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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think the process sounds concerning for a couple of different reasons but that is getting way off track and out of your purview. You did what you were supposed to do and the patient ended up getting the care they needed. 👍🏽
  2. Same problem that requires a work-around day after day after day or multiple times a day, and the entity who could easily fix it "....is aware." You know? People are always "aware" of things....for months and months. 😭 If I could put curses some of them would be on these people that go to sleep at night knowing that they still didn't fix it so the ceftriaxone would scan...😂
  3. JKL33

    Covid causing increased AMS in dementia patients

    These are the answers; not keeping patients in acute care. I feel for you. Very difficult work; heartbreaking and frustrating so many times. I'm sure you are doing the very best you can, and I truly hope that brings you some small comfort. You are helping and caring for others. 💮
  4. JKL33

    Doc Won't See Me Because I Treat Covid Patients

    But you are missing the nuance: If faithfully and appropriately using recommended PPE then it isn't an "exposure." Members of the public-- many of whom are not taking any precautions let alone walking around all day in respirators/goggles/gowns/faceshields/appropriate PPE--are exposed when they come into close contact with covid for the defined length of time. We are not advising anyone to be untruthful here, we are literally talking about the working definition of exposure. I think it's fair to sum it up as: If you haven't been notified by occ health that you have had a true workplace exposure and you have no good reason to believe that you have had an exposure in the community (according to the proper working definition of exposure), then you have no reason or obligation to make it seem as if you have had an exposure.
  5. JKL33

    Newly Diagnosed With Seizures

    You need to ask your PCP or preferably your neurologist for a professional opinion about this. It is very reasonable to expect that you would be appropriately educated about the current situation of waiting including what activities you should or shouldn't do in the interim. I hope you are able to get answers soon. Hang in there...🙂
  6. JKL33

    Took Ibuprofen for 2nd Vaccine

    From the GoodRx link (emphasis added): That ^ article links to a literature review worth perusing: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5027726/ Thank you for posting your source/link. The policy you're working with seems like an abundance of caution to say the least, and frankly it begs the question of how it plays out with any individual patient's risk/benefit profile. I mean...it's no covid protection vs. the yet unconfirmed possibility that they may have a slightly blunted response but still come out protected, especially after the second shot. Are these patients being rescheduled ASAP?
  7. Not trying to be sarcastic/overly-simplistic, but have you asked your companions and your family members not to introduce you as a nurse? I've certainly done it quite a few times, mostly when attending appointments with family members. But there's no reason you couldn't make the same request when approaching a social situation. 🙂
  8. JKL33

    Am I doing the right thing?HELP

    Understood; makes sense. I'm not trying to change your mind. 🙂 I just wondered if (knowing that she is giving you a huge line about this loss of license thing) there would be any possibility of talking it through with her; I'm imagining a conversation where the two of you review expected duties and then you just go for it knowing that you are so very unlikely to lose your license in this setting/scenario if you follow regular safeguards and standard practices (for example, speaking with a provider right away if you have a concern about a patient scenario or consulting a fellow RN if you have a process question). You are not going to lose your license for not completing a particular task that your employer forgot to tell you about. I mean...when pigs fly. All that said, I am one of the last people who would blindly advocate for staying in a place where people speak and act ridiculously, fear-monger and flat out lie in attempt to transfer their own responsibility.
  9. JKL33

    Am I doing the right thing?HELP

    It sounds like you are comfortable with your planned actions. Just know that it is about 99.999% likely that she is FOS with ^ this. Also: Understand that there is no reason for her to ask this question. She is quite capable of figuring it out on her own and this demand for info pretty much seems like attempt to make you roll in the mud with her. Speak carefully and limit your words; whatever you say isn't going to cause her to have an epiphany. Let her know you have decided to accept another opportunity. Just for fun, though.....are you sure there isn't a salvageable employment relationship here?
  10. JKL33

    Forced into ICU With No Training

    It wouldn't seem like anyone would need to watch Youtube videos for that, then. Kinda sounds like they didn't care what would be encountered or else maybe the reasonable thing to do would've been to take 30 seconds to explain and provide reassurance.
  11. JKL33

    Forced into ICU With No Training

    Can't hurt to put out apps and see what happens. There are those who debate the part about whether you are likely to lose your license. Personally I consider those rebuttals moot and include other forms of possible disadvantage when assessing the risks/cons of a situation.
  12. JKL33

    Order transcription

    Can you clarify what this means? Does it mean you had titrated the med and signed off having done so, or in some way administered the med and signed off having done so, or...? Thx.
  13. Ignore comments from hospitalist. However: Is this your process for activating a stroke alert?
  14. JKL33

    Need Help With Med Calculation

    This isn't a two-part question. But there is more than one acceptable answer.
  15. JKL33

    new specialty bullying?

    😮 Terrible. But what you need to understand is that this has nothing to do with you or your background. The only thing it has to do with is people who are exceedingly insecure in their own identity. All of their little comments are simply them shoring themselves up with out-loud self-talk in attempt to convince themselves that they are okay. They do this by telling themselves that, if nothing else, at least they are something more/bigger/better than someone else. If they felt truly good about themselves they would have no need for this kind of appalling behavior. And I do think it is otherwise appalling that they would make random comments in this way. In the end, though, it points to just how poorly they feel about themselves. Their comments declare it to the world. As sort of a coping mechanism, I would realize that this is pitiful, and they deserve pity. Wouldn't it be sad to feel so poorly about yourself that you needed to treat others this way in order to try to feel better? Think on that. Do not respond to these unprovoked attacks; they deserve no reply from you. When you are able, continue on with trying to develop positive rapports with people. But don't respond to this stuff; it would be a mistake and will only drag you down. Good luck! 👍🏽
  16. JKL33

    Hey Night Shift: Do You Have Transport?

    With regard to all situations where another nurse might "watch" my patients for a prolonged length of time (including a lunch break if able to take one), at some point I stopped informally asking others to watch my patients and started using the words "give a quick report" and also documenting that the care was turned over to [name]. You also have the option of speaking with your CN or the house supervisor if you really don't think you should be physically gone from your assignment for the length of time you anticipate. It's okay to stand up and say, "I can't just be gone for an hour...we need another plan, here."