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  1. Sarah Kat

    After a Grand Mal.....

    My brother has had epilepsy since birth (he had brain trauma during birth) and had seizures often when he was little. Once after a seizure he called my mom a monster and threw a dining room chair at her (he was only 3). Another time he tried to throw himself out of his bedroom window... while it was closed.
  2. Sarah Kat

    free NAT practice test

    I got 31 out of 35 89%. I probably would have done better if I weren't watching tv!
  3. Sarah Kat

    Excelsior College

    Here's a direct link in case you have trouble finding it. You may want to go back (further than the past 5 days) to see all of the discussion. Welcome Becky and I hope you find the info useful. I most likely will be utilizing Excelsior to bridge from LPN to RN when the time comes.
  4. Sarah Kat

    It just hit me...

    we do. we're the first group to go through that has to wear our uniforms all the time. the uniform used to be all white, but since we're going to be wearing it to class as well as clinicals, we have navy blue pants (with a white top).
  5. Sarah Kat

    ? about Marijuana

    I think that maybe your friend wasn't clean for as long as he says. It is possible, but if he was, then he would have to have been a heavy chronic marijuana user. A search on google for "drug test duration" yielded this page. (a drug testing company) Don't forget, a web search is always a good idea. Not to pass judgment, but if your friend is a nurse, he should know better. And yes, you might want to distance yourself -- there is such thing as "guilt by association".
  6. Sarah Kat

    Pain Medicine for a dying patient ...

    I agree. I guess we need to press congress on this one...
  7. Sarah Kat

    What kind of shoes?

    I got a pair of Dansko Professionals on ebay for $50. I also got a pair of Nike Air cheerleaders (yeah, they're made for cheerleading, but they were only $20). My school is really particular -- no open backs or toes, all leather, all white (with a small amount of blue allowed). I thought it would be better to have two different types of shoes to alternate between. Classes start on the 26 then clinicals begin 3 weeks in, so we'll see. My husband's stepmom swears by her Birkenstock's. That brand is all she wears on and off the job. Even her motorcycle boots are Birks.
  8. Sarah Kat

    BSN sophomore standing for CRNA apps

  9. Sarah Kat

    Question about Pre-Reqs. and Nursing Shortage

    Keep in mind that not all who apply should get in. Nursing requires math skills that not everyone possesses. It also requires critical thinking skills that I know not everyone possesses. Many people have the idea that nursing is an easy field and anyone can do it. It's just not true. I think it is good that schools make their students demonstrate their aptitude and desire to get in the program. Good luck with your application!
  10. Sarah Kat

    It just hit me...

    I am envious! It sounds like your uniform is way cuter than ours! Really, though, I am excited and nervous and anxious and elated... and I still have to wait until the 26th to start.
  11. Sarah Kat

    Elkins WV says HI!

    Yeah I know, I plan to utilize them once the program starts. In fact, I used them to decide on supplies for school. Good luck with your program!
  12. Sarah Kat

    what color are you as a nurse

    Where's purple??? I have always been purple!
  13. Sarah Kat

    We tell the student nurses to run for their lives."

    I have never been satisfied in any job I had so far (all non nursing). That's why I am going to go back to school to be a nurse. Maybe I won't be satisfied, but there's a lot more room for advancement with further education then say waiting to be promoted to assistant manager of the KFC...
  14. Sarah Kat

    BSN sophomore standing for CRNA apps

    IMHO it's important to honor your parents, but in the end, you live your life, they don't. I went to school when I wasn't ready and studied a subject I wasn't really interested in and was bored beyond belief. I ended up dropping out. Now at 26 I am going back to school to get my LPN and persue my dreams of eventually getting into CRNA school. It's a long road ahead, but I have a lot more life experience now than when I was 18, and I know what I want and where I belong. No offense to you, but I wouldn't want to have a nurse treating me (if I were in the ICU) who didn't really want to be a nurse to begin with. On top of that, unless you are a great actress, they will recognize that when you go to interview for CRNA school. I know what it feels like to be doing a job that you aren't into, and going to school for a subject you didn't want to study. Both bite the big one, so to speak. I really hope you make a choice that you will be able to live with, and not just a decision to placate your folks. They love you, and even if they are pushing you into nursing, I am sure they would rather see you do something you enjoy rather than be miserable.
  15. Sarah Kat

    Marijuana and Breast Feeding ????

    Yes, a mandated reporter has to report anything whether you are on duty or not. It's a 24/7 thing.
  16. I was a psych major straight outta college (psych is kinda like undecided nowadays I think) in 1995. I was working 30 hrs a week supporting a deadbeat abusive boyfriend and taking 15 hrs of classes. I quit a wounded tragic mess. I went back to school a couple of years later after working in a medical billing office, still persuing psych. I got some good grades, but I still didn't have the motivation I needed. I was happier to work full time at a dead end job and party (great career decision!). I then went back to school again a few years later at a third college, got straight A's for two semesters, then went to FL to get 3hrs of credit while I worked (and played) at Disney World. My main purpose for going down there was to get away from all of my friends and family and figure out who I was and what I needed. I came back, started dating a friend, we were married a year later, then a year later his mother died from colon & liver cancers and I finally figured it out. Nursing! Duh! What took me so long? Well, I had never considered it. I was supposed to be a Dr or a lawyer but not a nurse... Funny how nursing used to be one of the only available career choices for women and now so many women don't even consider it... My husband and I are struggling financially, we're still a young couple. Most of the classes I have under my belt will be good to apply towards a BSN, but I can only take 1 year off to go to school full time. I am doing the LPN so I can hopefully get employed with the local "medical center" and get them to pay for the rest of my nurse schooling through ASN and BSN. I will be a nurse this time next year, and will keep on progressing up to the master's level (I hope).