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  1. Hacamila

    what is an average RN hourly in georgia?

    Do you have any idea what the techs are paid? Thanks.
  2. Hacamila

    what is an average RN hourly in georgia?

    Try St. Joseph's. Better working conditions and morale.
  3. Hacamila


    Does having a union make for better working conditions (staff/pt ratio)? How can I go about getting a union at my place of employment? I feel like management could use a wake-up call before somebody gets killed. :angryfire No need trying to discuss the problems with DON or mgt. Their response is, "there's the door."
  4. Hacamila

    staffing ratio

    How many staff members would an adult inpatient unit generally have for 20 patients? Any security guards on your unit?
  5. Hacamila


    You have helped ease my pain. Thank you from my heart!:kiss
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  7. Hacamila


    After reading your post, I feel better about the DNR decision I made for my elderly mother. She passed away ,in the hospital, 3 weeks ago, and I have struggled with guilt about the DNR decision I made. I'm not a nurse but I work in the medical field. When the attending nurse told me my mother was gone (died in my arms) my first instinct was to do CPR on her. I started to, then my gut told me to let her go. Now, I'm second guessing myself because I miss her so. I hope I did the right thing.
  8. Hacamila

    What is going PAY RATE for LPN's

    WWhat about LPN Psych? Anyone know the pay scale in that field?