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    Are LVN jobs still in demand in Los Angeles??

    Hello, I am just curious as to which state you moved to? I will be taking an LVN program in Northern California but plan to move out of California as soon as I finish, I am just not sure quite where yet? I have a small child so where ever I move I have to take School systems into account as well. Thank you for your time!
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    Can LVN/LPN run Immunization Clinics???

    Researching different areas of nursing and am just curious! If it helps Im in California.
  3. has anyone found the pda's for student nursing helpful? i am considering purchasing one but am not sure. what are your thoughts on these devices? thanks here is a link to the device http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uw_3fga8ee also can be viewed at this link http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/ele/1557365799.html
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    Cost of LPN school these days?

    $34,000 Books and Uniforms Included!
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    We've lost so many students . How many have u lost ?

    Last week was our beginning week. We started with 22 and are down to 20 as of friday. We have already had 2 exams and one scheduled for tomorrow. Things are moving so quickly! Good luck to all!
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    We've lost so many students . How many have u lost ?

    Christine2009, You should also Spell-Check before you post.... "Probally" is one of your spelling errors!
  7. Hello, I start my LVN program on 01/11/2010 and am very nervous about EVERYTHING. For current LVN/LPN students what are your study habits??? any good note-taking tips??? How do you manage your time??? any good tips for a new student would be great.