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    Can LVN/LPN run Immunization Clinics???

    Researching different areas of nursing and am just curious! If it helps Im in California.
  2. has anyone found the pda's for student nursing helpful? i am considering purchasing one but am not sure. what are your thoughts on these devices? thanks here is a link to the device http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uw_3fga8ee also can be viewed at this link http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/ele/1557365799.html
  3. StudentNurseButler

    Cost of LPN school these days?

    $34,000 Books and Uniforms Included!
  4. StudentNurseButler

    We've lost so many students . How many have u lost ?

    Last week was our beginning week. We started with 22 and are down to 20 as of friday. We have already had 2 exams and one scheduled for tomorrow. Things are moving so quickly! Good luck to all!
  5. StudentNurseButler

    We've lost so many students . How many have u lost ?

    Christine2009, You should also Spell-Check before you post.... "Probally" is one of your spelling errors!
  6. Hello, I start my LVN program on 01/11/2010 and am very nervous about EVERYTHING. For current LVN/LPN students what are your study habits??? any good note-taking tips??? How do you manage your time??? any good tips for a new student would be great.
  7. StudentNurseButler

    LVN Student W/ ADD and Anxiety....HELP

    Hello All I am a bit nervous and have been trying to tackle my ADD/Bad time-management and Anxiety while I am still in theory. I start clinicals in close to two months and am soooooo nervous about keeping up with the rest of the class. Please if anyone has any pointers or tips for me, I would really appreciate it. My anxiety has gotten alot better but is still there. My major issue is the ADD, please help.
  8. StudentNurseButler

    Best LVN school in San Jose, CA ?

    Hello I remember you posting something on here about St Francis. Did you decide not to go? It is more on the expensive side but a very good school. They will have a LVN-RN Bridge program in 2011 as well. Good luck to you
  9. StudentNurseButler

    What school are you going to?

    St Francis Career College
  10. StudentNurseButler

    Got my acceptance letter from St. Francis...should I go?

    Which St Francis Location are you attending? The one in San Jose? When did they start the Pilot Program? I am currently a student at St francis and I absolutely enjoy it. The instructors are great and it is a smaller environment with more hands on experience. I would definitely say go for it. Best of luck!
  11. StudentNurseButler

    Anyone going to St. Francis Career College?

    I admitt that the program is on the expensive side but they DO offer Financial aid for those who qualify. They also have convienent class schedules. They have the day class which is Mon-Fri 8-2pm and the evening class which is 4-10pm Mon-Fri as well. The Instructors are great as well as the atmosphere. Compared to the other Vocational schools in the area WCC (western career college)which cost about 10k more and you get treated like a number instead of a person not to mention their pass rate is VERY low. St Francis is a great school.
  12. StudentNurseButler

    Anyone going to St. Francis Career College?

    Hello I am attending St.Francis College in San Jose are you in So.Cal or The Bay? I really enjoy st.francis the instructors are always there to help and the atmosphere is small so the learning process is really great. i have No complaints about the school. I have already recommended two of my friends that should be starting in September. You can write me with any questions you may have.
  13. Robert First let me say Congratulations to taking your first step in Nursing. You will not regret it! I would recommend connecting with a counselor and letting them know that you do have Diagnosed ADHD. From there they should be able to connect you with the appropriate resources. You will be just fine. Take advantage of all resources provided, you will need them. I too have ADD and 28y/o in a Full-time LVN program. Its is challenging at first but gets better. Be sure to get connected with a study Group(that will keep you on track). Buy an Organizer to keep track of everything. If you need additional info please contact me. Goodluck to you and Welcome. ADD'ers are a special breed...lol
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    LPN Tuition-how much did you pay?

    Hello Christine2009 I am Attending St.Francis College. It is a great small atmosphere where some of the staff are nuns. I am not a Catholic but it is a religous setting. We dont where Scrubs, we all wear the same uniforms and once we go to clinical we where the White dress with the old style nursing hats(lol). The professors are really nice and help you with anything you need. It is a great school and I plan on staying for their LPN-RN program in 2011.
  15. Hello I recently broke my ankle in three places and required numerous screws and plates on July 5. I have been out of school for two weeks and expected to return This monday. i am so nervous in that I have missed so much and midterms are in two weeks, not to mention that I have clinicals the end of August. Please any supporting advice would help. Nursing is my dream but I feel like I may be too far behind.
  16. StudentNurseButler

    LPN Tuition-how much did you pay?

    WOW You guys and gals have it really easy as far as the cost. I am in the San Francisco Bay area and it is going to cost me $33,000 at a private catholic college. Although IV cert is included(if that makes a difference). I did however qualify for more than $10,000 in grants due to me being laid-off. Its amazing how a geographical area makes such huge difference in cost.

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