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    NCLEX Today!

    Did you keep track of the approximate number of SATA questions? How do you think you did? I feel like this website is a reality television show... Ha ha ha
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    Going on 4 days and still no test results....

    I called Pearson every day for four days at least 2-3 times per day. I figured the more I brought the situation to their attention the better. I even started calling the testing facility. I called Thursday and Friday and left messages. Today I finally received a phone call from the testing facility stating that they contacted Pearson and verified that there was some difficulty with my palm vein scan, but I did not have any other difficulties with the exam. I doubt that quick results will be available for me today since it is Saturday, but I am hoping that I can try the PVT again and at some point the pop up should change. I also see that there is a system upgrade scheduled for today on Pearson. Sigh...another road block. Thank you everyone for keeping chrisspa and I in your thoughts and prayers. The waiting game can be very agonizing. I have to admit that last night I had a few rounds with my husband and some friends to help ease my nerves, and it actually helped:roflmao:
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    Going on 4 days and still no test results....

    Thank you. I really appreciate it. Still waiting. As of today Pearson states that I won't know anything until next week. They are attempting to reach the testing facility where I took my exam, but they are either closed or will not answer the phone. I keep trying to read other people's responses on here and try to rationalize if I passed the exam based on their results. I received 265 questions, 42 SATA, 7 EKG, 5 Sequential order drag/drop, 2 dosage calculations, and 2 exhibits. I had tons of priority patient questions as well as infection control. I am pretty confident I got the last couple of questions correct, but it's still just not a good feeling. I took almost the whole time to take the exam, and I left the testing center crying my eyes out!!!
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    Going on 4 days and still no test results....

    Thanks everyone. Pearson is taking years off of my life!!! The novelty of the excitement has clearly worn off. Now it's simply just a nuisance. Yes, this would be something that happened to me.
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    Please pray.....

    Bravo!!!! You did it!!!! You're a nurse!!!! So glad you never gave up!!! I sure hope I get my results soon and have the opportunity to spread the good news!!!
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    NCLEX next thursday march 6th

    Congratulations everyone!!!! That's great!!!!
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    pop up says results on hold

    Glad you passed!!! I am still awaiting results because of the palm vein scan not verifying. Tomorrow will be day 5 and still no option for quick results. I'm dieing over here!!!!!!!
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    after results on hold for 3 days...

    Congratulations!!!! My test is on hold for the palm vein scan not verifying. Tomorrow will be day 5. Quick results not available at this time. I am so frustrated.
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    I can't face 265 ?'s again....help!!!

    Saunders Comprehensive NCLEX Review 5th Edition is good material. I also used ATI, and NCLEX Mastery on facebook. Take a review course. They cost a lot of money but they are worth it. Good luck!!!
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    Lost my $200.00

    Have you rescheduled yet? Good luck!!!
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    I need a good review class online

    Try ATI. My friend took it online and paid $299, passed with 75 questions on NCLEX-RN first attempt.
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    NCLEX stopped at 260, results still on hold day 4

    What did you find out? I am also pending results because they are on hold. How long did it take for you?
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    Delivery Successful?

  14. RetrieverGirl

    All 265 questions and results still on hold

    I am sorry I mean NOT available for me at this time.
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    All 265 questions and results still on hold

    What did you find out? I tested on March 3rd, 2014 and my test results are on hold due to palm vein scan taking too many attempts to verify. I also had 265 questions. Quick results are available for me right now and it has been 4 days already!
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    Breeze, Ca BON

    I am not familiar with the breeze website, but in Ohio it used to say that on the OBN. Now it just says eligible to test until it turns to active status or closed entry.
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    Still waiting

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    Results on hold?

    Chriss20, any results yet? I am still unable to access quick results. Test still on hold. Pearson confirmed that it was due to the palm vein scan.
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    passed at 200

    Thank you Ilovenursing, but still no results yet...
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    This candidate currently has test results that are on hold?

    Kelz417, How many days did you have to wait until everything was verified? I Took my test March 3rd, and my quick results are still unavailable in Ohio. Tomorrow will be 5 days and no results!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Going on 4 days and still no test results....

    I called Pearson Vue again this afternoon. Waited on the phone for like 30 minutes. They told me that they are having difficulty reaching the testing center. I guess for some reason they have to speak to them in regards to this matter to make sure everything checks out. Pearson said the testing center was closed. So I tried contacting the testing center myself and of course they never answered the phone, so I left a message and told them what was going on and to please call Pearson headquarters. Pearson Vue said at this point I will not be able to access Quick Results until Monday or sometime next week. UNREAL. Lets just say I lost it when they asked if I wanted to take a short survey. Not happening!!!!
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    Our nursing program required ATI as part of our grade. We had to take proctored tests after our course in which constituted as a percentage of our final grade. Some programs use HESI as well. ATI offers an online review class for NCLEX test prep. I think it costs around $299. One of my classmates utilized that option and passed her NCLEX-RN with 75 questions.
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    Upper level questions..

    Personally I think some of the prioritization questions are at a higher level of difficulty. If you've got 4 patients and you need to figure out which one is the airway answer sometimes it's not so blatantly obvious.
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    Taking NCLEX Friday, VERY NERVOUS for SATA

    I studied Saunders Comprehensive Review 5th edition. I also used ATI and NCLEX Mastery on facebook. You can also purchase an application but I didn't do that because I also took a review class and paid $450. Any study information is good information I think. I have heard Kaplan and Exam Cram works for people as well. Jess: good call on the massage. I tried to get one the day before the exam but everyone was booked. Should've thought ahead because I was staying the weekend out of town before I tested on Monday. The pedicure was a good option though. Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!!! A bit of advice: make sure your hand is nice and warm before you place it on the palm vein scanner. I have been flagged and test results are still on hold. I would hate to see anyone go through the amount of waiting that I have been doing for the passed four days.
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    Taking the NCLEX-RN tomorrow 3/5/14...So nervous!

    Sounds like you passed!!! Congratulations!!!!