semester...

    I have roughly 4 weeks of class left and another week for final exams in the first semester of the nursing program. I am feeling so overwhelmed and nearly powerless. I took 12 credit hours and can barely handle everything at once. I am barely getting by with C's and one class I am below the 75% minimum and need 102 points out of 120 points on the next 2 exams. I am a nervous wreck that I might have to repeat the semester again and I need some kind of help out there. I've worked too hard to get to this point and now I feel like I am starting to crumble. Has anyone felt this same experience before, and is there any advice you can give me? Any study strategies that would help??? :uhoh21:
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    Older adult project

    I have to present a topic on age related change for my older adult class. We are assembling our information on a free standing poster board and presenting it to the class as if they were a group of elders. We also have to pass out pamphlets to support our presentation. I chose gait as my age related change, and just wanted some ideas for my poster, or some helpful websites I could access for illustrations. I've already started working on it, and it is due on Friday morning.
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    Drug card assistance

    I am preparing for my first med pass and I am making my drug cards for the a.m. round. My patient is prescribed "Refresh p.m. ointment P-F, apply 1/4 ribbon into each eye b.i.d." I do not have this ointment in my drug book, Mosby drug cards, or my Pharmacology book. I also tried looking on wedmd and still no luck with it. Can anyone give me a website or another reference for this ointment??? Thank you for your help. Med pass is on Thursday morning and I want to come prepared!!!! I dread my instructor!!!!
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    Drug card assistance

    I need to know uses/actions, generic name, contraindications, nursing considerations, and adverse effects of drug.
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    Grain problems

    Does anyone know of a helpful website for drug calculations (mainly grain problems)? I am attempting my first test on friday and I am a little apprhensive about the grain problems since there weren't very many examples in our workbook. Can anyone help me out?
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    The Nursing Math Thread

    Thanks very much for the help. Now just wish me some luck!!!!!