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  1. buckeyeRN1

    NCLEX Test Review Websites and Test Taking Tips

    I found the practice cd's and NCLEX 3500 and NCLEX 4000 very helpful
  2. buckeyeRN1

    Took my test

    it will take 2 days for quick results, but in Ohio, if you check the BON site it will show faster and show if you are still pending or if you have an active license. Check your BON site first after 2 days, then opt for the quick results.
  3. buckeyeRN1

    What I did to pass the 2nd time

    thanks for the advice. Just goes to show you that hard work and dedication pay off!
  4. buckeyeRN1

    rn starting pay

    try www.salary.com and enter your location info.
  5. buckeyeRN1

    I Passed with 76 Questions!!

    great job on passing!
  6. buckeyeRN1

    I Passed! I Passed With 245 Questions

    congrats! What did you do this time around differently than last time? Were there a lot of different questions, or did you see relatively the same types of questions?
  7. buckeyeRN1

    OMG 265 questions...I PASSED!

    great job!
  8. buckeyeRN1


    it varies too much depending on your specialty, your shift, and the state you live in. I would think most places would list the salary range in the application.
  9. buckeyeRN1


    I felt the same way, it's easy to feel down and depressed about failure. As nursing students, we aren't used to it. I know if I failed a test in school, I would almost certainly fail the class. I keep telling myself I made it through that and I can make it through this test! You can too!
  10. buckeyeRN1

    50% Failed!!!!!

    I find most of it is the student's attitude toward the program. Some people naturally procrastinate and some people think it's no big deal. From someone who had a full time job and the birth of our first child during nursing school, I'll tell you that's definately not the case. There were many days and nights where I would not see my newborn son because I was either in class or studying or working. The program is made to be difficult to weed out those who don't have the determination to succeed. Don't be afraid. If you really want to be a nurse and are dedicated to that goal, you will be successful.
  11. buckeyeRN1

    I failed again

    I would continue to work on the weak areas from the NCLEX exam report. If you find that there is one or two areas where you are consistently below, just focus on those areas. There shouldn't be any reason to review the really strong areas, especially if you are consistent. Just remember all the hard work you did to get here, you can beat this test too!
  12. buckeyeRN1


    I know friends that scored 52-57% on those and they passed with 75 questions. I think it is the frame of mind that matters most. Remember to think safety! Use the basics (ABC's and common sense!) Don't sweat the questions that seem impossible, most likely they are! You're supposed to miss 50% of the exam anyway, don't get frustrated and just give it your best shot.
  13. buckeyeRN1

    I took my NCLEX on Oct. 11 and.....

    great job RN!
  14. buckeyeRN1

    I took boards on 10/06/08

    congrats APN!
  15. buckeyeRN1

    NCLEX Today with 75 Questions

    stay positive, I'm sure you'll do fine!
  16. buckeyeRN1

    yehey!!!!! finally!!!!