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arpenn777 has 5 years experience.

Moved to Florida from Illinois , starting as a field care manager for Humana. Would love to meet other nurses in the field to discuss experiences, share stories and help one another out.

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  1. arpenn777

    Mgccc out of state student

    yes, they do. Last year they accepted someone from New Orleans and someone from Alabama
  2. arpenn777

    Mgccc lpn to rn hybrid

    Yes, I applied. I will know this week if I'm accepted for summer 18 I'm not sure how competitive it is. I live out of state (AL)
  3. arpenn777

    Humana Field Care Managers

    Hello, I recently moved to Florida. I am currently contracted with Humana as a Field Care Manager. This is a great job that allows you to work from home and out in the field with a huge earning potential. I am looking for other FCM to share experiences and learn from one another as this is a new speciality of nursing for me. Humana is a huge, nationwide company...are there other Field Care Managers out there that would like to exchange info? Please post or message me
  4. arpenn777

    work from home opportunities for lpn

    I'm planning a pregnancy and seeking the same...I am following up to see if you had any luck working from home?
  5. arpenn777

    Study buddy Tampa Florida

    I am unable to message here. But I just moved to sarasota, FL from Chicago a month ago. I'm in south Tampa every other weekend to visit my boyfriend. If you are still doing excelsior and interested in a study buddy let me know ...I'm just starting excelsior and would love to have a study partner
  6. arpenn777

    How common is time and a half after 8 hours?

    Brotman in culver city, ca pays time and half after 8 hours.. I use to work 12p-12a there
  7. arpenn777

    Advice for resume writing needed

    Here is an objective I use and pretty much land the job,lol "To work in a field of interest that will utilize my knowledge and expand (or enhance) my skills within healthcare." of course you can add on as much as you like but pretty general and straight to the point ;-) hope it helps

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