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LPN&momof3 has 4 years experience and specializes in LTC.

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  1. LPN&momof3

    Pay per visit rates....what is the usual

    Are these all Medicare/Medicaid visits? If so I am really getting screwed. I am only getting $17/visit but I'm also working for a non-skilled home care agency. Didn't know that when I was hired among other thing. I was just excited to get a job after being off for a while. I do get to use a company car most day but when I use my own I get a whole 26 cents a mile.
  2. LPN&momof3

    please help: is 1 nurse: 50 patients

    What shift would this be on? I have had that many on 3rd shift without a med tech.
  3. LPN&momof3

    I'm always tired

    Are you only tired when you sit down to study or are you tired all the time? Have you had your Vit D level checked? I was always tired before I had mine tested and found that I was deficient. Since I started taking Vit D and my levels are back where they should be now I better. My husband's was also low and he started taking Vit D and he is also a lot better. This is just my experience, I am not trying to offer medical advice just wondering if you had your level test as a possible cause to your fatigue. At least in my area many doctors don't think to check vit D levels.
  4. LPN&momof3

    Frustrated...What would you do?

    This might sound like a stupid question but what kind of nursing is the kind of nursing I doing considered on here? I do home visits and set up medications and do nursing assessments. Some people only need nursing assessments done and some visits I will be doing will only be supervisory visits to see how the home health aids performance is. They are giving me the a handful of supervisory visits to give me another visits so I have enough people to see for 3 days worth. Does this fall under agency nursing, home health care or private duty nursing? All of their clients pay by Medicare/Medicaid. The name in the company has a home health care in it but when I look at that forum it doesn't look like what I am doing. Is this company making a lot of money off from these visits or should be paying the nurses more then $17 per visit? They are only paying mileage reimbursement of 26 cents so my guess is they are only giving us half of what they should be and keeping the other half for themselves when we have to use our own vehicle. I have been told the IRS guidelines are up to 55 cents a mile and this is what my husband gets a mile. If they are also charging us for direct deposit when it shouldn't be costing them any money and saving them money. Then charging for the TB tests and the background check. I have never heard of a company doing this before and I just don't know what to think about it expect that it is absolutely crazy!:angryfire
  5. LPN&momof3

    Frustrated...What would you do?

    Thanks for everyones replies so far but this is what has happened so far. I was told the $17/hour in the interview so I didn't question it when she called me and offered me the job and I was starting the next day with orientation. Then when I got there yesterday (Tuesday) after interviewing and accepting the job Monday, she handed me two folders of information so take with me to fill out and bring back. This bring all the tax information, blood borne pathogens, and all their miscellaneous papers you have to sign. I didn't have time to look at it because the nurse was ready to nurse for her home visits and I was already keeping her and she was getting a late start so when I got home I looked at the folder and she gave me a folder for a home health aide. So I find out today that I am only getting paid $13.75 per visit for orientation visits and then any staff meetings or training will be paid at this rate also. Then if you want direct deposit they charge you $1 per week because they are paid weekly. Which that is what I wanted and I only found this out because the other nurse told me. It does not say anywhere in the papers work or handbook that they are going to charge you this amount. When I filled out the paper and gave it to the office administrator/payroll person she didn't even tell me about the $1 charge. Then I find out the background check they do on you they take that out of your pay also which they don't tell you and that isn't in the paperwork also. The other nurse thinks it was around $12 if she remembers right. I am due for a TB skin due because it has been a year now and if I have them do it they are going to charge me $6.50. She didn't tell me that one but that is actually in the papers she gave me. I will call my doctors office and see if it is covered under my insurance or I will call my insurance company first. I feel like this company just nickels and dimes you to death and don't care and don't care to tell you they are going to be doing it. The nurse I am orientating with and their only other nurse that does home care is very nice and straight forward and she came right out and told me what she is making. She makes the same thing that I am making $17/hour and she has been a nurse for over 30 years. She said with most of the clients being Medicare/Medicaid clients this is all they are going to pay per visit. She said they only make about $32/hour per visit and we are getting $17 of that. I had already started and was working before I found out most of this information otherwise I would not have taken the job especially if I had known it was per visit. I have a lot of travel time involved in my clients so it's not something that would be done with little travel time in between. The past two days, from the time we have left in the morning to the time we get back to the office we have been gone for 8 1/2 hours and have done 6 visits in that amount of time. If I was making the full $17 I would have made $102 and then take away daycare of around $45 for the day and then I still have to take taxes out of the $102. I am pretty much working for nothing. I have a hard time even thinking about working for this kind of money. Yes we have plenty of nursing homes in my area. I have worked at a few and I don't care to go back to them. I am tired of the back stabbing and gossip that is constantly going on. The communication is awful in all of them that I have worked in. They tell one shift something and then don't tell the other shifts. The overall attitude of the staff in all of the have been negative and no one is happy. I am just tired of this kind of environment and need something different. I was terminated from my last place which was a nursing home which an unemployment judge found and told them they had no justifiable reason to fire me. It's a long story but the short version is they were simply discriminating against me and wanted a reason to fire me and that thought they found a good reason and they didn't. I plan on calling the unemployment office and seeing what my options are now since I am toward the end of my benefits and would need to file for my first extension. The unemployment handbook says you only have to accept a job if it is making 75% of what you were making at your last job and I thought I would have been but I'm definitely not making that. Just when I thought things were turning around for me.
  6. LPN&momof3

    Frustrated...What would you do?

