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Soon2BNurse3 has 11 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in M/S, Tele, Sub (stepdown), Hospice.

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  1. Soon2BNurse3

    Need advice on switching from med-surg to GI Lab!

    Just browsing through posts & came across yours. I'm also looking to transition away from bedside & thought about GI lab or something similar. Did you end up making the transition??
  2. I've been an RN for a little over 9 years now. I started out as a new grad at my current hospital and I've been on 3 different floors. I've done basic med/surg, step-down unit with trachs/vents, and now I'm on a surgical step-down unit with a focus on post-op GI & cardiothoracic surgical patients. I remember I used to love going to work and in the last year or so I've had rollercoaster weeks where some weeks I hate my job and others I love my job. It's only been in the last few months where there are way more lows than highs. I work in a wealthy part of the county and I don't know if the patient population (being treated like a waitress vs a nurse, etc) is more pronounced and causing me to feel burned out but regardless, I feel like I need a change. I've tried taking little vacations but that burned out feeling returns quickly. I sometimes want to go back to working at a desk Monday thru Friday, 8 hour days but I also love having a week off between 12 hour shift so then I don't think that type of nursing would work for me. I read that the closer you are to the patient, the higher chance of burn-out. I've looked at jobs online but I have no idea what I would be interested in doing. I just know I feel tired. I am so tired of sacrificing my body and coming home physically and mentally exhausted without ever even receiving a simple thank you in one single shift. I know I want to get away from bedside nursing - that's 100% of what I do know! I also have a per diem job doing hospice (on call 2 nights a week & good money for a side job). If I did take a Monday thru Friday job with a pay cut (I'd be losing night shift differential), then I'd also have to quit my per diem job and that's just not feasible for me. Does anybody have any experience transitioning away from bedside and if so, how did you know where you wanted to go? Thanks!!!
  3. Soon2BNurse3

    Death, Abuse and Alcohol

    I don't get it......he said it wasn't more dangerous than alcohol....that's not saying alcohol isn't dangerous... *confused* I agree actually..
  4. Soon2BNurse3

    Night shift question

    I get like that too...some weeks I can be happy & get lots accomplished & then there are weeks I'm in bed every night I'm off & just feeling miserable. I just ride out the lazy/tired/yucky days. If it continues, can you switch to dayshift?
  5. Soon2BNurse3

    Transitioning from night shift to day shift.

    I've always worked nights so I can't say personally but quite a few co-workers have made the switch to days & say they never regretted it....they felt like they had a life again...hope that helps...good luck!!
  6. Soon2BNurse3

    IV push and wearing gloves

    I also believe in universal precautions....those that wear gloves for everything because wearing gloves is still cleaner than your clean hands.....do you also wear gloves when eating?! I mean...imagine those filthy hands touching your food....
  7. Soon2BNurse3

    Most shocking thing you've seen a physician do?

    I've seen a doc do vasectomies in the office every week never washing his hands before/after...in fact I never saw him wash his hands period....disgusting!!!!! I didn't work for him but he used our office space some days...thank God he finally retired!!!
  8. Soon2BNurse3

    Bladder Scan Question

    Smallest # I've seen was 9cc
  9. Soon2BNurse3

    Without Orders

    I wouldn't be entering orders for pain meds without the doc giving me specific orders...that's practicing medicine & out of our scope of practice....I value my license too much...
  10. Soon2BNurse3


    I'm confused about when my CE's are due. I'm in California & was issued my license in July 2010. My license expires November 2013. On the BRN website, it says, "Your first California RN license is issued for two birthdays - not two years - and it will expire the last day of the month following your birth date." Since my birthday is in October, would that mean my CE's would be due October 2013 since the first 2 years are exempt?? Thanks!
  11. Soon2BNurse3

    High divorce rate among nurses? Why?

    I doubt the nurses in porn are talking or taking breaks....well, I guess they probably are taking breaks...but I doubt there's too much talking! LOL
  12. Soon2BNurse3

    Brandman University

    Bump...? Also considering Brandman...anyone have any feedback?? Thanks
  13. Soon2BNurse3

    High divorce rate among nurses? Why?

    One thing I find hard on my relationship is working nights. I don't sleep w/ my fiance hardly at all anymore...unless I manage to switch to a day schedule on my days off but sometimes that's hard. We have opposite schedules...it's tough
  14. I don't think there's a magic number but one of our urologists likes us to send the JP fluid for creatinine if there's more than 100cc out in 8 hrs. If you feel the output is really excessive, you can ask your CN & possibly call the doc if you're really unsure. I've never had to call the doc in the middle of the night b/c of excessive output though...
  15. Soon2BNurse3

    You might be a night shifter if...

    Having to work 2 shifts in order to get paid for ONE holiday....argh!!!
  16. Soon2BNurse3

    Adhesive Tape Irritation...Help!!

    Hmmmm....I don't now how he would feel about snug fitting underwear...but I can ask him LOL! I'll also look into gel bandages. I can't use Kerlix b/c it's right on his coccyx......unless I make underwear out of Kerlix....