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  1. Ok, has anyone received this message before? I took my test yesterday and tried the PVT and this appeared. I called Pearson Vue today and tried to pay for another ATT. They took my information over the phone and then put my call on hold. They told me I had to wait for my results because they had records of my exam and that I had to wait 2-3 days for results and that I could use the quick results link within 48 hours. I am going crazy here waiting!!! I answered 265 questions with 9 minutes left...
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    Upper level questions..

    I didn't get many delegation questions, but I got a lot of SATA and priority questions.
  3. RetrieverGirl

    passed at 200

    Congratulations!!!! I took mine yesterday and I am waiting for results.
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    failed first atempt

    I feel for you. It's a hard test. I just finished mine yesterday and received 265 questions. I am still awaiting my results. I tried the pearson trick, but my test results are on hold for some reason. I had a lot of trouble with the palm scan and I heard that may be the reason why they are verifying everything.
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    Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX-RN

    I definitely know that I did not test too quickly because I am always one of the last test takers to finish. I nearly used the 6 hours allotted with just 9 minutes to spare. I have been reading on other test information sites that it could be do to finger prints being smudged, misplaced paper work, verification of transcripts, school accreditation, or website malfunction. I had numerous problems getting a good reading of my palm vein scan. My hands are always cold, so that could have been the case.
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    Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX-RN

    Are you referring to the pearson vue trick?
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    How I Passed NCLEX-RN 1/31/2014

    Congratulations!!! I take my boards in March. I am finishing up my 5 week NCLEX review course. I am able to take it again for free in which I believe I will definitely take advantage of. I am using Saunders Comprehensive NCLEX Review and I have the cram sheet as well. I have been doing hundreds of NCLEX questions and reading all of the rationales. I am finding the more I do the better my scores are :)
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    Chamberlain College of Nursing-FNP...accepted!!!

    Fefe could you provide a link? I am having difficulty locating this group. Thank you.
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    Plasmapheresis RNs???

    I am not a pheresis nurse. I was more or less looking for some insight. You'll have to let me know how you like it!!!
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    Plasmapheresis RNs???

    Anyone here work as a plasmapheresis nurse?
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    The nurse as the patient

    Anyone ever donate plasma? I am going to donate tomorrow for the first time. I have donated blood before. I know it's a little different. Just thought someone could maybe give me some pointers? I sometimes get ill when I donate blood. How can I prevent that from happening when I donate my plasma?
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    Tell me honestly how you like your career as a case manager

    I am not a case manager, but I currently work in home care for the Ohio Waiver Program as an Independent Provider. In fact, I have a home care client that CONSTANTLY blows up his case manager's phone for EVERYTHING. I can see it being a stressful job. Not only are you in charge of your own caseload, but you also have to oversee the nurses and aides as well as corresponding with other members of the healthcare team. I just recently had a problem with my pay check and it took forever to fix. I wasn't paid for a week of work back in August because of a glitch in the system in regards to the ASP budget. I was FINALLY compensated this week for it. It didn't just happen to me, it happened to the other aides as well and including the nurse. What a mess! I'm sure CM has it's advantages while working from home, but it seems to be a very busy area. Good luck in whatever you choose.
  13. So sorry to hear you are struggling. It is also very difficult finding available RN positions in NE Ohio as well. My sister has been a nurse since May 2013 and is having a very difficult time finding a position. There's so many new grads applying for the same jobs! I am awaiting my NCLEX, so I'm sure it won't be long before I run into the same problem. Good luck to you, hopefully something will give!
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    Chamberlain College of Nursing-FNP...accepted!!!