    I have been without a job since April and was terminated from that job (that is a long story) and I have been getting unemployment benefits. Nursing jobs around here are hard to find and there are a lot of unemployed nurses and medical assistants looking for jobs. The hospitals in my area do not hire nurses and about a year ago they laid off over 30 LPN's because they only want RN's. They said it was because they needed to cut back on staff. Anyhow, I got a call yesterday from a place I interviewed back in March for a home health care agency. They had given the position to another nurse who has over 30 years of experience but they are now needing to add a second nurse and wanted me to come in and interview for the position again. I was excited and went in yesterday and interviewed and they said they would get back with me within a day or two. About an hour later I got a call from them offering me the job and wanted to know if I could start today. I told them yes. I was told at the time of the interview that it would pay $17/hour. She brought it up, I didn't. I find out today part way through the day from the nurse that I am orientating with that it is only $17/hour per visit and every visit can't take more then an hour. We do not get paid for the travel time in between visits and about the most we could fit in a day would be 6 people. Ok so then at this rate I have two kids in daycare and one in school which is $5 for two in daycare and $7.50 when they are all at daycare. With all the extra travel time between the clients houses and the distance I have to travel to plus the time it takes to takes the kids to daycare and pick them up I am going to be making less then minimum wage. I am suppose to be working 2 1/2 to 3 days a week. I need to have something other then why did you leave your last job and having to say because I was terminated but at the same time this is really not worth it. I may have to use my van at times to travel with when the company car is not available and they only reimburse you for 26 cents a mile. This is low isn't it? My husband gets 51 cents for from this employer and he works for a hospital. On top of all of that the nurse told me today oh and you know you aren't getting paid your full amount of wages when you are orientating right....Ummm...No. She said you will find they don't tell you a lot of things when they hire you because then they would have a hard time finding someone to take the job. I am frustrated and upset that I was mislead to think I was going to be paid $17/hour not per visit. I don't think it is worth my time but yet I need something else on my resume at the same time. My unemployment I was bringing home $774 every two weeks and now I will barely be able to gross $600 not taking away what I have to pay in taxes and daycare. Now my unemployment is going to be gone either way so now I am pretty much screwed. I have been applying for everything since April and get very few calls. What would you do stay until you found something else or just not even bother with it between their time and your time? Thanks for your help.
  7. LPN&momof3

    RN - New ADD Diagnosis

    Thanks, I have been doing what you have suggested when I interviewed. I am proud to say that I got a job today . I got a call from a place that I applied for back in March and interviewed but didn't get the position. They called today because they were looking for another med nurse to do home visits. They have been growing and have been so busy they now need a second nurse for this area. I think they didn't want to take the time to post the position in the paper and go through all of that process and wanted someone ASAP. I went in today and interviewed and she said she would get back with me within a day or two with her decision. She called me about an hour later and offered me the job and I start tomorrow. I am the only person she interviewed so I had no competition and I was able to start tomorrow so I had that advantage but I will take it either way. It is doing home health care visits and at least in this area it is almost impossible to get a job doing home visits without experience. I am very grateful for this opportunity and will work really hard to make it work. It is only 2 to 3 days a week which is what I was wanting with no holidays or weekends.
  8. LPN&momof3

    I don't think I can do this anymore...

    I also feel burnt out after only 4 years. I am taking time off right now trying to figure out what to do from here. I have mainly worked in LTC since the hospitals in my area have moved away from hiring LPN. About a year ago the hospital laid off over 30 LPN's because they only want RN's. I wish I could just find that place I am meant to be in nursing but just don't know how or where to start. I am considering going back for my RN but I'm not sure if now is a good time.
  9. LPN&momof3

    With this economy...Are LPN jobs easier to obtain

    Depends on where you live. I am a LPN and I can't find a job now. The hospitals around here don't hire LPN's and within the last year let go all of their LPN's.
  10. LPN&momof3

    I'm probably nuts for asking, but....

