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ParkerBC,MSN,RN is a PhD, RN and specializes in Medical Surgical/Addiction/Mental Health.

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  1. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Just curious, is there a shortage?

    It's in the literature that there is a shortage of nurse faculty. Literature cites low salary for the major reason. People with advanced degrees stay in hospitals because the salary is more (Nurse Educators, Nurse Managers, Directors). I have worked overload (similar to overtime, but not time and a half 😕 ) at my college for the last three years because we do not have enough faculty. I guess I don't mind it as it has put me over the 100K mark each year. I work for a college that pays comparable to hospitals and we still are short-staffed. Check out this site https://www.higheredjobs.com/faculty/ This is just one vehicle of recruiting faculty. Notice that nursing is higher than science, even biology professors and right behind physicians. So, yeah there is a shortage.
  2. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    I don't want to do nursing anymore??

    If nursing isn't your gig, then don't go into the profession. However, don't decide not to go into nursing because of your past experience. I know nurses who have failed courses, didn't pass NCLEX the first time who are outstanding nurses. There are other professions in health care. What about Respiratory Therapy, Dental Hygienists, Physical/ Occupational Therapy Assistants to name a few? Their salary is comparable to that of a Registered Nurse. You can attend a community college to earn those degrees too where the tuition isn't as expensive as universities and colleges. There are always options. Please don't feel as though you don't have any. Good luck!
  3. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Nurse Educator Programs

    Indiana State University, where I earned my MSN in nursing education has a focus in academia and clinical education. The program is offered online.
  4. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Psychiatric ONLINE NP programs!

    Walden University, University of Missouri Kansas City, Drexel University...there are a lot of schools offering that specialty. Just do an internet search of online MSN in Psych NP. Make sure they are accredited regionally and CCNE. Good luck.
  5. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Becoming a Nurse Educator

    Yes. Very true!
  6. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Input On The Application Process

    Kristine, Here is some information to ponder: If you complete an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences and then pursue an accelerated degree, you will lose grants such as the Pell Grant (if you're receiving one). The only other method to pay for school is either out of pocket or with student loans. Also, you will be in school for an additional one to two years. There are tons of RN to BSN programs, many online. One advantage is that you could work as a nurse while completing your BSN. Furthermore, many facilities will contribute to paying some of all of your tuition. This may be the quickest route to a BSN depending upon which school you attend. The courses you have taken will be applied to general course requirements. The traditional BSN route would be wrapped up and completed for when you start your career. This would not be the quickest route as traditional degree program will take you five years to complete. Ultimately it is up to you. If I had it all to do again, I would have completed the ASN and had a facility pay for my BSN. Instead, I went the accelerated BSN route and paid a mint for the degree. Good luck!
  7. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Masters in Public Health

    Generally an MPH would get you a position with your local or state department of health. I am not sure which degree holds more weight if it even does, MSN or MPH. Hopefully someone can comment on the thread who has and MPH with a better perspective.
  8. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Becoming a Nurse Educator

    Xhalox, I am not sure where you live, but here in Indiana, most schools require at least two years of experience in the area in which you will teach. The experience must be recent, generally within the last five years. Perhaps you can pick up some agency work while in school in order to gain med/surg experience. I get calls all of the time to teach med/surg, community nursing, and psych. Generally, full-time educators also teach clinical in addition to didactic. The very last thing you want to happen is if you are demonstrating how to drop an NG and don't know how to do it. You would lose credibility with the students. I still pick up PRN shifts to stay current with practice. Good luck in your future career aspirations.
  9. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Diabetes Question

    Yes, both types 1 and 2 are measured by an A1C. So, how would you know if it is type 1 or type 2? If you receive a diagnosis of diabetes, your doctor will also run blood tests to check for autoantibodies that are common in type 1 diabetes. These tests help your doctor distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The presence of ketones, byproducts from the breakdown of fat, in your urine also suggests type 1 diabetes, rather than type 2.
  10. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    PhD with nursing education focus or EdD?

    Columbia has an EdD in Nursing Education. The program is completely online. I am not feeling supported either and have played with the idea of pursuing the EdD. The DNP in nursing education is also an interesting avenue. I will need to research that a little more.
  11. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Online Nursing Programs

    Exactly. Marian University here in Indianapolis offers all of the didactic portion online. Students are still required to go to campus for lab hours. They also have clinical hours to complete. I am currently working towards my PhD online. I love online learning. People think taking courses online makes for an easier journey. I will be more than happy to say that is the furthest from the truth. Online courses are as rigorous as traditional courses.
  12. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Financing Accelerated Nursing School

    Everyone does not fit into your mold. Good for the OP that she has a Go Fund Me page. It's simple, she creates the page and those who want to donate can. Your opinion or no one else's really matters. The OP asked a question about student loans and financial aid not whether or not she should create some vehicle as a means to collect money to pay for tuition. While you were couch surfing, someone was paying rent/mortgage, utilities and probably feeding you. How would that be any different than what the OP is doing? You can dismount your high horse now.
  13. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    What is the Direct Entry MSN?

    Generally, you will work towards a BSN (Maybe in a year), graduate, sit for NCLEX to become an RN, then finish the MSN portion of the program. Some programs may very well go right to an MSN then take NCLEX. No you will not enter nursing at a higher level. You will not have any experience. The degree alone does not qualify you for nurse management or educator positions. Employers want to see some nursing experience under your belt first. After gaining the experience, you will have a leg up on others because of having a graduate degree. I looked into direct MSN programs but decided to do the accelerated BSN. I hope this information is helpful. Good luck!
  14. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Financing Accelerated Nursing School

    You will need to speak to someone in the financial aid department about your options. Yes, you are permitted to use financial aid money for living expenses. I would try to get federal loans first, then private if need be. Congrats on getting accepted!
  15. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Financing Accelerated Nursing School

    With all due respect, the OP is asking advice about financial aid not your opinion about a go fund me page. If you do not have anything constructive to add to the conversation, how about simply passing the discussion?
  16. ParkerBC,MSN,RN

    Passed NCLEX with 265 questions

    Congrats and welcome to the ranks.