    Thanks for keeping everyone updated on the program! I have been doing my research and Chamberlain College of Nursing is one of my choices for MSN FNP program. If I enroll this year I would start in May. I recently seen on CBS this morning that NPs made #4 on the top 10 best jobs in the United States for 2014.
  15. A lot of MSN programs are becoming more competitive and are requiring a minimum of 2 years experience as an RN prior to program enrollment. However, check into Chamberlain College of Nursing. I have been checking around as well. Good luck!
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    BSN Graduate 2013

    I am so very excited to announce that I survived a 4 year nursing program and graduated on December 14th, 2013 with a BSN!!! I did it
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    BSN Graduate 2013

    Thank you everyone! Yes it does take some work, but that's what makes the pinning ceremony so special because you know how hard you worked to earn that pin! It is one of the best moments of your life. I was also very fortunate enough to have job opportunity present itself during my internship. The nurse manager approached me during my 120 hour practicum on the Intermediate Coronary Unit and asked me if I would like a job there and she opted to hold the position contingent upon licensure. Of course I gladly accepted :) I was 1 of 7 students on the floor and the only one offered a job! Good luck to everyone!!! Never give up!!!
  18. Yes, there is a clinical component of the program. In fact, Chamberlain requires 650 clinical hours and 45 credit hours to be completed in 3 years part time or less. It is an accredited program recognized by the CCNE Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. I believe you may have to find your own preceptor, but I'm not sure. The "coursework" is 100% online, but you will find that many Master's Degree programs are also online or at least a good portion of them. Even the college that I attended for my BSN has a hybrid program. It is tailored for the "working nurse." Chamberlain has many campuses all over the United States. I would suggest contacting a representative for more information, you might be surprised what they have to offer.
  19. I am also preparing for my NCLEX. I am enrolled in an NCLEX review course in January. I have been checking around for MSN programs for Family Nurse Practitioners and it looks like Chamberlain seems to be the best. I have looked into Kent State University, and Case Western Reserve. I am most interested in one that requires the coursework to be completed online. Some colleges require nursing experience as an RN for 3-5 years prior to admission. Chamberlain claims there is no waiting and no GRE required. Good luck!!!
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    decisions decisions: accepted to Maryville AND Chamberlain

    Congratulations!!! Yes, please let us know how you like it! I have also inquired about Chamberlain myself. Just checking around for right now. I see that some colleges actually require 3-5 years of nursing experience before applying, so that is rather disappointing for a new graduate. In fact, my Alma mater is actually one of the colleges making it a criteria. So, therefore I am doing my homework!!!
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    BSN Graduate 2013

    Well thank you so much for the thoughtful compliment! Study, study, study!!! I actually found it more helpful to skim my notes and utilize NCLEX questions to help apply the information. Our school also used ATI standardized testing, so this was also a helpful resource. Get yourself a Saunders Comprehensive NCLEX Review Book. That will be your saving grace :)
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    Failed first semester by very small amount...

    Is this an ADN program? If so, I highly recommend a BSN program. You really won't regret it. Don't second guess your education. You've got what it takes to become an RN. I had difficulty with an ADN program and nearly finished the degree and failed by 2 points on my final exam in my third semester. I made the mistake of taking too many credit hours in my first semester (which included my pre-reqs also). I was very depressed and disappointed, but I was determined to accomplish my goals and so I went for the BSN. I just graduated this week and it feels amazing! I was able to tolerate the BSN program because it wasn't as fast paced and I was able to still work outside of school. Good luck in whatever you choose!! Hang in there:yes:
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    I passed

    Congratulations!!! I just graduated with my BSN this weekend. Right behind ya!!
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    hourly wage

    It depends on where you live. I worked in a LTC facility a few years ago and they started out at $8/hr in 2008 and I transferred to another LTC facility and made $13/hr. I do home care now and make $18 for the first hour and $12.66 for subsequent hours, but in Ohio they are doing away with independent care providers and going all agency very soon because of the changes with healthcare. I am currently paid by Medicaid and have to pay for third party billing and also am in charge of taking out my own with-holdings. The nice thing is I can write a lot of expenses off because I am considered self employed, so it has it's perks occasionally. It's nice getting a paycheck without anything taken out, but I surely need it for gas every week with all of my driving!
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    Three Weeks! It's almost over!

    Congratulations!!! I will will finishing my BSN in December and I can hardly wait!!!