    Non-smoker and Democrat
  11. LPN&momof3

    RN - New ADD Diagnosis

    Cindy, I think you are responding to me but my name is not Sam it is Lisa. Thank you for the encouragement and I will look into getting that book. I have been reading about it and have a couple books. I am a fighter and don't intend to give up but some days it just seems like it would be easier. I am struggling so much partly because I have never had a problem getting a job and now that I am hardly getting any calls from the resumes I send out it is so discouraging. I know that I am a hardworking and caring nurse which I guess just makes it more frustrating to me. It seems like I am overly qualified for about everyone that is hiring or under qualified because they want a RN. Although everything has been rough I do think it was a blessing in disguise in so many ways. With my 6 y.o that is in school my biggest thing is wanting to get him the help that he needs. If he has the diagnosis then I can do the IEP. I just don't want him to get behind in school because now days they require so much out of the kids at such an early age. I see him struggling with the phonics and connecting them to words. He will look at a word and guess what it is pretty much. I know this because when I am reading with him or practicing sight words for example if I show him the word have he will say of. I try and practice with him but he gets frustrated and mad so easily. Not so sure the candy thing would work with him because he is not a big candy eater. I need to find something that could replace it though. I do want to continue with nursing I just need to learn some patiences and not to expect I am just going to walk into my dream job. Not even sure what that dream job would be at this point. I think I am the one beating myself down a lot. I have always had a low self esteem and with this happening, I don't have not found away to get past it yet. I go to an interview and then start thinking I would not be apply to handle the job. I don't show or tell them that. I think my fear is the same thing is going to happen like my last job. Maybe I'm not completely ready to work again but when the time is right I will find the job that is right for me. Lisa
  12. LPN&momof3

    RN - New ADD Diagnosis

    I am a LPN that was diagnosed in Feb of this year with ADD. This year has been extremely rough for me because I was terminated from my job in April because of my ADD. Of course they tired to cover it up to make it look like it wasn't that but I flat out asked my manager what they real reason was and she said it was because of my performance. I was diagnosed in Feb and started on medicated and had a bad annual review which I told them then what my diagnosis and i was started on medication. They put me on a 60 day termination plan and it was towards the end of the termination plan is when they found there excuse to fire me. I had to fight for my unemployment all the way to a hearing where the judge told them in the award letter they had no reason to fire me. I am basically in the place of not know what to do. Should I continue with nursing or change to something else. I enjoy being a nurse but not sure what area I should work in. With being a LPN I am limited to what I can do. I keep applying to jobs every week and hardly get any calls. I think when they see the reason why you left your last job and I put, I will explain at interview, it either makes them not interested altogether. When they have the question, have you ever been terminated? I have to put yes and then I say I will explain at the interview. I don't get calls. I feel like my career has been ruined from them terminating me because no one wants to hire me now. I know they are thinking in the back of their mind well they must of had a good reason why they wanted to get rid of her. Most of the jobs in my area it seems like I am over qualified for or under qualified for. I am stick in the middle. I thought about going back to school for my RN but not sure if I can handle it right now with a 2 year old, 3 year old, and a 6 year old. We are also in the process of having our 6 year old tested for ADHD/ADD. He has a diagnosis of anxiety and a nervous tic of using the bathroom at school A LOT through out the day his teacher says. I am now questioning a learning disability because he is struggling in school and is in the bottom of his class. I say this because it runs on both sides of my family. So I don't think I could handle going to school right now. I believe what exacerbated my ADD to be diagnosed was my son starting Kindergarten and I was working 2nd shift, having the younger kids, my husband working first shift and my son was playing soccer in the fall so everything was crazy. Thing then got crazy at work and I just went down hill. So I have been unemployed for 6 months now which looks bad on my resume and have no clue what to do or where to go.
  13. LPN&momof3

    Terminated because of my Attention Deficit Disorder

    Actally the disorganization and time management was NOT affecting patient care. I was putting my residents first making sure they were safe and answering alarms. I was staying over doing the charting that I was not able to get to during the shift because of all the extra stuff they have been throwing at us left and right to do. My work was completed during my shift except any charting I was not able to complete.
  14. LPN&momof3

    Terminated because of my Attention Deficit Disorder

    I'm not a floor nurse I work in a nursing home which is a whole different environment. They do not hire LPN in the hospitals in my area.
  15. LPN&momof3

    Terminated because of my Attention Deficit Disorder

    Sorry, this is not a new onset just increased. I have had my TSH and hormonal among many other things tested recently so this is not what it is. I have had this problem for years mentioned bits and parts of the ADD symptoms I have had especially the concentration and my doctor didn't really do anything until I said this is serious effecting my job. I didn't know it was ADD at the time.
  16. LPN&momof3

    Terminated because of my Attention Deficit Disorder

    How can I have this thread move to the Nurses with Disabilities Forum? If I was thinking right at the time I would have started the thread there.